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    Between this and the spellstone, they're begging us to bring back Malygos druid.

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    Create your own, make a second account to join it, done.

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    posted a message on Illegal new contract change by Blizzard
    Quote from henomar >>

    I've read since that Americans are entitled to a full refund any time the license is altered - regardless of any language in the agreement.

    Why do people think companies can get away with murder just because they say they can? Probably because in the U.S., and countries like Mexico, laws vs corporations haven't been enforced in a very long time; except in civil courts. They system is remarkably corrupt. The govt isn't interested in doing its job. But the civil courts still work some of the time if you're rich enough to afford 'em.

    This isn't an isolated legal issue, Steam offered no refunds for a long time, but the common law principle that goods must be suitable for the purpose they were sold for is spread out all over the west and goes back a long time; so refunds have to be available. It was Australia that finally took Steam/Valve to court over the lack of refunds.

    There is so much beknighted certainty in this world! Or at least in this forum. Nearly all of it thoroughly mistaken. Where do you get your certainty? Wouldn't you rather do some research and have knowledge?

    It's so remarkable to me how people think they can just make **** up, and it'll somehow turn out to be true. Everybody, or most people in at least one country, thinks they're Trump or Putin.

     (1) Whatever you read is wrong.
    (2) The states in the U.S. routinely enforce laws against corporation, typically through administrative agency action.  State attorneys general are also generally empowered to do so, and routinely do so.  Yes, in civil court.  Where else would it be done?  When you violate a civil law, you get sued in civil court.
    (3) The common law rule that goods must be suitable for the purpose they were sold is the implied warranty of merchantibility, which is lawfully waived in 100% of commercial contracts.
    (4) You are either an armchair Google lawyer or are two weeks into your first semester of law school.  Read back the "beknighted certainty" line when you graduate and wallow in your shame.
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    posted a message on New Warlock Card Revealed: Gnomeferatu

    If this said, "Destroys the card at the bottom of your deck," 99% of people would not care about it.

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    posted a message on Legendary Drop rate - Expansion Reveal timing, Dirty Capitalists & more.
    Quote from Rusery >>

    There are a ton of reasons why this game is popular, despite its aggressive monetary policy. When looking at Gwent, or ES:CG, it seems a little empty. I know all about the Witcher and Elder Scrolls franchise, its characters and monsters dating back to the originals, but its characters are mostly flavorless. 

    In HS i find the lightheartedness/comedy aspect very intriguing. They aren't trying to take it seriously, because its a digital card game. Pop culture references add even more to this. The last thing would be that WoW has a connection to a lot of these filthy millennials (me included), and its something we've gotten fond of over the years, even if we've long since stopped playing WoW, or any of its other games. 

    TL:DR - People spend money here because its highly familiar, fun, and easy to get into. 

     This.  I tried Elder Scrolls.  I tried Gwent.  The cards and game play are lifeless and dull.  It's just not fun.  It may be mechanically superior and better designed and flawlessly balanced and insert your plaudit of choice here, but if it's not fun, I don't care.  And neither of them have that elusive "fun" element.  The strength of Blizzard, since Warcraft: Humans and Orcs, has been their unique ability to take something basic and apply just enough "fun" torque to make it amazing.  How many RTS copycats have there been since WHO?  Tons.  How many were as fun?  Almost none.  Many were better designed, better balanced, had better graphics, more complex interactions, but they just weren't as FUN.
    Hearthstone is fun.  Even when some Shaman devolves my entire board twice, hexes my Tirion, hexes my Rag.  In that moment, I'm irate. But except for those few minutes, I had fun.  I can go on 15 game losing streaks and it's infuriating and I walk away and take a breath but I come back because it's fun.
    Gwent isn't fun.  It's boring.  It's a technician's game.  If you love that kind of play, you'll love Gwent.  If I wanted to play a technician's game, I'd just play chess.  That's just me.
    Elder Scrolls, I agree, is basically a Hearthstone clone that was given a soulectomy.  It's a hollow frame for a card game that lacks the personality and richness of Hearthstone.
    I put money into Hearthstone because I'm buying entertainment.  I'd rather spend $300/year on being entertained by Hearthstone than spend $0 to have a huge collection of cards in a game I find boring.  So here I stay.
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    posted a message on What do you feel when your opponent emotes Thanks after they win?
    Quote from SlickRick >>
    Quote from lmaobear >>

    I don't enjoy it, but I don't fall to his level either. Your behavior is just as childish as his.

     dude i can't control my anger when someone is acting like he is a god but he is just a lucky bastard.
     If you are older than about 6, this is a problem and you should seek therapy.
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    posted a message on Group therapy! Need to blow off steam? Mega salty? Here is the place!

    Since they announced double gold, I have been offered just one (1) non-40 gold quest.  Statistically, I should get a 40 gold quest in 1 out of every three.  I got 40/40 on Wed, then 50/40 Thu, then 40/40 Fri, then 40/40 Sat, then 40/40 Sun, then 40/40 Mon, then 40/40 today.  And worse of all, THREE TIMES I've gotten a quest like Meek where I can't just not play the class to avoid it.  Unbelievable.

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    posted a message on Group therapy! Need to blow off steam? Mega salty? Here is the place!
    Quote from Dr_Beardface >>
    Quote from lordballs1664 >>

    Oh your 27th ice block has stopped me winning again.... yaaay.

     There should be a limit to how many Ice Blocks can be generated by Babbling Book, Cabalist's Tome, etc. during one game.  I don't know how many times I've had lethal and been stalled by multiple ice blocks until I end up losing.  
     I played my Quest Mage the other day and got EIGHT Ice Blocks during the course of the game.  EIGHT.  Still lost.  But EIGHT.
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    posted a message on Rogue Quest Nerf Incoming! Un'Goro Q&A this Friday!

    In most QR games I play, I have a 5th bounce available anyway, and almost always playable on the same turn as the fourth.  

    I will boldly predict right now that this does not kill the deck and does not end the bitching.  Or rather, it doesn't kill the deck where it is played now, which is almost exclusively in ranks 16-20, because QR is not competitive outside the bottom half of the ladder.  


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    posted a message on Rogue Quest Nerf Incoming! Un'Goro Q&A this Friday!

    A nerf (or lack of one) is not validation of anybody's opinion.  Blizzard didn't like the quest as it was because it was effectively preventing an entire deck archetype of deck from competing.  Not because it wasn't balanced as it was.

    For the record, I felt the quest condition was fine - it was the reward that was unbalanced, and not because 5/5 is too much; because it was not subject to most removal in the game.

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