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    Well this new meta is weird and apparently engineered so that no matter what, I never draw a card I need when I need it.

    Today's games:

    Game #1 - Taunt Warrior (me) vs. Shudder Shaman - autoquit.  

    Game #2 - Taunt Warrior vs. Taunt Warrior.  He has Sulfuron by turn 4.  I can't draw a taunt to save my life.  I'm scraping by on 4 armor per turn and topdecking into the handful of rush clears I have.  On turn 9, I've drawn *ONE* taunt minion.  Finally draw 3-mana taunt echo, play them all.  Brawl clear.  Top deck the other one, play them all, brawl clear.  Top deck the 5/11 taunt creeper. He silences it.  Top deck the other 5/11 taunt creeper.  HE SILENCES IT AGAIN.  Jesus Christ who runs two silences in TAUNT warrior!?!?!?  I finally establish a board but his Sulfuron goes face, face, face, and I'm dead.

    Game #3 - Switch to Rush warrior vs. Tess Rogue.  Fox gives him brawl.  Load the board, brawl.  Load the board again, plays Tess, brawl clears everything except her AND he shadowsteps her back.  Trying to play around Tess, load 2 minions, brawl, AGAIN leaves Tess.  BREWMASTER HER BACK.  WHO THE FUCK RUNS BREWMASTER!?  Conceed.

    Game #4 - Tess Rogue vs. Control Hunter.  Opening hand:  Tess, Vilespine, Leeroy.  Mulligan all of it.  Draw Vilespine, Saronite, Saronite.  Hang into the game until I have 6 cards left.  At this point I STILL HAVE NOT DRAWN TESS although I have played Minstrel *THREE* TIMES.  Finally draw Tess, play her, he top decks a kill command and wipes me out.

    Game #5 - Tess Rogue vs. Taunt Warrior.  Same story.  Hang in until I have less than 10 cards left.  Still have not drawn Tess.  I have played a total of 9 games with Tess since launch, and I have played her in a total of TWO games.  I have only DRAWN her in about 4.  And these games go LONG.  Jesus.

    Game #6 - Dude Pally vs. Shudderwock Shaman.  Short version: load the board, volcano.  Load the board, volcano.  Load the board, lightning storm.  Load the board, lightning storm.  Load the board, saronite/saronite/random taunt total.  Clear his shit out, Shudderwock.  I just walked away.  I don't have the 45 minutes to spare.



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    posted a message on Three New Card Reveals - Mossy Horror & More

    The body structure of the Woodchip looks like Hobbes from the Calvin and Hobbes.

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    posted a message on New Mage Legendary Card Reveal - Toki

    Love the concept.  Thought of this myself but I assumed Blizzard would never go for it.

    But it's poorly implemented.  Better idea:

    (1) Use Discovery mechanic

    (2) Make it a neutral minion

    (2) The "cards from the past" are defined as any non-beta card that was changed in any way after initial release.  You would have the option of being given the original version prior to the nerf/buff (mostly nerfs).  E.g., original Warsong Commander, etc.  In Standard, you'd still only get Standard cards.  In Wild, anything.  This would be a slick way to let people re-play some of those old decks but it wouldn't be unbalanced.

    Examples of what you could draw:

    3 mana Hex

    Blackrock Mountain version of Warsong Commander

    Original +1/+1 Undertaker

    3/2 Knife Juggler

    2/1 Leper Gnome

    2 mana Ironbeak Owl

    Old Force of Nature!

    There's been a lot of changes, so it's not like you can count on getting old Warsong Commander even with discover.


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    posted a message on Is ranked actually fun for you? (Standard or Wild)

    I have fun when I'm either meming or climbing.  If I'm just playing to finish quests, not so much.

    For climbing, I pick whichever class I want to play, and just try to play X number of games per day.  Doesn't matter if I win or lose, just play the game as best I can.  If I can squeeze in 3-5 ranked games per day over the month this way, I usually end up in the 11-13 range, sometimes as low as 10.  We'll see if that holds up with the new ladder formats.

    For meming, I make off-meta decks that I never see anybody play and try them.  I usually do this once I hit 15.  Last month I played a mill shaman that won about 40%.  This month I'm playing a totem shaman that I think might actually be a legit deck.  I need to tweak it some more but I've had some really good luck with it, using cards I've never once see anybody else play.  I advanced from 15 to 14 with it (only to fall back again), and it's really fun to play because nobody know WTF to expect.  I get a lot of "well playeds" and people friending me after to ask for the deck list.  

    What's NOT fun is just trying to get quests done where I just need to win games.  Then winning DOES matter and losing is frustrating.  I usually finish those in casual mode, but doing them on ladder is miserable.


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    posted a message on Mathematical PROOF that Standard Ladder is Rigged


    Quote from hsaddict >>

     How about people here explain why does blizzard have a patent  for matchmaking to encourage people to puchase packs, where is the proof that they are not using it? i have not seen the proof, blizzard simply saying they are not using it is not enough prove, its not illegal for them to lie about it and anyone with a half working brain can understand that they wouldn't admit to it, i want real proof.

    Proof that it exists:

     As it happens, I am a patent attorney.  I'm frankly surprised Blizzard got that patent through.  Alice vs. CLS Bank and its progeny have largely killed off this kind of patent.  In any case, as the claims are written, I don't think they could implement this in Hearthstone. They could do something similar, but the existence of this patent alone doesn't mean much.  Companies routinely pursue patents that never see commercial embodiment, especially big companies.
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    posted a message on The Year of the Raven is Coming to Hearthstone - Ice Block, Molten Giant, Coldlight Oracle to be Hall of Famed


    Is it the year of capital cities?

    Expansion #1 - Darnassus?

    Expansion #2 - Exodar?

    Expansion #3 - Darkspear?

    These themes uncannily resemble some prior card backs.  Exodar is a reach.  But the first one looks like the Darnassus card back from a few years ago and has a general nature theme + new druid hero.  Maybe it'll be a druid/hunter-themed set?  The third one screams trolls, also resembles the Darkspear card back, and trolls haven't gotten much love yet.  Middle one .... hrm.   Sticking with Exodar.

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    Quote from Ch3eks >>

    Rank 15 & each player is only trying to cube lock his voidlord or is a priest with a poster of duskbreaker over his bed, Honestly the game is down to two types of people.  Questions for the try hards playing these hearthpwn decks,  is it awkward playing an opponent  with the same deck as you every other game?  or are these one trick decks that fun to play? 

    But seriously Duskbreaker should hit face & carnivores cube should negate death rattle upon consumption or carry over buffs so other classes can play the card.  I understand agro was an issue for players that wanted to bash face late game for 32 damage after not playing a card for 7 turns but we didn't need to break the game to deal with it. 

     Edit: Spelling 

     I started playing Cube Lock a few days ago, having no idea it was a popular deck.  I just needed a Warlock deck for a quest, so I went to HSReplay  to find the Warlock deck with the highest win percentage so I could bang out 5 Warlock wins.  The top 20-30 decks were all Zoolock, which is boring, so I kept scrolling until I found something called "Cube Lock."  Having no clue what it was, I picked it and went about 5-5 with it, but I finished my quest.
    I found it incredibly difficult and frustrating to play, with huge swings that can win games at the last minute, but also draws that leave you just hitting End Turn repeatedly with nothing to do.  That said, it was fun and had lots of cool and weird combinations, so I made it my main deck for January.  Now that I've learned how to play it, I'm around 25-15 with it, which isn't awesome but not bad either, especially considering that I'm hardly an elite player.
    I rarely see other Cube Warlocks.  I've maybe run into 2 or 3 others.  Most of what I see are Summoner priests, Kelesath rogues, secret mage or jade druid here and there, and about 8,000,000 aggro Paladins.  Probably 1/3 of all decks I play against are aggro Paladin.  Rank range is 16-17.
    Then I saw the Hearthpwn article the other day about Cube Lock and I realized this was actually a deck people were playing a lot of, which I thought was weird since I've never once gone up against it until the last few days, when I randomly found it.  Now it's cancer already.
    That didn't take long.
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    posted a message on What's on Your Hearthstone Wishlist for 2018?

    1.  A reason to play a Hero past 500 wins, such as a new portrait unlocked at 1000 wins.

    2. A reward when you get 500 wins on all 9 Heroes.

    3. A reward for doing Dungeon Runs.  They are fun but without some kind of reward (beyond a card back) I feel like I'm wasting time doing them.  Note that they do count towards the 7 wins for Total Domination, which is good.  But something else is needed.  E.g., free pack if you beat the final boss, or a free arena entry, or SOMETHING.

    4. Only two 135-card expansions next year.

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    posted a message on Why all complain about priest?

    I find Priest to be very not fun to play against.  It takes little skill to win with. It takes equally little skill to beat it.  With some deck styles you can play smartly and play around things but with priest, it's got a Quest Rogue feel to it.  Pretty non-interactive.  They just keep clearing the board until they can play their win condition.  There's no real set up for it.  Draw Raza.  Draw Kaza.  Win or not.

    I'd rather play weird decks that require more thought and skill.  Not that I'm a skilled player - far from it.  My best rank ever was rank 10, I rarely advance past 15.  I don't even try to.  But I get more fun out of losing games where I had to think a lot than I do out of crap like Aggro Druid. 

    I'm the same way with other games.  I play a lot of Civ 6.  I'm not particularly good at it, but I enjoy the intellectual challenge of it.  Same with Hearthstone.  Decks that make it hard to enjoy the game are frustrating.  Razakas priest is one of those.  Frankly, so is Big Priest.  Mostly just a matter of getting the right draws at the right time.  Very hard to beat if not.  That's just not fun.  Not fun to play the deck, not fun to play against the deck.


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    posted a message on Whoes not wasting 50 bucks on KaC?

    I not only wasted the $50, I'll probably waste another $50, plus the 5000 gold I'll have saved up by then.  Can't wait!

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