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    Here's a few ideas I've been working on,

    Any preferences or think the balance is off?

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    Hey great idea, I'll get it started then:

    Timewalk: If you did not play any cards last turn, do this.

    Next keyword: Honor

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    Hey, can i get some thoughts on the balance of this;

    Is it too strong at 1 mana even with the 'Enemy Hero' condition?


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    Hi, any thoughts on whether this type of effect would meet the rules of the competition? Its a little unclear whether by Freeze effect, a "frozen" minion would be acceptable.

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    Trying to capture the 'necromancy' theme of deathrattle a little better.

    The plague ghoul is also supposed to reference the zombie plague of the WoTLK pre-launch event.

    Are they too powerful at their current costs?

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    Here's what I've been working on. (Rotface and Festergut from Icecrown Citadel in WoW)

    I figured that requiring the other minion to take damage (particularly with both being 7 drops) could reasonably net ~2 mana worth of effect. Hopefully that isn't too much.


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    Thanks everyone for the feedback, I've been reading it all and trying to find how i can improve the class. Don't worry, TGT cards are coming but might come in a bit slow, I'm looking to take a lot more time on the card creation as i wasn't perfectly happy with a few of the cards that made it through for my competition submissions just due to the time constraints.

    With that said, please give me as much feedback as you can on the existing cards and also any concepts i'll be posting in this thread for you guys to take a look at. I'll also be going back through all the cards and trying to improve them either through balancing tweaks, mechanic changes or even just the artwork improvements. 

    Also, Apologies as well for not being as active here as i should have been, I've been transitioning out of Uni since graduating but I'm getting back into the swing of things and should be far more available now.

    Oh, and heres a little something for the TGT set:

    Simply doubling the mana cost increase didn't feel right as it started locking out 9 cost cards from play permanently, This Hero power just removes the first card limitation, typically wont see much of a change, but if the opponent is forced to make lower tempo plays using 2+ cards, it really punishes them.

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    Araj the Summoner from Andorhal in the Western Plaguelands

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    Hey everyone, got a few ideas for some of the characters i found more memorable from my WoW days, whats the thoughts on the balance/mechanics, and any preferences for a submission?

    Chromie: Designed to try and help the inspire mage that seemed to be pushed with TGT release, obvious synergy withColdarra Drake and Garrison Commander, its more of a combo piece so don't really think of it coming down on turn 3, its really a late game card a la Lock and Load.

    Araj the Summoner: A persistant threat in something like a Reincarnate Shaman or Feign Death hunter, but allows the opponent to remove it if you aren't prepared to use him correctly. A "start of your turn" trigger may be a better balance for the phylactery.

    Keeper Remulos: An attempt at designing an interesting mid-range/ramp druid card, either ramp up faster or drop a 3/4 and a 2 drop or use the wrath in hand to remove a small threat.


    Quote from Gombou_22 jump

    I prefer Xandivious, the mechanic feels more like a niche legendary than something you'd find on a regular minion. With that said, adding a "Can not be discarded" tag to him might be something to think about, its an effect that i think would be needed on 1-2 important cards to actually see a discard warlock become semi-viable.

    Quote from Aaroneiros jump

    Good idea, but a bit overpowered, a 6/3 statline with "Battlecry: freeze all other minions" would be a bit more balanced. 4 mana cost would even be reasonable with that effect in my opinion.

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    Hey guys, the Expansion cards are up!

    Thanks everyone for the support and criticisms, I've been busy making the cards + Life stuff so i unfortunately haven't had a chance to reply to any of your posts. Its 3am here in Australia at the moment, so I'll get some sleep now and I'll address peoples concerns etc. after =D

    Thanks again!

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    Goblins Vs. Gnomes

    Blackrock Mountain

     The Grand Tournament

    <Coming Eventually>



    Thank you to everyone who voted for Twilight's Hammer, it has been lots of fun making the class and been a great learning experience for myself

    Thanks to Asylum_Raphsody and DialM4Murloc for running the competition, you guys have done a great job with it and i hope we see you two running more competitions similar to this one in the future!

    Thanks to all the other competitors, there were some really amazing class ideas that popped up from the competition, and i know many of you're guys ideas have got me thinking more about potential card mechanics, also thanks to those of you who helped me with cards balancing / concepts on the discussion threads, your help was invaluable.


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    (See ALL of the Class Design Competition finalists
    and vote for your favorite by clicking HERE!)

    The Twilight's Hammer


    The Twilight's Hammer clan see all of creation as a scar left on the pure emptiness of the void. This has lead the clan to seeking out the destruction of Azeroth by any means neccessary, and as such, the clan have allied themselves with the forces of the Old Gods and the Elemental Lords.


    General Vezax leads the Twilights hammer forces in Northrend on behalf of his master Yogg-Saron. He exudes saronite vapors that inhibit the abilities of spell casters and his very presence fills even the bravest Heroes with despair.

    Hero Power


    Despair acts as a way to make the game harder for your opponent and particulalry punishes opponents who use combos that require very precise mana costs or just decks that use high cost cards. This allows Vezax to "Ramp up" in a sort of way, either to catch back up to his opponent or gaining a quickly snowballing advantage.


    Display Cards

     Basic Set


    Curse of Flesh Token:

     Expert Set

    Firesworn Ascendant:

    Ascendant Council Tokens:

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    Quote from Firebolts jump

    WOW! Where did twilight's Hammer come from? Skyrocket!


    My internet goes down for a day and this is what happens, Im just as suprised!

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