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    The Winglord


    Hey there, lad. We've come a long way since we've joined forces back at Dragonblight, stopping that mad ethereal fella from raisin' the big bad dragon, but I have to say, it just feels like few weeks.

    We've started the classic Gryphonrider's way wit' Sky'ree at our side we commanded grand forces and came up with all kinds of unique Formations - remeber the way we've made use of our allies from Dalaran? Well throwing Fireballs is not entirely my thing, but hey it worked!

    But we've not stopped there and have also managed to master the magic of the Storm and honed Sky'ree's abilites to their fullest with a special type of training weapons.

    After that we've split for a time and I had a few other adventures since then myself. If you want to take a look back at all we've been through you can check previous phases or look here - I might share a few more tales with ye there later.

    Lemme thank ye wit' all me dwarven heart for all yer time, votes and feedback and repay you by being brief and not keep ye much longer. And with that said we've returned - a new refined Core set at our disposal as well as new trials in the hostile territory of the Barrens - So let us not tarry, lets see what is in store for us. Its Hammerin' Time!

    Quick Class Recap:


    • Strong Hero Power capable of building a deck around.
    • High board reactivity.
    • Good card draw.


    • Little survivability.
    • Situational removal spells.

    Intended Playstyles:

    • Rush - Keep control of the board while chipping your opponents health away. Gryphon Lord Talonaxe is still ready for the final push to finish your foes.
    • Token - Swarm the board with small creatures, then refill your hand with Cleared Passage.
    • Sky'ree - Lost a little bit of fuel since rotation, but you could still dedicate yourself to the use of your Hero Power, either as a main focus of the deck or a complementary piece of other decks.
    • No Hero Power - If gryphons are not yours cup of tea, you can help Mountfinder Thardian look for different means of Skyfights.
    • Big Spells - A relatively new playstyle that relies on the high cost spells from the past, alongside newcomers like Inhurried Windcaller and Thunderheart.
    • Windfury/Handbuff - A new playstyle from Forged in the Barrens, can even take the fight to the late game with the new legendary - Sister Rathalon.


    Showcase Cards:

    Core Set:

    Notes on Core set cards:

    Original unchanged cards:

    Cooperative Strike - First card I designed for this class and a flavor top tier.

    Call Reinforcements - A fun card and a draw engine. Stayed in mainly because of the rules (Most of the Descent of Dragons set was unusable.)

    Cleared Passage - Realy good draw engine for more board based decks.

    Rallying Hammer and Fastride Lasso - Both capture the feeling of the class and were a good fit.

    Gryphon Rider - Windfury support planned for Forged in the Barrens expansion, so it made sense for it to stay.

    Gryphon Master Talonaxe - Design inspired by classic finisher legendaries (Cenarius, King Krush, Grommash Hellscream), which all stayed in core set.

    Cards with Changes:

    Lightning Blast - New art.

    Shock Assault - New art, Cost reduced by (1).

    Flexiwing - a Heavy change to Ironforge Gryphon which had no point at staying as a vanilla 4/4 Rush. Changed Rarity, Art and buffed the effect.

    Acentric Blast - Stayed mainly because I was out of options and I wanted 1 more big spell. Cost reduced by (1).

    Aerial Support - Cost reduced by (1).

    Stormforming - Name changed, after a while I really did not like Form the Storm anymore.

    New Cards:

    Rookie Wingmate - Blizzard have introduced a signature 1 drop for every class, thats why he is here.

    Inhurried Stormcaller - I had a feeling that the Keyword deserved a little bit more representation and big spells could use some help.

    Thunderheart - One final help for the big spells, also a fun fact as a non english native I have first learned while making this card that the game is called Hearthstone not Heartstone on purpouse. (That hearth is a word as well)

     Forged in the Barrens set:

     Tokens and Notes for expansion:

    Thardian Hero Power options:

    Mountfinding - Ranks increase stats as well as reduce Cost.

    Bael'dun Thane - Using your Hero Power disables it for the rest of the turn and makes Thane's effect active.

    Mountfinder Thardian - Replaying him triggers his Battlecry again and all new choices are refreshed.

    Sister Rathalon - Using UI similar to Tradeable, just instead of aiming at your deck you aim at minions. Each attack costs 1 Mana and her Windfury allows her to attack twice each turn. If she dies from the attack, she gets removed from your hand. Intended to be core piece of Windfury Winglords as well as a playable card in most other decks.


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     The thread does not seem very active so I hope I can get some feedback. I have decided to go with Barrens and explore a little bit of different mechanics. But first of the Mercenary and ranked spell:

    Tokens for hero power:

     Like Laurendor did with Goblin I wanted my mercenary to be the sixth alliance race - Worgen. The flavor of this card is that he does want to join the ranks of Winglords but does not get along well with Gryphons and because of that he embarks on a journey to the Barrens to find a mount of his liking, which I hopefuly captured. I am not sure about the balance of the tokens though (thats why the Hearthrazors art not centered properly yet.)

    And now for the rest of the set:


    In Forged in the Barrens the Harpies were realy under represented (Cause it is one of their main locations in WoW) I decided to put some cards with the Keyword inspiration of the original Windfury Harpy.

    Sister Rathalon would work similary like a tradeable card - just instead of draging the card into your deck you would drag it onto minions. Once her Health reaches 0 once in your hand, she dies and gets removed from here. Windfury also means that she can attack twice from your hand each turn.

    I also tried to showcase the Windriders of the Horde in the set, Not sure with them having their own Mechanic isnt overkilling the set, maybe I should cut either them or the Harpies.

    And lastly there is a Caravan to complete the set:

    Looking forward to read your opinions, the Core set is still being worked on, will post it later, hopefuly.



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    Hey there, I am grateful for making it to the finale, thanks for your votes.

    Just a quick question about the 15 - post core set rotation expansion cards. Do they have to be from the same expansion, or can they be 5 for Stormwind and 5 for Barrens?

    And as for my core set, was there any card in the past phases you'd like to see in?


    Laurendor - I realy like the art manipulation you did there.  Questline is good up until the final reward, a lot of people, me included, hate the current meta and I guess just the effect could cost you some votes. Shaina seems ok, but as McF4rtson stated it is unconditional start of game, maybe you could get damaged more (12 - 15 HP). A little class only powercreep on Garrison Commander with a questline synergy in Doc-O-Bot seems fine. First Aider should either have lower stats, battlecry, or be affecting both players in my opinion. First Aid Kit looks balanced if you do not have any crazy Lifesteal card in core set, similar with Pathogen: Voidrash, which might be a bit problematic in Wild, but probably not worse than Ql Warlock. Expired Healing Potion is flavorful, maybe a bit too strong and Detox sounds more like saving a minion, not destroying it, the effect seems like a great fit when paired with tradeable.

    As for the lockdown mechanic I originaly imagined that it locked a certain board slot with an aura effect there, which is probably entirely unexplored UI, but sounded cool, at least in my head. Both of your cards seem really strong, they should cost more in my opinion.

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    Sorry for the lack of responses lately but I had some real life issues to take care of, glad I managed to post my entry even though it is a little lacking. I'll leave some minor text for those of you who have not yet submited, so hopefully you might yet put it to good use.

    JeanTheMedicRat - all card look good in my opinion. The only thing that stands out is that Chromatic Dragonflight is not exactly good, it would fit Galakrond side more. You can probably make a note to explain why Chromatus is on a good side in your entry post.

    teknician - Spirit Weak seems too strong as a permanent effect, Cost of 4 would make it better, I think. I do not like 3 damage on Mystfire, seems like a lot. Probably okay with current cards like Fire Sale. Shorter wording on Top of the Class is perfectly clean. I'd personaly keep the Totem Mayhem at 7, at least back in Scholomance. Maybe, if the Shaman Basic totems are also in the pool you can go with 6. I have nothing to add to the other cards.

    McF4rtson - 4 damage could probably be, if you do not go on a Discover too hard and don't have cards like Discover until your hand is full or whatever.

    The overall quality of all your cards seem great. Good luck to you all.

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    Alright lads and lasses the first real set is here. Even through some minor difficulties Kurdran and Sky'ree have hopefuly managed to arrive just in time. For the Descent of Dragons set Winglord obviously joins the good side and is accompanied by the Red Dragonflight, which is the only major flight that did not get paired with any class originaly (Alexstrasza was featured as Neutral) and from the lesser flights Plagued and Twilight do not make any sense and Stone dragons have no available art.

    As a good guy Kurdran has access to two Side-Quests and a Dragon Explorer, but is not obviously using Lackeys or Resurrecting Galakrond.

    As the final hour draws close the time has come to reveal another ally (Boon (1 point): Showcase an extra card) while pledging not to fall so low as to cooperate with minions of death (Bane (-1 point): No Deathrattle cards).

    Showcase Cards:

    So for the set we arrive in Dragonblight and with our determination we Impress the Dragons. They, in turn allow some of our Dwarven troops to ride on them into battle and become Dwarven Dragonriders. But that is not all as the red dragonflight join us in a fight with their fearsome Ruby Breaths and Explorers. Seeing the Red ones, Falstad, who helped to free Alexstrasza in the past, sends a clutch of Gryphons as a Vanguard for the incoming, or rather inflying, Drakes. The Redflight second most important member as well as a renown Mage - Korialstasz can help us to Consider our Options, by either continuing assault with our forces, or call upon the more magical side of Gryphon Riders and potentionaly Blast our foes from Above. If all fails we might take a Momentary Respite and hope that Skycasters from Dalaran arrive in time to finish the job.

    Thanks to all of ye for your time.

    All Cards

    And a very important Korialstrasz token:



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    JeanTheMedicRat - I really like Chromatus and the Breath seems good as well. Altough, maybe it could be reworded a little since it allways deals 5 damage. (Deal 5 damage, gain a bonus effect based on your last heritage played.) Not sure how it would look on card, and probably nothing crucial, just a minor idea. Maybe worth noting that no Breath was epic back in Dragons, but they weren't of the same rarity as well, so probably also not a problem.

    teknician - The class pairing seems really good to me, I do not have any problem with your cards, they seem fine and well balanced and also works good for both paired classes. Only the Totem Mayhem may be a little bit limiting in design space as strangely Blizzard decided not to unnerf Tuskar Totemic (but that one summoned any totem if I recall correctly.

    Side Note: I never liked blizzard decision to have Taurens, Orcs, Ogres (Ogremancer could have been a Trogg, at least) and Trolls in Scholomance (lore wise) and I was terribly disappointed that not a single legendary was a Dwarven character. They probably do not fit your class, though.

    Klipce - I realy like Fluid Creation, seems like a smart way to use Magnetic, I do not know what (Draw yours first') means on Racing Clock, but I guess it is just for flavor. Nevertheless I do not like the fatigue direction. Timetravel Project needs some clarification - do start/end turn triggers and do you jump by 2 Mana? If Start/Ends triggers than it is weird not to have a real at least tiny synergy with it in the set (Wind Up Clockwork does not count, Careful Analyst probably does, though), Talis uses Echo which is Witchwood Keyword, SnipSnap was an exception, but I think of him more like a mini set (like Darkmoon Races), than  a part of the Boomsday itself.  Talis Legendary Spell is something I absolutely hate, a stable win condition for a Miracle styled deck is terrible idea in my opinion. Maybe giving yourself boost and putting yourself on a clock would be a far greater idea and would also synergize with Wind Up Clockwork and Programmed Obsolence (Putting cards into your deck, lowering the chance to draw fatigue.

    And now for my entry:

    I'd like to go with Descent of Dragons and the good guys (Sidequests) mechanics:

    Windflapper is a standalone buildaround card, that would go ahead of an archetype arriving later, as Seaforium Bomber for Bomb Warrior, or something similar. Maybe I should include 1 more Windfury card?

    Impress the Dragons is a first Sidequest. Basicaly card tutor for a single attack.

    Ruby Explorer gives away the fact that I had decided to go with red dragonflight as that one was not represented in any class (I wanted Stone Drakes from Stonecore but there is not a single art of them.) and is also part of a explorer - only cycle.

    Showdown Preparation - Not sure about this one, maybe it should just draw a spell and be a build around?

    Ruby Breath - all class cycle card, inspired by the original Alex with Health setting.

    Dwarven Dragonrider - Not sure which version and the Dragon tag, maybe this should be the card to swap with Windfury support?

    Calm Your Forces - Second sidequest, i originaly wanted the quest to require skipping with 3 Rush minions the turn you played them but that was too wordy. Maybe I could swap the rarity of this with Windflapper as epics tends to be heralds of new mechanics and weird buildaround cards?

    Momentary Respite - Wording borrowed from Flightmaster Belnara from Dalaran Heist, maybe should say that both you and Sky'ree become Immune untill your next turn (less flavor, but more clear wording)?

    Falstad - One of the most known Gryphon Riders and only dwarf to be called friend of dragons for helping to free Alexstrasza. Lore-wise seems to be a perfect fit.

    Korialstrasz - For the second, dragon, legendary I wanted to go with different dragon than Alex, so I went with the second most important one. Not sure which version. The fist one depicts him changing form and his allegiance to Dalaran (with Spell Damage). The second one plays more with the original Alex Flavor and serves as the pseudo-Healing for the class that lacks it, not sure if it should be one time effect, that would reset when you play him or not.

    Feedback is welcomed, I am still not sure if I am good to go with these 10 cards, or I am supposed to include more, like the miniset?

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    Hey, congrats to eveyone who made it. A shame I won't be able to see the continuation of other classes.

    I have two questions about this week:

    1, I'd like to go with Descent of Dragons as an expansion. What rarity distribution should I follow (as DH was not around back then), a classic 3322 or the Demon Hunter Ashes of Outlands distribution?

    2, Isn't the 4th BOON option in challenge impossible? It requires 4 point but every Bane is for 1 point, so you'd need to do all four of them, but in order to complete the first Bane (Showcase a card from every rarity) you require a boon where you can showcase 4 cards which costs 1 Bane. So you must have 5 Boon points, but can only collect 4 Banes. Is that right, or have I misread something?

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    The Winglord

    Not much to add here this time as most things have been stated in the first part of the Wingmate Set last week.

    There will be more to write about in later phase, if Kurdran and Sky'ree gets that far.

    For this part we're basicaly arming our Gryphons, and also our Hero if any Armor remains, and then we'll show our Resolve while mocking our opponent with the help of a certain Moonkin and Call Reinforcements when our foe gets enraged. Other than that we're mastering lightning spells with Stormcaller Mylra, and recruiting some though allies from Kul'Tiras in the form of Roughneck Rider.

    Showcase Cards:

    The rest of Wingmate Set

    (Gryphon Patriarch takes care of the first challenge, while Talonaxe saved me from the second one.)

    NOTE: To understand how Mylra works check out the Token Spoiler bellow.



    All of the following tokens are related to Stormcaller Mylra:


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    Thanks for all the feedback. I feared that I might overdoe it by going heavily for Sky'ree in both parts of the set. And I personaly too did not like Taunts in the end but went along with it for the sake of what I have written in a submission post.

    MvonTzeskagrad - I personaly like Sanctify way more, the first Spell was not bad, but I'd personaly prefer to see it in a later set. I understand that Terenas does not replace the Deathrattles later, it just sounded to me that he retained them only in hand and loose all Deathrattles when played. Might probably just be mine misunderstanding, though.

    If I am to skip the whole Taunt thing, I am kinda lost with the Legendary, I'll put some brainstorming in the spoiler - if anyone has any ideas.

     Both epic cards will probably already stay the same, as well as Mockin' Moonkin (I am just too proud of the name) and Call Reinforcements.

    Gryphoneers Resolve will get a little text upgrade.

    Stonetalon Brave does not retain much synergy and makes no more sense in the set, so I suggest replacing it with Roughneck Rider, a Rush minion with the same effect.

    Skyhorn Windcaller will follow the same way and will probably be replaced with Flockmate, which keeps some essence of Lasan, which I quite liked.

    Chain Thunder was a bad last time idea, probably replaced by Recurring Storm, which while still on the weaker side could be a potentional tech style control card and could work with Mylra, if that would be the Legendary way to go.

    Acentric Blast could maybe stay the same, deal more damage, or be replaced by one of the following (the rarity is bad, pay no heed to it):

    Store the Storm is probably to be saved for a later set as it uses the Nature Spell interaction to prevent infinite value, Dive In! is an atempt on a JeantheMedicRat's suggestion (Not sure how to incorporate it) and Channel Storm was an early iteration of Recurring Storm (So it is probably terrible).

    As time works against me, I really do appretiate any feedback.

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    Funny how days start to run faster when you decide to join such a competition... Some quick feedback from this page (Please, do note that I, unfortunately, did not have time to re-read previous entries so I do not remember all cards from your class):

    teknician - Compared to Shaman Basic Spell, i think the 1 Mana version is fine.

    McF4rtson - Depends on how much you want to explore Dormant stuff and how powerfull they will be. Anub'arak could potentionaly be design limiting. But it is a nice little buildaround card, just not sure about initiate set (depends on Dormant support).

    Laurendor -

    Kevin the Slime - Not sure how will this effect interact with Deathrattle, I assume that, when targeted with Shattered Sun Cleric, it will resummon itself with +1/+1. But does only the first one possess the ability, or does the buff stays permanent? If the latter then it is probably too strong at 1.

    Slime Channeler - I think such an effect should be introduced in a later set rather than initiate.

    To my Health - Amara sets the Health to 40, this increases Health, not just its capacity, I should think the card should be worded to explain it more. Balance wise its good.

    Oozing Coagulum - I'd say its well balanced but still quite strong. Would probably leave it as it is.

    Oozemancy - Would personaly reword it to : For each spell in your hand, summon .... (For some reason I have problems reading the text as it is and somehow always mess up the meaning of the effect.)

    Both Blightburst common cards look very strong to me, especialy the oozling. I like the infect cards though. I also think that your template is fiting, just not sure if it is worth it to replace it now.


    Toad, Staff and Sen'jin seem well balanced to me.

    If you do not plan to include any way to get super good but expensive Hero Power, I guess that the second version of Voodoo Channeler is probably better, as the tokens from your Hero Power are still temporary.

    Ju-Ju Blast - Wanted! is probably too powercrept by that. Power Ring seems ok.

    The shuffling Spiders seems good, I wonder that what, given the way its worded, - ...copies of it..., will the future synergy be.

    The first of the 2 removals looks like it can generate a lot of value (Getting copies of your opponent minions, that your class should probably not have access to). The overkill mage spell never saw too much play so the 2 damage probably puts it on the weaker side, in the end. The second one is good, could potentionaly deal 3 damage and not break anything.


    Bone Horror and Essence Harvest and Mawsworn Tormentor fit your token playstyle well and are also quite flavorfull.

    Forgoten Rider could maybe cost 1 less so it can be played with Ascended Judicator in the same turn. Also both rider and the token having rush could be something to think about going that way.

    Necromancer and Carrier of Souls are good and potentionaly introduce good enough Deathrattle synergy so you do not need Ghastly Call (As it seems rather design restrictive for an initiate set).

    Splitting Souls has a Typo - you probably mean minion not minionS.

    I personaly realy like Terenas as a choice for a legendary, just the wording seems weird. I'd understand that the Deathrattle goes away the moment you play him, should maybe have Battlecry.


    Astute Chronicler - good card depending a lot on what your opponent plays, but that makes it flexible, I think.

    Chronomancy Practice - Sap was pretty much auto include, this pushes it even more. At least increase the cost by 1.

    Midnight Rager is better than its previous version.

    Time and Place, Take Your Time and Stolen Time seems fine. Just maybe the 'Time' word repeats itself in many card names. Maybe there are some synonyms to use here and there.

    Patient Patriarch is kinda slow and would probably not see play over Taelan Fordring, but I really like it.

    Infinite Inara seems overbroken and also not anything suggest in the effect suggest infinity. After you draw the Weapon the game is probably finite.

    Klaytonio - probably haven't given you any feedback before, sorry.

    Hit from the Flank - either enemy minions or minions opposite to it. Current wording is not clear enough in my opinion. Second version is the balanced one, the first one would powercreep Shadowflame. The name could probably be somehow improved as well.

    Though Guy - Good, I like to see a 1-line effect.

    The Live Bait seems very strong to me, could be buildaround, would probably prefer if it would summon a concrete token.

    Fourth common missing

    Scare the Pawns - probably good, wonder if the text could be shortened or simplified.

    Sniper Rifle - Balanced at 3 Mana, I think.

    Cunning Plan - You probably mean to affect next spell or minion right? Seems too specific for initiate for me. I'd personaly like more something like: After they play a card, their next one cost 2 more that turn.

    CounterStance - 5 lines of text break the card making rule I think. Also a lot of your cards are quite wordy. Maybe it can be simplified somehow. The same goes for the legendary. I personaly like both cards, just would like to see the text cleaner.

    Overconfident Agent is nice and flavorful, and with a Hearthstone fiting art.


    Wings and Fangs look good and flavorful, not sure why would Tail increase Health.

    I am not sure if the Legendary is not forbiden to be a spell or weapon by the general rules of the competition, not sure though. Shouldn't your card cost less than 5?

    The new rival sibling is quite cleaner still with more than enough flavor. But I personaly alway imagined the card as getting the other heritages that the first one does not have. Oh that Jealous Sister does it similarily, that is probably more fitting. I'd assume that hybrid drake's Battlecry works with it?  Secret Brother seems out of place in initiate, without missing some support, at least in my opinion.

    Blazing Charge is nice, maybe could have a more fitting name, not sure.

    Nest Guardian is nice and by the way shares name with a card in my Basic Set.


    Please forgive any typos as that was a lot of text to write and cards to understand. It is also quite late from where I write, so If I missed something or understood something badly, let me know. I probably post my stuff later, as I have managed to exhaust myself. But as I promised to focus the second part of the set on the Taunts and Lategame, which Legendary version do you like the most?

    The second version is supposed to give the class some unique survivability as it does not have access to much healing. You know once your in the skies you can only relly on yourself and your gryphon.

    Ok, as I do not know when I'll get to it I will leave the set here and hopefuly collect some feedback and give you some insight about the cards and their synergies tommorow:

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    Wow, surprised I made it this far. Some quick reviews:


    I fear that the legendary is overly complicated for a initiate legendary (probably that token spell is not necessary and the eggs could be Battlecries as someone above already said). Also I realy dislike nameless legendaries (including thing like Dragonbane) so I'd personaly really like to change that as well. (Chromatus was perfect, a shame for the challenge...)


    I like the fatigue mechanic but I would not keep it in initiate set, rather save it for later expansion (like Bomb Warrior/Heal Druid, etc). As for the cards Marileth seems unimpressive, could set your hero to some certain Health (like Amara) and have better stats in my opinion. Redpine Acolyte could be a 3/2, but if it would be one time mechanic 3/3 is also fine. Enfeeble and Healthstone look good. Chalice is broken, as stated above and Oooze Channeler is probably on a weaker side, but ok (2/3 or 1/5 maybe?). Corrosive Breath ' s name is already taken.


    I liked your class, probably you're right and people who voted did not look up the class and the discussion included and saw too many Pirates. Sadly I do not have much experience with these competitions so I could not point it out before.

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    The Winglord

    Kurdran and Sky'ree, along with their Wingmate set, arrive during the Descent of Dragons Hearthstone expansion to prove that to wield the Stormhammer you don't need to hold any Dragon, eh?

    Winglord comes to the game alongside new class specific keyword - Formation.

    With the class you can form all kinds of Formations, be it Battlecry Formation, Rush Formation, or even Formation FORMATION!

    But during the Wingmate set we'll mainly focus on the keywords Rush and, in the later second part of the set, Taunt.

    Showcase cards:

    He didn't manage to rush in to an Ironforge set so he really wants to be in Charge now.

    Lets start things with a legendary card that can finish a game - Gryphon Master Talonaxe. Play him next to a Rush minion, preferably one you played this turn and both of them (and any other Rush minion you control) will gain Charge. 

    Fast-Ride, not Fart-Ride.

    This common weapon introduces us to Training Tools Winglord as access to. They'll all be Weapons interacting with your Hero Power. Not only that Fastride Lasso makes your Sky'ree better, it also makes sure you have something to activate your Formation effects.

    There's no Nature Magic involved in Clearing Skies, just hard work.

    Lets finish the showcase with a card-draw engine for our faster playstyle archetypes. Just a note that the flavor text, like most others, is a refference to my previous sets or oversights during cardmaking.

    The Rest of the first part of Wingmate set:

    (The cards that fulfill the challenges are Weaponmaker and Form the Storm.)



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    Alright, I think I have come up with somewhat managable part of the set and I would like to hear some thoughs about it.

    Set Name - Wingmate / or simply Recruit?

    Class introduced in: Descent of Dragons (First time that the theme of Gryphon riders were somewhat explored in Hunter and with all the flying dragons I felt it would work the best.)

    This part of a set is maybe a little bit too much Gryphon Rider theme centric, but I follower in the footsteps of DH, which  fully explored core Demon Hunter before moving on to Acrobats and Quilboars.

    A quick recaps of a Hero, HP and Keyword in a Spoiler.



    Hargen Bronzewing is more of a token/rush deck payoff card with perhaps a too big restriction for a Initiate styled set, while Gryphon Master Talonaxe provides a win-condition/burst damage similar to Grommash Hellscream/Cenarius.



    Weaponmaker fulfills the chalenge and I quite like it with the Sky'ree Weapon arsenal, so he probably stays.

    Rallying Whistle/Hammer is mainly meant as a card for more control oriented decks as an access to survival with the class lack of healing options. Not sure which one is better, or perhaps it should loose Durability on a different occasion?





    Rally the Newblood - a fast token  playstyle reward, balanced Mark of the Lotus.

    Clear(ed) Passage / Assault Orchestrator - Card draw engine.

    Form the Storm - A lategame slow bomb for a control based deck and a fulfilment of a second challenge.



    Fastride Lasso - Good weapon, work with Sky'ree and Weaponmaker, I'd like to keep.

    Gryphon Rider - Basic card that work with Rush Formation and also makes room for future Windfury support.

    New Generation - Token generator for token support cards.

    Legendfed Youngster / Seasoned Comrade - Final initiate Sky'ree payoff card, an aggresive and deffensive version.

    Intended strategies for the set and where most cards should find their place:

    Token Deck Strategy - Hargen Bronzewing, Gryphon Master Talonaxe, Rally the Newblood, Cleared Passage / Assault Orchestrator, Gryphon Rider, Legendfed Youngster, New Generation

    Rush Formation Deck Strategy - Hargen Bronzewing, Gryphon Master Talonaxe, Weaponmaker, Cleared Passage / Assault Orchestrator, Fastride Lasso, Gryphon Rider

    Control/Lategame Deck Strategy - Gryphon Master Talonaxe, Rallying Whistle/Hammer, Clear Passage, Form the Storm, Fastride Lasso, Gryphon Rider, Seasoned Comrade

    Dedicated Sky'ree Deck Strategy - Weaponmaker, Rallying Whistle/Hammer, Fastride Lasso, Legendfed Youngster / Seasoned Comrade

    And some feedback -

    Klipce (sorry I skipped it last time, overlooked your post) - Gnome Watchmaker, Chronobreak are good.

    Midnight Rager could may gain Health instead, seems like a terrible card.

    Growing Menace could maybe scale a little bit faster, but it is probably balanced.

    The Discard cards seem decent, just not too sure what is the flavor of card discarding.

    Lara and Time Trap are on the more powerful edge, but Kairoz probably summons only once and then dies to aoe, and presents a Win Condition for the class, while Time Trap is comparable to Twisting Nether, so probably both are good. I do not like Rush Back In as it has no counterplay and you for example play Malygos / Kairoz. And then summon them again guaranteed for just (4) Mana.


    Most issues were already mentioned by others, the main one is the Cost of Slimed! token. The Necropolis does not feel right and I do not like the shuffle mechanic in the first set (but that can be just me). A balanced Bane of Stradama seems good and fitting, Plaguefall kitten work while it can be buffed by a stat. Plaguewood Corruptor is on the other hand overstatted (6/6 for 5), I like both epics.


    Thanks for the feedback.

    You have only two Spirit Remnant generators I think one more could be added (it could probably be in the second part, though). The Tomb Revenant is a nice payoff card, while the 4-Cost Spark of Heroism could be scary if you have multiple way to generate the token. Depends on the setup Requirements. The first Spellstone misses a Shadow Tribe and could potencionaly start stronger you have to upgrade it to get to a Blessing of Kings, Maybe 3/3 5/5 7/7 would also work?  Sacred Warden work well with Token playstyle, and Spirit Golem presents us with a value control card and potentionaly a win condition that work well with the class legendary. Spiritist is an interesting card, but there is not much else to support (havem't looked up your basic set) altough it is still a 4/5 that gives +2/+2 to a random friendly minion as a Deathrattle, which is perhaps too strong (as it could even be upgraded). I do not understand if unfinished business summon a 3/3 token, or a 3/3 version of the same minion.


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    posted a message on Custom Class Competition #8 -- Discussion Thread | Week Two
    Quote from McF4rtson >>
    Quote from Ardin427 >>

    I think the regular Formation is best.

     Thank you, I was leaning toward it as well.

    Before I manage to put all cards together I'd like to ask your opinion about Sky'ree mechanic as I am currently thorn between these two ways:

    Further Training - Nice and simple way to adapt her to your needs, my problem here is that the card might just be too strong and would limit my design options quite a bit. Also would render my basic card (Cooperative Strike - Gain +2 Attack this turn, give Sky'ree Rush) useless.

    Wepons - These would allow me to explore different playstyles and philosphies. She can learn some Spell Damage from a book in Dalaran for example... Also Weaponmaker would make sense there and would fulfill the mechanic challenge (Skelemancer, etc from Knight of the Frozen Throne).

    Thematicaly and flavorfuly I think both options fit well. I look forward to hear your ideas.



    Seems like a lot of pirates to me, but it is probably mandatory to make the Legendary feel worth it.

    Bucaneer and Navigator are fine, Bloodsail Raider should maybe come into play a little bit later or not target face as you also have Southsea Captain for burst damage on turn 3 and it seems a little too aggresive at first glance. Cannon Barrage was weak, but this also comes with a reasonable stated minion. Pirate Cove seems interesting and balanced unless you could build a big pirate deck, which even sounds fun by the way. I do not like Warhorse much but it is weaker than Thing from Bellow and Cabal Crystal Runner and also looks like an important Adventure Party (which seems fine to me even at 9 Mana, but I understand it is because of the challenge) and Bloodsail Raider deckpiece. Gambling seems like a cool buildaround, but if you play aggro go turn 2 a 1 drop, draw 5 - 7 1-Cost cards, might be too strong and with a good knowledge of meta decks you can also, quite consistently mill your opponent, not too sure what to do about it though. Pirate's Musket seems fine, and you should potentionaly think about showing What a Steal later as it currently does not work with any of the showcased card (should be good with at least 1 showcased card imo).


    You could remind us of a larva token, as I had to look it up, again:) and I have to say I am surprised with how many quality art have you found with this theme.

    Proliferation - Larvas on their own are pretty useless (I guess by the wording of your HP that the HP always buffs only one) but it is a 0 Cost spell and in an dedicated deck 3 larvas might be too much. On the other hand 2 Dormant turns could even be an advatage as you have time to gather and prepare your payoff cards.

    Gaze Unto Insanity - agree with 1 Mana, did not know Unto was a word...

    Arachnoid Matriarch - seems so slow as you wait 4 turns before you can attack and you also have to control a larva in a first place, so I would say it is balanced as a vanila stated minion.

    Qiraji Attendant - seems balanced and in line with class mechanic.

    Bulwark - I agree with a change - in its current form you do not want to play it for 4.

    Anubisath Emisssary - could work either way would have to see the tweaked numbers but this seems fine as it is.

    Scarab Swarm - seems on the more powerfull side, but still balanced. Consistent Spreading Plague with armor gain.

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    posted a message on Custom Class Competition #8 -- Discussion Thread | Week Two

    Alright, so I think i have come up with some interesting ideas (Formation is older, borrowed from my Turmoil in Ironforge set) and I am looking forward to hear your thoughs:

    Please note that the cards are just a way to showcase the Keyword not that they are a part of set, altough you could leave a  comment on them as well.

    1, Call

    Probably the worst of the three as it could easily be overused and having a initiate Keyword for just a few cards seems bad to me on second though. Still decided to include it.

    2, Formation

    The borrowed Keyword that I have a feeling fits with the class (Gooses also fly in formation, eh). Flying Puffer here will deal 2 damage to all enemy minions if played next to a Divine Shield minion. I am also interested if the Formation should also count - if you play a Formation minion next to another it triggers...

    (X) Formation

    Tinkering a little bit with the previous mechanic flavor. The upside is that it can also be used alongside tribes or Keywords the original minions do not have.

    WKitsune's Watcher

    Generaly agree with what others above said already.

    Patrol Construct needs an art change or at least a background added.

    Shield Wall Protector wording seems weird to me.

    Earthrager's Axe - Could detonate the spikes on Deathrattle for some damage as a kind of AoE, that also do want to destroy them and your opponent will not be stuck with a useless board. Could use a stat tweak in that case. 

    Omega Decimator - would try to leave Rush and the rest of the text on the same line, could look better, not sure (Haven't tried it), also should be Mana Crystals (not mana crystals).

    Eternal Protectors - Does not work with the theme of only one minion, also probably really weak at 8, could be better as a single target buff for 2 Mana, that would also make Endure better...

    Ammunae, Life Construct - simmilar problem as with Eternal Protectors, maybe it can power up one Construct. Something like: Battlecry: Summon a Guardian. Whenever this gains Armor the Guardian gets twice as much (idk, maybe just a payoff for giving minion Armor it should increase your hero survivability.)


     LivingOrganism's Katelyn the Blade - I like it, showcases the Keyword, while it also estabilishes a tribe/class connection. Your initiate set could probably use at least 3 other Pirates, then (not sure if your basic set had any).

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