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    posted a message on [19.0.2] Duels, Weekly Quests & Miscellaneous Bugs - Hotfix

    I've seen a lot of bugs in many games, but I think Hearthstone is a unique one when it comes to one thing:

    how come every bug that this game got has negative effect? not a single bug that has "positive effect"
    (edit: I guess that Living Roots becoming epic can be considered as a positive one, but the effect was still minor)

    its like:
    -oops, you got no daily quests
    -oops, no xp for you
    -oops, no rewads for you
    -oops, no free legendary for you
    (the ones I remember from past):
    -oops, the arena rewards didnt register
    -oops, the pity timer didnt worked for you
    -oops, you missed the heroic brawl, we replaced it now so no rewards for you
    -oops, some of the cards are missing
    -oops, some of your cardbacks are missing
    etc etc

    why there were no bugs that benefit the player?
    *Doubt intensifies*


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    posted a message on Half & Half is This Week's Tavern Brawl

    Ever had half-n-half with a brawl like me?*

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    posted a message on This Yogg freeze bug is so infuriating

    this exactly happened to me today. thankfully I acted fast and quickly restarted my game, so that my turn didnt get skipped.

    for now, thats my advice (: as soon as you notice the game is frozen, quickly restart.

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    posted a message on Blizzard's response to the whole system revamp

    I think that what made this situation worse is the fact that Blizzard LIED. They said there will be more rewards, more gold for most players but it is absolutely not, players now get like 2000 gold less per expansion period and that is a HUGE difference.

    I think they could've been honest about it. I understand that a company wants to make money. But, they don't have to ruin their reputation while doing so. They should've said something like: this is our new system, we are going to implement that. That's it. No need to lie about whether the system is more rewarding or not.

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    posted a message on Blizzard no brain strikes again.

    bruh, I dont even know why you wanna reach lvl 150 when the "normal" levels stops at 50. Trying to get maximum rewards is like winning 30 games daily in the old system so you could get daily 10*10 gold. I almost never reached that cap unless there is a tavern brawl that usually ends on turn 3 or 4.

    the real question should be "is this new system actually  more rewarding?"

    the reward track lasts until every NEXT expansion so one should calculate the average gold you can get  between expansions while considering 10 gold rewards too. So that you can make a true comparison.

    in fact Ima try to do that soon, and will update :)

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    posted a message on no more 80g quest...

    RIP 80g quest. RIP 80g trade thread. Starting from tomorrow, the system revamp will remove the best quest in the game.

    I hope they have implemented a similar quest in the new system as well.

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    posted a message on New Druid Rare Card Revealed - Fizzy Elemental

    this thing does not look like it deserves 10/10 stats but whatever...

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    posted a message on New Warlock Legendary Card Revealed - Tickatus

    in wild, with Brann this is crazy

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    posted a message on New Demon Hunter Common Card Revealed - Insatiable Felhound

    you guys remember back in the day Druid of the Flame being played because a 3 mana 2/5 was good stats?

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