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    The Winglord


    Hey there, lad. We've come a long way since we've joined forces back at Dragonblight, stopping that mad ethereal fella from raisin' the big bad dragon, but I have to say, it just feels like few weeks.

    We've started the classic Gryphonrider's way wit' Sky'ree at our side we commanded grand forces and came up with all kinds of unique Formations - remeber the way we've made use of our allies from Dalaran? Well throwing Fireballs is not entirely my thing, but hey it worked!

    But we've not stopped there and have also managed to master the magic of the Storm and honed Sky'ree's abilites to their fullest with a special type of training weapons.

    After that we've split for a time and I had a few other adventures since then myself. If you want to take a look back at all we've been through you can check previous phases or look here - I might share a few more tales with ye there later.

    Lemme thank ye wit' all me dwarven heart for all yer time, votes and feedback and repay you by being brief and not keep ye much longer. And with that said we've returned - a new refined Core set at our disposal as well as new trials in the hostile territory of the Barrens - So let us not tarry, lets see what is in store for us. Its Hammerin' Time!

    Quick Class Recap:


    • Strong Hero Power capable of building a deck around.
    • High board reactivity.
    • Good card draw.


    • Little survivability.
    • Situational removal spells.

    Intended Playstyles:

    • Rush - Keep control of the board while chipping your opponents health away. Gryphon Lord Talonaxe is still ready for the final push to finish your foes.
    • Token - Swarm the board with small creatures, then refill your hand with Cleared Passage.
    • Sky'ree - Lost a little bit of fuel since rotation, but you could still dedicate yourself to the use of your Hero Power, either as a main focus of the deck or a complementary piece of other decks.
    • No Hero Power - If gryphons are not yours cup of tea, you can help Mountfinder Thardian look for different means of Skyfights.
    • Big Spells - A relatively new playstyle that relies on the high cost spells from the past, alongside newcomers like Inhurried Windcaller and Thunderheart.
    • Windfury/Handbuff - A new playstyle from Forged in the Barrens, can even take the fight to the late game with the new legendary - Sister Rathalon.


    Showcase Cards:

    Core Set:

    Notes on Core set cards:

    Original unchanged cards:

    Cooperative Strike - First card I designed for this class and a flavor top tier.

    Call Reinforcements - A fun card and a draw engine. Stayed in mainly because of the rules (Most of the Descent of Dragons set was unusable.)

    Cleared Passage - Realy good draw engine for more board based decks.

    Rallying Hammer and Fastride Lasso - Both capture the feeling of the class and were a good fit.

    Gryphon Rider - Windfury support planned for Forged in the Barrens expansion, so it made sense for it to stay.

    Gryphon Master Talonaxe - Design inspired by classic finisher legendaries (Cenarius, King Krush, Grommash Hellscream), which all stayed in core set.

    Cards with Changes:

    Lightning Blast - New art.

    Shock Assault - New art, Cost reduced by (1).

    Flexiwing - a Heavy change to Ironforge Gryphon which had no point at staying as a vanilla 4/4 Rush. Changed Rarity, Art and buffed the effect.

    Acentric Blast - Stayed mainly because I was out of options and I wanted 1 more big spell. Cost reduced by (1).

    Aerial Support - Cost reduced by (1).

    Stormforming - Name changed, after a while I really did not like Form the Storm anymore.

    New Cards:

    Rookie Wingmate - Blizzard have introduced a signature 1 drop for every class, thats why he is here.

    Inhurried Stormcaller - I had a feeling that the Keyword deserved a little bit more representation and big spells could use some help.

    Thunderheart - One final help for the big spells, also a fun fact as a non english native I have first learned while making this card that the game is called Hearthstone not Heartstone on purpouse. (That hearth is a word as well)

     Forged in the Barrens set:

     Tokens and Notes for expansion:

    Thardian Hero Power options:

    Mountfinding - Ranks increase stats as well as reduce Cost.

    Bael'dun Thane - Using your Hero Power disables it for the rest of the turn and makes Thane's effect active.

    Mountfinder Thardian - Replaying him triggers his Battlecry again and all new choices are refreshed.

    Sister Rathalon - Using UI similar to Tradeable, just instead of aiming at your deck you aim at minions. Each attack costs 1 Mana and her Windfury allows her to attack twice each turn. If she dies from the attack, she gets removed from your hand. Intended to be core piece of Windfury Winglords as well as a playable card in most other decks.


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    The Winglord 

     Clean up yer deck slots lads as the famous Winglord - Commander of Gryphon riders - Kurdran Wildhammer and his loyal friend and companion - Sky'ree are making their way into Hearthstone and are taking command of more than just gryphons, with your help, of course.

    Sky'ree herself (Token):

    Showcase cards:


    Wandering what more is in store for this class, including the rest of the Basic Cards? Then check this spoiler bellow:

    Themes and card:

    1, Sky'ree - Hero Power

    Kurdran counts on his loyal companion to fight as one - as such some cards of the class will work to buff Sky'ree while also being somewhat powerful without her (to be playable through random in other classes, while under pressure or with Finley gameplan). This unique cooperation allows the class to posses a different playstyle from all other classes. These cards will be unique for each gameplan as some will work best in control deck while others will support aggresive strategies. 

    2, Beast synergy

    Not every situation fits Sky'ree and as such some of the cards will work with any Beast and not just her. The power lever of these cards will however take into account how easy and reliable it is for Kurdran to get a Beast.

    3, Beasts

    As the point above stated some of your cards require Beasts in order to reach full potential and Winglord does not relly only on neutral ones but also has some of his own.

    (Also a token for Aerial Support card showcased above.)

    4, Lightning Magic

    Gryphon riders are able to channel the magic of the storms so they share a little bit of similarity with Shamans there.

    5, Other cards to complete the fantasy

    So what do ya say lads and lasses? Shall we take to the skies?

    Edit: Sorry I had to edit the post as, for an unknown reason to me, a large empty space appeared between Hero Portrait and the rest of the text.

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