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    posted a message on Card Reveal - Jepetto Joybuzz

    Cool card, but kind of hard to use I think - You would have to either run very few minions or you would have to run shuffle cards for this to be good for combo's.

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    posted a message on Druid Reveal - Crystal Stag & Crystal Power

    Crystal Stag is nutty if you can play it on curve in a Midrange/Tempo/Aggro deck, the question is: Is it possible to build a deck that let's you do that without the rest of the deck being hot garbo? 
    Currently I would say that it's probably not possible, but there's still lots of cards to come.  :P 

    Crystal Power may be a okay situational card for the Mecha'Chun Druid deck that runs 2x Auctioneer (although that deck loses the Annaconda so may be slightly less good), and will most likely be put into Malygos Druid if that is still playable after the rotation. - Outside of that I don't see it being used a lot though. 

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    posted a message on Which Is Your Favorite Hero Card? [POLL]

    Malfurion the Pestilent sitting at 0% makes me chuckle a little bit.  :P 

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    posted a message on Why do you play hearthstone?

    Both? Can't you enjoy playing a game at a competitve level? 

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    posted a message on Upcoming Hearthstone Balance Changes - Wild Growth, Nourish, Level Up!, Saronite Chain Gang, Leeching Poison

    Pretty incredible that Hunter Spellstone completely dodged the nerf hammer. 

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    posted a message on My name is eps0r, i stream Hearthstone and sometimes a Spider sits on my head

    1. You should say that you only stream in German as the first thing in your post, otherwise you're just wasting a bunch of people time. 

    2. Doesn't this go in under self-advertising? I'm not sure you're actually allowed to post this here without getting permission by a mod.  :P 

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    posted a message on Why is there no REPORT PLAYER system in place for ropers?

    Because otherwise every time you win you would be reported because 90% of the players in this game get salty from losing. 

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    posted a message on When Rogue Will Get A Broken Card?

    Rogue was broken, it's just a long time ago now so people seem to have forgotten it. 
    Edwin literally used to have stealth in a format with less good removal and where the majority of things were targeted. 
    Conceal used to be 0 mana. 
    Backstap used to just deal 2 damage to a minion without the requirement of it being undamaged. 
    Shiv used to be one mana for the same effect. 
    Defias Ringleader used to be a 2/3 which meant if you had this with coin on 1 you basically won the game. 
    Auctioneer used to cost 5. (now it's not a Rogue card but it may as well have been) 
    Vilespine is insane. 
    Tomb Pillager was also very good (perhaps not broken, but not far from being it) 

    Hell, even Rogue's Hero Power used to be broken. 

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    posted a message on What's worse? Aggro or OTK?

    Honestly I don't think that any of them feel bad to play against, if I had to chose one it would probably be aggro.

    Also why aren't Midrange and Control in the pool? A bit biased or what? 

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    posted a message on Your best tip to a ladder climber

    If you're bouncing between 15 and 20, then it's either because you're playing some really weird shite - Or because you don't quite understand the basic's of the game well enough. Therefore I would recomend that you play something that's not too hard to learn how to use (Hunter, ZooLock and EvenLock are the first ones that come to mind) 
    Once you have chosen a deck that you wanna play and get good at, don't swap to another one. Just keep grinding and grinding and grinding with the same deck even if you end up getting some unlucky loss-spree's at times. 
    Also you will need a deck tracker, it's pretty much essential to playing the game unless you're at a point where you can memorize which cards you have left. 

    I'm not sure which server you're on, but if you want I can add you and try to give some more in-debth help since it's not always clear what the problem actually is.    :P  

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