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    posted a message on The Dalaran Heist - Adventure Launches May 16

    I wouldn't say 'now'. Rakanishu has been around in HS since K&C. He's King Togwaggle's 'candle'.

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    posted a message on Who are the Hench clan?

    I think they're just HAgatha's crew or something

    Hench Clan Thug was released during Witchwood and all other Hench Clan minions seem to be related to the Hagatha side of of things

     I'm not sure they're directly associated with Hagatha. If nothing else, Hench-Clan Burglar is a Kobold and much more likely to be affiliated with Togwaggle.

    Instead I think it is just a group, or clan, happy to be hired out as henchmen, and that is exactly what the League of EVIL has done: hired them.

    It is notable the clan is a diverse group of the half-intelligent races: murlocs, gnolls, kobolds and quilboars (so far). I'm not sure if much can be inferred from that but I find it interesting.

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    posted a message on Stealth nerf to multiclass cards and their interaction with Tess/Underbelly

    If I recall correctly, the Jade Lotus tri-class cards did not count as from another class when they first came out. This was obvious enough because Lotus Agents were a natural fit in the early burgle decks. As a result I was surprised when one day they counted as non-rogue class cards, which was never announced by the devs.

    So I would argue the bug was actually that they were ever counted as non-rogue cards in the first place, but it was not until Vendetta and Underbelly Fence that is was important to fix it.

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    posted a message on How different would the game be, if so many people just didn't netdeck?
    Quote from Juxtapose90 >>

    Problem is not net decking, problem is that most of the cards are trash, filler cards that wont ever be played and serve no purpose. So people will just use good cards and eventually everyone will be playing same deck...

     Wherever people stand on net-decking, this fallacy inflates the issue. Aside from a few outliers in either direction, the line between a 'good card' and a 'trash card' is extremely narrow. As Reno decks have shown in the past, there's an awful lot of cards that don't get played but are actually quite good. That doesn't even touch upon how opinions change with synergies available even when the 'trash' cards have not changed at all (e.g. all of VanishStonetusk Boar and Gadgetzan Ferryman rose from trash to powerful in the blink on an eye when Un'Goro was released).

    The people who climb to rank 5 or legend each month, sure, they are clearly concerned with optimising performance and are liable to net-deck. But the majority of players don't do that. They chill out at lower ranks and still net-deck, where they could maintain a perfectly respectable win rate if they recognised that 'trash' cards are still perfectly playable.

    There is a connected discussion about F2P players and whether they have the freedom to do this. With epics and legendaries it can be tricky for them, but I imagine they have a whole bunch of playable commons and rares (and a few of higher rarities) that they won't touch because they are falsely perceived as 'trash'.

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    posted a message on Whizbang decks so bad
    Quote from Revento >>

    Warrior: Simple dragon deck,Barista Lynchen and Proud Defender are the only RoS cards.

                    Second deck is rush warrior, I expected to see bomb synergy deck for Blastmaster Boom -_-

    Rogue: Tess Greymane decks always funny but where are lackey synergy of rogue? no EVIL Miscreant or Heistbaron Togwaggle

                  See "Cursed Crew" please. Its totally pirate warrior without RoS cards except Hench-Clan Burglar -_-

    Sorry for bad English, I'm lazy and tired ^^ In a mage deck we can see both Khadgar and Kalecgos I think many other classes lack of new cards.

     It is telling that both Boom and Togwaggle decks are missing, and I think the answer there will come in the form of the Zayle, Shadow Cloak card which we know will be a Whizbang-like card with 5 decks. My best guess is these will be decks themed around the 5 EVIL villains, so that is where the Boom and Togwaggle decks turn up. Becasue of this they probably made a conscious decision not to push those cards in the normal deck recipes.

    The reason other villains appeared in deck recipes (namely Rafaam and Lazul) would simply be that they are not really build around cards in quite the same way, and they are therefore easier to slot into any old deck.

    Coming to the decks that use very few new cards, e.g. the pirate rogue: keep in mind the two recipes for each class are usually split so one is based on the latest expansion, and the other is based on the previous expansion. So typically one of the decks doesn't use much that's new.

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    posted a message on What creates (or enables) a negative community?
    Quote from thazud >>

    I have redirected people to the salt thread lots of times. Most of the nerf threads is reduced to: "Fuck this broken hard. I hate it because it's so OP." No discussion, no arguments, it's just salt.

    If people spend just a few minutes to setup an actual discussion, consider their arguments and things like that then they'll get their discussion (most of the time).

    What you give is what you get.

     There are other good responses above but I wanted to highlight this one, partly out of curiosity for how other people post comments.

    Over half the time I think "Yeah, I'll reply to X with Y", I start writing my response, refine it a bit, then decide that what I had to say isn't nearly as helpful as I first thought and abandon the comment altogether. A recent example was with the Witch's Brew discussion thread where I had collected together all the asinine comments about "Why doesn't it have echo" and was about to make a scathing remark about people needlessly repeating each other, then thought better of it since it would have achieved nothing but yet another argument in a thread that was meant to be about how good a card is, not Blizzard's design philosophy.

    Since I always* back out of posting anything insulting, I don't invite any aggressive comments back at me. So yeah, negativity spawns negativity, and we can all be active in reducing it by not joining in.

    *at least I hope its always. I cannot guarantee someone won't misinterpret me.

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    posted a message on Final Rise of Shadows Card Reveal Stream - Live Updates!

    First you are going to have to define 'old feeling'. How old? Classic old? Old Gods old? Anything pre-DKs?

    For a while the feeling was a whole lot of frustration at Dr. Boom. We might very well get that feeling back again.

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    posted a message on Rise of Shadows Patch - Full Notes, Free Card Backs, Free Archmage Vargoth, Shadow Bundle

    That's not a bug. Genn doesn't change your hero power, just its cost. So if you don't have a golden hero power to begin with, of course Genn won't make it golden.

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    posted a message on Crafting Golden RoS Legendaries
    Quote from FortyDust >>

    I see your point. I never really thought about these things because crafting golden legendaries is such a foreign concept to me. I'd much rather have a full collection, even if I'm never going to use some of the cards.

     The two schools of thought are equally valid. At a mechanical level having 2 cards instead of 1 is obviously better, but the value of a card to a given player increases with both how much it is played and whether it is golden or not. Some people allocate zero value to a card being golden. For others it can easily outweigh owning another card they have no interest in.

    Personally I place huge value on rogue legendaries and strong burgle cards, so I'll be crafting all of Heistbaron TogwaggleTak NozwhiskerUnderbelly FenceVendetta and Hench-Clan Burglar golden (unless I open golden copies of the rares and commons). But I'd never craft anything golden from another class.

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    posted a message on Dr. Boom's Scheme should have been this...

    This looks like a blend of Rafaam and Hagatha's schemes. Yes it has a few synergies that would distinguish it from them but it is probably too similar.

    I too suspect Boom's scheme got changed at the eleventh hour, but it is possible it is overcosted because of major synergy further down the line. After all, some cards have been called dreadful during their own expansion but been important parts of the meta later on (e.g. Leeching Poison), so I am always reluctant to write off cards until they rotate out.

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    posted a message on New Rogue Weapon - Waggle Pick
    Quote from user-100208614 >>

    It happened Guys an epic rogue weapon that does not suck 

     Spectral Cutlass doesn't suck...

    Anyway, I like that they're continuing to make rogue weapons with deathrattle. You often won't want to with a 4 attack one but it opens up some interesting decisions with the hero power.

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    posted a message on What about Zayle?

    I think Zayle is a 'promo' legendary so the usual rules don't necessarily apply. I'm pretty sure no one will be able to play it until the solo content arrives, so whether it is part of the set in the usual sense is debatable.

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    posted a message on Two New Cards - Barista Lynchen & Exotic Mountseller

    I think it only copies the battlecry minions on the board

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    posted a message on New Rogue Card - Underbelly Fence
    Quote from DRIZZT1982 >>
    Quote from Zenai10 >>

    Can we talk about this art. Wtf is this pose. Where is her waist? 

     Yeah. I don't understand the image.

    No waist... and her legs?

     She's 'down on one knee' (for want of a better way to describe it). Her left leg is easy to follow just to the right of the bag, while her right leg is lined up so we can only see the part below the knee. You might find it easier to visualise if you compare it to the art for Aranasi Broodmother, whose pose is fairly similar.

    This pose is always a bit tricky to draw clearly, especially with the cartoon-ish style already messing with proportions.

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    posted a message on New Rogue Card - Underbelly Fence

    I guess there's 4(=2x2) pirates that would satisfy the condition so maybe. People run Keleseth enough for me not to dismiss the average power of that sort of high-roll strategy, so I expect if it ever does get OP it will be in that sort of deck. How 'OP' that would be in the context of wild though I'm not sure.

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