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    posted a message on What are your thoughts on the 'soul fragments' mechanic?

    all these c'thun, jades, galakrond-type cards/themes are just damn boring to play. just the same forced gameplay mechanic over and over again is...well, lame to say the least.

    it could literally be unbeatable, i still wouldn't have any interest in ever playing it after a couple tries and being bored out of my mind with it.

    but grats if you find success with it i guess

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    posted a message on Save the Date: Hearthstone Fall Reveal, Coming October 22!

    i really wish the new game mode is an 8 player real time draft, tournamenty-ish format

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    posted a message on Golden Tyrande animation looks wrong after update

    hmm it definitely seems really odd and like a graphical glitch with tyrande

    also the training dummy on the grand tournament mode is entirely black for some reason

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    posted a message on Faire Minded - What Do You Want From The Darkmoon Faire?

    everything else but the damn old gods again, but that won't happen unfortunately...

    i just wish they do a real lighthearted approach of the faire, just some goofy fun times

    besides all that, it is by far the most exciting expansion theme for me and i've been waiting for it to show up for years :)

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    posted a message on All tables full?

    yup same here, queue time about 2,5 hours, recently it jumped to about 80mins

    no idea whats going on here...

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    posted a message on Admiral Proudmoore is unbalanced

    only guy i lost to twice in a row but the luck of the draw in the 3rd game was super easy

    at least i enjoyed this one much more than jainas, blerrrggh

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    posted a message on The Pepper Thread - Share your good vibes!

    winning because of opponent's confusion is just hilarious. my opponent was a galakrond shaman. i always had enough answers to keep the board clear to 1 or 2 minions with pretty low attack while at the same time never developing any threat to him whatsoever, minion wise. turn 8-ish onwards i always left 6 to 8 mana unused per turn, basically just playing small removal spells or draw, but never developed minions. i assume all my opponent had was reactionary cards that would have nothing to attack or respond to at all. he also must have thought "what in gods name is this guy keeping in his hand all this time?". his respond time became longer and longer per turn, while i just played a removal or hero power and passed my turn over straight away. a couple turns later he just quit the game :)

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    posted a message on Hearthstone feeling stale

    it's been feeling stale everytime since frozen throne and it's done so faster every expansion after that. stuff just gets figured out 2 weeks in maximum and is stale for 3 months after that until the next expansion comes out. then it's maybe a month of fun again and stale the rest, repeat ad nauseam

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    posted a message on Does anyone else refuse to play Demon Hunter?

    i'm just pretending that this 'class' doesn't exist, probably didn't play it since the first month of outland

    don't see it played anymore either, it like vanished from ladder which is great. the game didn't need that thing anyway

    seems to me like everyone just got bored and annoyed with it, not complaining :)

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    posted a message on Group therapy! Need to blow off steam? Mega salty? Here is the place! V2

    i honestly thought weve found the hardest material in the world, you know...diamonds

    buuuuut NOPE.... it's actually an avocado... from trader joe's


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    posted a message on 18.0.3 Server Hotfix - Nozdormu Can No Longer Be Summoned From Dream Portals

    they can't even stop timer when handling animations in the first place

    true masters, just artificially remove a card instead

    shameful display

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    posted a message on Did dual class cards work?

    they're fine certainly, but pretty unnecessary. could've easily been neutral cards or class-specific

    but further than that they're contraproductive to actiblizz's 'philosophy', class identity and all that junk, really doesn't help matters

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    posted a message on Any alternatives for innkeeper?

    brain's memory

    ever thought of that?

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    posted a message on another 2500 gold is bullcap

    not entirely sure if 2 more heroes make any real difference, if players are willing to not buy 25 packs worth instead of that, sure go ahead

    "waste of money" wouldn't be far off, not to mention the time factor involved. in the time you maaaybe win 1 battleground you could play about 5 normal games. #justsayin

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    posted a message on Free vectus!

    it clearly says "from your minions", plural!

    sure they could be redundant and add "from different deathrattle minions" to that, but it should be clear as is


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