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    posted a message on BIG N'Zoth Druid!

    Still actual after balance patch?

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    posted a message on Rinling's Rifle

    Visual Question. What do you thing - is it worth to craft golden version of this legendary? (i know, "craft any golden legendary" can be unwise - but this is question about one particular golden card).

    I mean. Animation of card itself is really good. It should look good with Old Gods card back. But... image of equipped weapon in game. Isn't it too small? Would it be any visual difference between simple and golden weapon ingame?

    Can't find any video of this golden weapon ingame:).

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    posted a message on Malygos Warlock (Darkmoon) [Month 1]

    So, Deck of Chaos is here only for Mali and Valdris?

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    posted a message on LEGEND - Veilbatross Priest

    Any way to include Catrina Muerte? If this is possible, what's better to replace with her?

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    posted a message on Res vs Gala priest

    You know what I am talking about:), not play AGAINST res priest. Why people told that he is worse and not so strong as gala priest.

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    posted a message on Silence Priest Bronze 10 to Legend 2167, 62% win rate

    Viable without Octosari? Some monthes ago got golden version of this... disenchated, 'cause I thought that it was most useless card ever printed.

    And it would be little strange to craft it after that (and if this is really win condition... I will feel myself really, really strange xD)

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    posted a message on Res vs Gala priest

    Many people told me that only galacrond priest is strong today, and res priest is too weak. But when I tested both decks (got all cards for both), galacrond priest showed himself to be really terrible. Zero wr against demon hunters and token druids. Low winrate generally. And not much joy even when I was winning.
    Res+quest priest (Vargoth, Catrina, etc) was much more effective - for me - against opponents, and gave me much more fun.
    Of course, maybe I just can’t play gala priest, idk, but I tried to learn it from “guides and streams”, result is still bad.

    So, why so many people are hating res priest today?

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    posted a message on Innkeeper is NOT SYNCING Collection

     04.06.2020 Innkeeper downloaded AN UPDATE (version 0.4.40 now). But still no syncs. Somebody knows - SOMETHING had ben changed?! Would it work or still no?

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