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    Don't think so.  Sylvanas would be a great counter.  I think she left for the reasons they gave.  I can't see them removing a card from Standard entirely just so they can introduce ONE card with a new mechanic.

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    I think we're going to see some replacement cards for key 1- and 2-drops that are moving to wild, but more focus on 4- and later drops to reduce the amount of aggro and decisive early-game meta.

    For example, I fully expect a 1-drop Shaman replacement for Trogg.  Probably a 1/3 card that gains +1 attack whenever you play an elemental, something like that.  Ditto the 2-drop spot to replace Totem Golem.  I'd like to see SOME kind of replacement totem.  We haven't had a new totem since Grand Tournament.  

    I also am still waiting for chain lightning.  It's a great anti-paladin/anti-Divine Shield concept.  But, they already revealed Volcano, which will probably be Shaman's only removal control card.

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    We've seen, what, 5 or 6 cards?  Out of 130?  Less than 5% of the set, and everybody has already adjudged it a failure?

    It's like getting to the second paragraph of the opening crawl for Star Wars and shouting, "What is this crap?  I wanted a MOVIE not a BOOK TO READ."

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    Quote from kasper376 >>

    These comments: I'm 12 and cringe at everything 

    I thought it was pretty good. Not great, but not cringe material.

    You can tell how old people are by how they react:
    Ages 10 and below: "Cool!"
    Ages 10-15: WTF!Z0r I am not little kid (#%*)!#%( Bliz Y U suk, cehck out the new hilarious insult I heard in study hall today, which I am going to repeat 800 times a day.
    Ages 16-18: Whatevs.  Call me when they reveal cards.
    Ages 18-22: I will now spend the next 48 days analyzing every last detail of this hastily assembled set piece to find unintended hidden messages revealing the cards we will all learn about in 3 days anyway.
    Ages 22 and up (employed):  That was weird.  Can't wait for Friday, though.
    Ages 22 and up (unemployed): See Ages 10-15.
    Prediction: Somebody will take offense at my age groupings because they are well over 28 years old, gainfully employed, and still hated this crap.
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    Ya'll need to relax.  You're taking this video entirely too literally.  It's meant to have the look and feel of kids' nature programming, where the actors are unnecessarily animated and overly cheery even while animals rip each other to shreds in the background, so as not to terrify the kids.

    Blizzard is not literally saying you are little boys and girls.  

    This has been Blizzard's style and sense of humor from the beginning.  It's cheeky and silly.  This isn't one of their better efforts, but ya'll are at peak overreaction.

    And if you think they are jacking up card prices to pay for ... well, this, then you have no idea how little this cost to throw together compared to the cost of the electricity Blizzard's servers consume every 5 minutes.

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    Quote from Horkinger >>
    Quote from Maukiepaukie >>
    Quote from MEGAnoscoper >>

    Jade idol does not need nerf, and we have proven it people

     You know that just because a card needs to be nerfed, doesn't mean it's overpowered?
     Maybe not. On the other hand, why should a balanced card get nerfed?
    The #1 reason would because it's not fun or its crippling the design space.  Neither Rag nor Sylvanis are overpowered, neither is Azure Drake.  Neither are any of the cards being retired.  Rockbiter Weapon wasn't overpowered at 1.  There are plenty of ways that balanced cards can cause problems if your design goal is avoiding OTK combos, unless you REALLY have to cripple your deck somehow to make them happen (Aviana C'Thun is a good example of a difficult combo that, if you can pull it off, you deserve the OTK - it's so hard to do, if my opponent manages to do it, I always let them play it out, it's actually fun to watch - although I did once survive a 4-C'thun attack with by Fatigue C'Thun warrior .... lost the next turn though - but fun!  All that armor tinking off ... tink tink tink tink).
    The fundamental problem with Hearthstone is the mana system.  Since you don't have to (and indeed can't) design a deck around play throughput, you just max out the efficiency you can squeeze out of each round.  This means the only design check against aggro decks dominating the meta is prospective counterdesign.  But Blizzard hasn't really chosen to do that with the last 3 expansions, for whatever reason.  I suspect Mammoth will change that.
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    Quote from Kill_Dash_Nine >>

    Everyone just chill out. Maybe the new expansion will have anti-jade cards or cards to counter it. 

     That has not traditionally been Blizzard's style.  Each deck set is pretty comparmentalized.  There isn't much Inspire outside of TGT.  There weren't any C'Thun cards in Mean Streets.  I doubt there'll be any Jade cards in Un'goro.  They've done very little with Mechs since Gnomes and Goblins.
    If they try to counter it, I would expect it to be done indirectly.  The few cards they have revealed are control cards.  We've only seen one two-drop I think?  The Mage legendary, which seems like more of a tempo card.  A huge amount of 2 drops in the game are going to rotate to Wild.  I'm guessing Blizzard isn't to replace them with much and instead put in more 4 drops and later, choking off early game combos so it's hard to draw into an unbeatable early lead.
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    Jade Idol is indeed insanely overpowered ... at fatigue.  If your deck depends on fatigue, you might lose to Jade Idol.  However, that's a pretty unusual circumstance.  I've got a Fatigue Warrior and a Fatigue Priest that I run, and I've beaten Jade Druid with both.  More often than not, in fact.  Because that deck is slow.  If Jade Druid gets perfect draw, it's almost unbeatable.  But that's like 1 in 10 games, and most people are going to roll you if you get the perfect draw.

    My win rate vs Jade Druid is well over 50% and I am NOT a good player.  I don't like how Jade Idol is designed.  I would have made it a like a "Gang Up" card - play it on a jade and add 3 copies of "Summon a Jade Golem" to your deck.  And I don't really like how the Jade mechanic works in general (it just encourages YET MORE AGGRO....) but it's beatable.  

    I find the pirate warrior meta for more obnoxious.  I've had games where I've taken 8 taken damage before my second turn.  That's ridiculous.

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    Ok well that's better than I expected.  I've run a million simulations and while I don't have all variables accounted for, it's producing anywhere from 25 to 57 extra packs per year, with 42.5 being average.  It also depends on whether you're willing to exchange play-a-friends to turn the 80 into 160.  If not, the average drops to around 35 extra packs.

    I'll see if I can't get a basic web site functional.

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    So I notice a lot of Hearthstone players (non-competitive, non-tournament players) just do each daily quest as it comes in.  Maybe mulligan a crappy one, but mostly just do whatever they get each day. Or, if the quests build up, mulligan the crappy one and do the rest.

    Obviously this isn't the most efficient way to do quests.  You are better off saving up and strategically mulliganing each day.  If you play the odds right, the lowest gold quest you should ever complete is 60 gold (maybe 50 once in a great while if your luck is bad).  

    So I wrote a little program to simulate a year's worth of quests and calculated how much gold you make per quest normally, and then also simulating the use of a very simple min/max mulliganing strategy.  The difference works out to almost exactly 40 extra packs over the course of a year, just from using smart mulliganing strategies.  With additional tweaking, it could go higher.

    So, here's my question.  If I put together a really basic web site where you just pick which quests you have and it tells you what to do (Mulligan #1, Complete #2, Avoid #3), would you use it?  What if it also kept track of how much extra gold you made?  So far I've netted an extra 420 gold since Un'goro was officially announced.  Any other features that would be cool?

    Obviously, the mulliganing strategy isn't mathematically complicated and you could easily just do it on your own, but so many people don't, and when I try to tell to people how to do it and how easy it is, they just shrug and say it doesn't give you any extra gold and it's not worth the hassle.  However, 40 extra packs is a lot and those are exactly the kinds of players who could use them.  Obviously this is mostly directed at casual, F2P players.  The thing is, I'm not sure how many of them would bother with something like this.

    Anyway... vote and share your thoughts below.

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    Battletag:  Archaelicos#1432

    Region: N.A.

    Trade only: Yes, you go first.


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    Trade only - you go first.



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    People get beat by bad combos and freak out.  Here's my tale of ridiculous OTKs, from this morning.

    Standard ladder, rank 13.  Playing a Reno dragon priest.  It's past turn 10.  My opponent is running C'thun druid.

    I have 2xYsera, two Emerald Drakes, a twilight whelp, and a Twilight guardian.  So there's 12 + 12 + 6 + 6 + 6 + 3 = 45 hit points on the board.  I'm at full life plus 10 armor.  So I've got 40 + 45 on the board.  A one-turn C'thun kill has to do 85 damage.

    Here's her play:

    (1) Aviana (9 mana) - makes all minions 1 mana

    (2) Kun the Forgotten King (restore all 10 mana crystals)

    (3) Bran Bronzebeard (for 1 mana, 9 left)

    (4) Twilight Oracle (for 1 mana, draws 4 cards, 8 mana left)

    (5) C'thun's Chosen (for 1 mana, moves C'thun to 16/16, 7 mana left)

    (6) Dark Arakkoa (for 1 mana, moves C'thun to 19/19, 6 mana left)

    (7) C'thun (unloads 19 mana via battlecry ... twice due to Bran, 5 mana left - wipes out my Whelp and Guardian)

    (8) Brewmaster (puts C'thun back in hand, 4 mana left)

    (9) C'thun (unloads 19 mana via battlecry ... again, twice due to Bran, finishes off my board except 1 Ysera and leaves me with less than 10 hit points, 3 mana left)

    (11) Brewmaster (puts C'thun back in hand, 2 mana left)

    (12) C'thun (unloads 19 mana via battlecry .. only once, because that's all it took to finish me off)


    I had played a flawless game, loaded the board up, there is literally nothing else I could possibly do to prevent that loss.  She had like an 8-card combo and got the draw to pull it off.  

     It's like having a full house in poker and getting beat by quads.  It's gonna happen eventually, but you can't play around it.  You're going to lose the 1 out of 50 games where your opponent flops quads.  You just are.  And if you try to play around it, you'll lose the other 49 times when she doesn't.



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    I built a weapon deck based on this mechanic.  It was so-so, I need to tweak it more.  

    The finisher is:

    Play Sir Finley at some point to get Hunter (ideal) or Mage hero power.  Druid claw also helps.

    Hit opponent with Arcane Shot (2 mana), play charged hammer (4 mana), hit face, play jade claws (2) mana, use new hero power to hit face (2 mana).  

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    Operation: while on the board, you can't use mana to play cards; you have to "spend" armor.  No armor, can't play anything.  E.g., have 12 armor, play Frothing Berzerker, now you have 9 armor.

    [EDIT TO CLARIFY:] Text as written is ambiguous, but intent is YOUR cards cost Armor.  Not opponent's.

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