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    Bad deck, doesn't suit this brawl, time waster.

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    Stupid bad deck. Can't play Barnes on turn4, it's too slow.

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    This card can be as easily played around.

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    At least it wouldn't happen this year. Standard needs to settle first.

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    posted a message on Petition to un-ban murk-eye and captain's parrot
    Quote from Tze >>

    While I felt the same way that it sucks seeing some of the hidden quest rewards get removed (I honestly wish they would add more, they're cool!), the correlation is really just that they're trying to make it so that new players don't accidentally end up with cards they can't use in Standard. Since they both require you to collect a tribal from Classic, players just buying Classic packs would pretty easily end up with either of these cards and then have two cards that aren't usable in a game mode Blizzard wasn't intending them to really have brought to the forefront of their attention until their second year of playing.

    Love it or hate it, it's at least consistent with their approach to Wild so far; keeping the game boiled down to the cards you can use in the pool that's least punishing to new players until they've had time to really get a good grasp of the game. 

     That makes sense.
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    posted a message on Petition to un-ban murk-eye and captain's parrot

    It's fine for me to see the cards kicked into Wild. I just don't understand why the way to get rewarded the cards should be removed. There doesn't have to be a correlation.

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    A really bad deck.

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    posted a message on [S23] Cursed's top 40 Reno Paladin w/ guide

    It happend to me for 3 times in my 20+ games with the deck, that a Dead Reno killed me.

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    - Ironbark Protector, Trueheart, Grove Tender, Healing Touch

    +Nourish, Azure Drake, MC Tech, Vendor(Earthring)

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    posted a message on Stop complaining about cards and be real
    Quote from Frostraven >
    Low health is bad... but... the interesting part of the discussion is not how high attack minions become useless with low health, because that answer is simple: They just die.
     I like it how you excuse it for just being uninteresting when being pointed out of the fallacy. 
    Quote from Frostraven >>
    The question is:
    HOW much more health would Oasis Snapjaw and Mogu'shan Warden need to see play over Sen'jin Shieldmasta and Chillwind Yeti in the 4 cost slots -- combos aside?
     I failed to see how this question is more interesting. This question has little application since vanilla HS is not competitive. If you buff Oasis Snapjaw or Mogu'shan Warden, they would always shine brighter in combos, because that's a strength of unevenly distributed stats. 
    And by putting the question in this way, you also ignored the significant additional value of the health of sustaining creature with effects. 
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    You reminded me that I haven't tried a face warrior since Sir Finley came out.

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    posted a message on Cards that need to be buffed

    Among your designs, Questing Adventurer is not bad.

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    posted a message on The Base Set is not good
    Quote from IEatAnimals >>

    Now is the time. They're already reworking it with nerfs. There's no reason to keep your core set the same if you can easily improve it.

     Would it be too late to deal with the "core" set after TGT rotate out?
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    posted a message on Blizzard does itself a disservice by removing an entire set
    Quote from MalakyEx >>
    Quote from Chialike >>

    What I gather from following this thread is that most of the commentors have no idea how to make a fun card game, let alone a balanced one.

    But why do you insist on acting like Wild isnt going to be a thing? and saying they wont balance it? The opposite has been stated.

     Once they get past 12 most people realize that what PR marketers say doesn't matter at all. Facts, actions and previous history does.
     Stop taking your biased assumptions as facts.
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    Quote from achan1058 >>

     I do not want your version of "balance". Even if we are to assume that it is actually "balanced" (which it isn't, as it nerfs aggro too much), it isn't fun. It will kill the game faster than whatever Team 5 can ever come up with. Both Wizards and Blizzard know that they have to push the envelope so there will be exciting cards. Inevitably, a few cards get pushed way too far. Still, that is preferable compared to the sterile lifelessness of your proposition.

    An aside about Dr. Boom and him being overbudget: How would you have know it is OP before hand? Most pros back then didn't think so, and in fact compared him rather unfavourably to Troggzor.

     You should quote the comment you were responding to.
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