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    posted a message on New Priest Minion - Auchenai Phantasm

    The card is playable at best. 

    It doesn't fit with the synergy that Blizzard is pushing this expansion. 

    It doesn't fit with the dragon synergy or the resurrect synergy.

    Its only redeeming quality is that you can combo it with Circle of Healing as early as turn 2.

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    posted a message on New Neutral Minion - Masked Contender

    Will see play in secret hunter since it fits their curve nicely.  Might see play in mage as they run less secrets, therefore can control the outcome of whats coming out. 

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    posted a message on New Rogue Spell - Walk the Plank

    The card is too restrictive to see any significant play.

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    posted a message on New Shaman Spell - Haunting Visions

    Its a situational Primordial Glyph... and Glyph isn't a staple card in most Mage decks (even with good spell synergy).  Also, the majority of Shaman spells are trash-tier and/or cost less than 3 mana.  Therefore, it won't see much play.

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    posted a message on New Priest Spell - Surrender to Madness

    I think the idea is very solid, but with priest lacking any consistent card draw, it'll be difficult for it to be useful.

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    posted a message on New Mage Legendary Minion - Hex Lord Malacrass



    Quote from AisuFlamu >>

    Awful card.

    People need to stop brigining the quest bs. You wont even complete 1 quest in a full game let alone the 2 time. Open your eyes. Also, 8 mana for a RNG effect... AGAIN! Not to mention its a dead turn. Ffs this is awful.


     Also, keep in mind that you're aiming at early-game cards in your opening hand.  Some of those cards are significantly worse as the game progresses.  Arcanologist isn't good if you draw all of your secrets.  Arcane Intellect is unplayable if you're close to fatigue.  etc etc etc.

    Also, people aren't counting that he could be in your starting hand after mulligan.  It could be an 8-mana 5/5 that generates 2 dead cards.  Complete anti tempo.

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    posted a message on Our Hearthstone Arena Highlights for The Boomsday Project ft. HearthPwn Arena Mods

    Warlock.  With Dynamo, you'll be able to grab a Twisting Nether or Siphon Soul 100% of the time. (There are only 4 spells to choose from)

    Priest and Druid both have a large pool of cards to choose from. 

    Priest have quite a few "meh" 5+ cost spells which will make it inconsistent. 

    Druid will be very good due to it being very consistent (8 spells, only 3 I would consider "meh") - 95%+ of the time, you're getting a good card. 

    Don't forget Shaman - Bloodlust, The Storm Bringer, and Volcano with only 5 spells in the pool.

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    posted a message on New Card Reveal - Arcane Dynamo

    Cards that cost 5+ by class in standard: 7 Warrior, 4 Warlock, 5 Shaman, 6 Rogue, 12 Priest (!), 10 Paladin, 8 Mage, 4 Hunter, and 8 Druid.

    Smaller pool = more consistency.  Warlocks are guaranteed (at this time) to get Siphon Soul or Twisting Nether, with a 50% chance of a choice between the two.  (The other 2 cards are junk, lol).

    Hunter's 4 aren't nearly as exciting.  Crushing Walls, Explosive Shot, To My Side!, and Lesser Emerald Spellstone.

    Shaman's 5 are a bit better, but not as consistent as Warlock.  Volcano, Bloodlust, The Storm Bringer, Sapphire Spellstone, Eureka!.  I could see this being used in an aggro format, with The Storm Bringer or Bloodlust as targets.  90% chance to get either one seems solid enough.  I don't see this being used in Shudderwock Shaman as you could fill your hand to full and not getting a Shudderwock bounce.  It makes the deck less consistent, not more.

    6 Rogue cards to choose from.  Sprint, Vanish, Assassinate, Onyx Spellstone, Myra's and Necrium Vial.  2 of them are solid removal (Spellstone/Assassinate) against a single target (75% chance).  Just feels too inconsistent to be worthwhile, with one of the spells being dead in almost every situation (Myra's).  If you add Vanish as a viable choice, the odds increase dramatically (95+%)

    Warrior's 7 cards vary wildly from each other.  Just not a good fit for the class. Only 2 are similar (board clears) but 1 is dependent on a weapon in the deck.  Bleh.

    It may see play in Mage, as 4 of the 8 spells (Meteor, Flamestrike, Blizzard, Dragon's Fury) could all fill the same role.  

    The rest of the classes are too wildly inconsistent.


    I give this card playable in control Warlock, aggro Shaman, (Even shaman with Bloodlust?), and possibly a control Mage variant.  Outside of that, I feel that the card will be too wildly inconsistent to be a staple in most decks.

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    posted a message on New Priest Card Reveal - Power Word: Replicate

    Its a worse Vivid Nightmare for just about any situation.  And Vivid Nightmare doesn't see play. 


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    posted a message on Upcoming Hearthstone Rule Changes - Copy Cards, Transform, Shadowboxer Nerf & More

    Shadowboxer + Zillax.  The most likely reason why they're making this change.

    Its entirely possible (although very unlikely) that they may be introducing a legendary that allows Priest to heal past their max health.  If that's the case, then it'd be an OTK regardless of board state (except in that rare instance your opponent doesn't have a minion).

    Its still early in the release cycle, but they've probably determined that Shadowboxer would be considerably OP with another card coming down the pipeline.


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    posted a message on New Warrior Weapon- Supercollider

    Its not very flexible for a 5-cost weapon.  Can't push face.  Requires 2 minions on the board to be effective.  RNG plays a factor if 3+ minions are on board. Only real use is to hit a poisonous minion, considering it's next to the target you want to remove.

    Warrior already has better tools for standard.  Poor pick in arena as its too situational.

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    posted a message on New Druid Legendary Minion - Flobbidinous Floop

    Easily meta-defining as it allows Taunt Druid to not completely rely on Witching Hour to bring back Hadronox.  Also helps shift the odds back on Witching Hour if your opponent forces you to have a beast.

    Makes Maly druid more consistent.  Don't have to have Maly in play to combo now, just have Maly be the last minion played to start it.

    Token Druid may not use it, but Token druid might shift away from Oaken Summons if they need silences.  Having a 3rd Violet Teacher, or triple Arcane Tyrant is solid enough to get consideration.


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    posted a message on Bit bored of MageStone Arena right now.

    Its difficult to enjoy the new cards when they're (a) offered so infrequently or (b) they're just tossed at you on almost every pick.

    I've drafted decks with 7 event class cards and skipped on others.  And then I don't see another event class card in my next draft. 

    My latest draft probably had to be my worst as far as card quality.  I didn't see a single Fireball, Frostbolt, event class card, Flamestrike, Explosive Rune, Meteor, Pyroblast.  I wasn't offered anything costing more than 6 (Blizzard).  I was offered only 4 cards with more than 3 attack (Timeway Wanderer x2, Leyline x2).  2x Shimmering tempest along with 2x Temporal Anomaly tried to be my removal (Glacial Mysteries showed up twice in 3 games, Anomaly in my opening hand twice after mulligan).  Its very difficult to win a single game when you can't kill your opponents minions. 

    Arena is simply too RNG-based in its draft. 


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    posted a message on New Card Reveal - Witchwood Piper

    I like this as an arena card as it thins your deck of lower-cost cards, helps utilize your mana later in the game -- especially if you know whats left in your deck.

    In standard, you could use this to set up a play for the following turn: turn 4 piper into turn 5 doomsayer/frost nova or arcanologist/secret. Or with Arugal to get 2 copies of a specific low-cost minion.

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    posted a message on New Mage Card Reveal - Bonfire Elemental

    I see this as a solid addition to elemental mage.  Since it doesn't affect the board state with a battlecry or deathrattle, its an Azure Drake (at best) for elemental.  It could help push elemental into the Tier 2 category, but elemental still needs more board interaction imo to compete with current Tier 1 decks.

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