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    posted a message on Hiding the top tier deck behind a big Paywall is actually good for a cardgame (long read)

    Honestly, even if they weren't remotely concerned with their bottom line, the system they have currently is still preferred for a lot of reasons. All sorts of scams, dubious trading, and trade harasses go out the window. It's already annoying enough to beat someone and then have them whine to you, it'd be even more so for them to start wanting to buy your cards and whatnot. ESPECIALLY if you're a new or younger player. Hearthstone is meant to be readable and accessible to anyone, and adding a trading market, though it's something I'm sure they considered, would have overall been a massive net loss, to everyone. 

    Practical upshot of their current system especially is that good ideas are open to everyone, especially after a few months of play, for a few minutes a day. That lets people explore, enjoy the best stuff, and learn to use it.

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    posted a message on Control Warrior WotOG
    Quote from MrMeatshake >>

    Dat Y'shaarj / Zerus antisynergy! :D

    Malkorok is really, really bad, right?

     A common misconception in any game (that hearthpwn is only helping prepetuate with the card voting system) is the idea that cards can be neatly classifiedas either good or bad. 
    Malkarok provides a weapon on a hard to play on mana point, along with providing a great body. He's effectively the shield maiden of proccing execute, and often has wonderful results. 

    On to the first point, even if Y'shaarj pulls out a really weak minion, he's still a ten ten with urgent as hell text. 
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    posted a message on [Top 50] Taunt Druid ft. Deathwing
    Quote from Fetas >>

    Why? Cant he go legend with it then open an acount on this site just to say ty dude?!

     Hmm... you have just 1 post too, I'm sure, you're also a real account. ;)
     Paranoid much? Most of our accounts were made to say thank you,and this is a sweet deck.
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    posted a message on Help me understand the nerfs?

    Even when you're exploring decks online, you should be actively considering which cards you want, especially after playing it a little. With the upcoming expansion especially, you'll be having and seeing a lot of new archetypes. The old decks are almost certainly not going to get updated, I'd recommend looking at the newer lists and just experimenting with what seems to work on your end. 

    Generally speaking, if a deck isn't summoning tokens, cut knife juggler. Force of Nature is now a body minion rather than a clear or combo piece, leper gnome is now more of a synergy card (is your deck going for really fast board or for face? Face shaman might still use it, face druid might not, and now it's absolutely not gonna be anywhere else). Don't look at Rogue until after the expac, all of their decks were based on flurry and that change was a long time coming. Avoid molten decks likewise, they'll be functioning very differently. Stuff like that. Try to get a thorough feeling for how all the cards are working together, and adjust with the changes. Lists as of the patch (hearthpwn sorts by patch) will be using the new versions of cards, so no worries there.

    Also, when there's a nerf, cards cost the same to disenchant as they cost to enchant, so a lot of the cards that got nerfed may be valuable disenchant targets, just don't touch them yet. 

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    Quote from Clife >>

    I don't care about Ya Sha Raaj effect I am just disappointed that there are no sha involved with him. This is the only thing that makes me angry and sad at the same time. Like hell I won't ever play this card just because blizz is truly raping the original world of warcraft lore...

     First of all, lol.

    Second of all, don't be so quick to be disappointed. Its not difficult to be upset at something. It's quite possible the Sha will also involve minions you'd want to bring out (or debuffs somehow related to Y'shaarj). Y'shaarj's final breath was to lay a curse on the land, and hear at the end of each turn he presents a massive threat. That's relatively in line. Big end, power. They also didn't make him a deathrattle minion, so you couldn't bring him back with N'Zoth.

    This is the first time we really get to toy with and play with the Old Gods, clearly unhindered. If anything, this is the kind of exploration of lore that is incredible welcome! 

    Everybody wants big, flashy, complicated effects for old gods, but that's not what we need. What we need is solid, intimidating, and dangerous. Can you imagine the kind of prepwork you need to do to prepare for a large minion-based deck bringing out Y'shaarj? How big of a looming threat N'zoth is? Hell, C'thun is the least impactful of the old gods, his cards are there to make him impactful.

    All in all, so far they're hitting the nail on the head. Look at this from an in game perspective, and from a stretch rather than a direct recital of lore we've already seen, and things start to look way better.
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    posted a message on Totem Shaman! (S24)

    Just put in a good lategame board card, or a burst card. Cairne, Sylvanas, Belcher, hammer or alakir, things of that nature.

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    posted a message on New Rogue Card - Undercity Huckster

    a 2-2 for 2 that generates card advantage. If mad scientist, peddler, and old novice (who was worse) are any indication, this card will be excellent


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    posted a message on The HS game Winston was watching



    The game he was watching had the exact configuration of cards and boardstate we see at 1:05, and then later is seen at 1:27, accurate down to the "I wonder" timing. Don't ask me why I recognized this on sight. Winston a big Day9 fan and wanted to see what he was doing at blizzcon maybe?

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    posted a message on Reno Jackson is OP. nerf?

    You beat reno by focusing on the board, not the health total. The decks that run reno are pretty easy to recognize, they tend to not have more than 3 draw, and they can't have every efficient removal card. They're actually pretty weak overall, but not playing around them properly will get you punished. 

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    posted a message on Unearthed Raptor still broken?

    Blizzard does read as many third party sites as they can find, they just don't unanonymously answer anything, which makes perfect sense.

    And yeah, this bug persists because its so hard to reproduce.

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    posted a message on 10 playable cards of LOE (in my opinion) that will be seen in constructed

    All of the cards listed are fairly playable, but there are even better cards in this expac. The fact that 10 very playable somewhat good by themselve cards somewhat buildaround cards can be listed from a 45 card set and people disagree this massively is really good for the set. 
    No personal opinions on the matter of which cards will be seen though, personally I just wanna wait for it to play out. 

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    posted a message on The League of Explorers - Hearthstone's Third Adventure - LAUNCHES THURSDAY!
    Quote from Empyrium77 >>

    Terrible. As if there isn't yet enough RNG. It just never ever ends, will it. Ever increasing RNG-on-RNG-on-RNG,. Perfetic. 
    But oh well, Blizzard knows about the needs of its extremely intelligent gamblers-base. Get your high while you can.
    Also, this is an indirect nerf to the flexibility unique to Druid class cards: the ability to adopt playstyle through choice.

     Did you just complain about rng in one breath, and then complain about increased choice in the other?
    Use of somewhat random effects does not reduce skill, especially not in the long term. It adds variety and shows how players handle different situations. This has been demonstrated repeatedly, and not recognizing that and not handling it properly isn't your fault.
    Also there is no 'gambling' in hearthstone. There's nothing you're trying to get besides maybe specific cards from packs, which people only buy in bulk with money. Any in game reward is purely in game, If you mean tournament play, any tournament player is in it for the long term, and also isn't paying to enter, so your point is entirely moot. 

    Skill is not in direct opposition to randomness. Learning to work with it is a part of the skill, and it will be deep consideration which of these new cards people will go with, as which random effects would be worthwhile over the long term. 

    Calm down. 

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    posted a message on Thoughts on r/Hearthstone, The Meta-Game and What We Can Do

    The decks are harder, sharper, and more decision based than they're given credit for. Sure, they're here because they're fast, but they're also fairly interesting decks. Interacting with subtle secret plays, choosing which 1-3 drop to play and in which order, setting up damage plays etc etc are all very difficult things to do, and plenty of slower decks continue to dominate during this time.

    The only problem is a community that despizes and doesn't play aggro control- one of the most essential parts of competitive and strategic play, nor do they learn to fight it. Face hunter not withstanding, these are all aggro control decks, and even face hunter is that to some extent.

    That and whining is just generally not productive. The priest path is certainly very reasonable, all the popular decks are vulnerable to it. 

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    posted a message on Eternal whiners are harming Hearthstone

    The only thing easy about the long term climb in HS is complaining about it. Short sited, needlessly frustrated, and vastly incorrect complaints are a common theme, and the various teams at blizzard have had a very tough time learning to deal with them, both from interpreting what exactly will calm and keep casuals, to trying to demonstrate to 'hardcore' players where depth actually lies, while also generating very polished content at a really consistent rate. 

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    posted a message on As a new player, how much money do I need to put in?

    It's much more a matter of time than money. Your collection grows very steadily, and if you're responsible with crafting and use arena/lots of gold from daily quests, your collection will build fast. There are many purely free tournament players and legend players, some of which who have started relatively recently. Don't be too worried about rank, play a lot, and enjoy yourself. 
    If you do invest any money, I suggest buying the adventures immediately. They provide very good cards and are much cheaper for money than for gold, though it's also reasonable to grind them out through gold play as well.

    Have fun!

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