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    posted a message on Is the last fight before legend rigged?

    This is either a low sample size or an example of confirmation bias. I have not noticed such a phenomenon in my 54 successful legend runs. Last fights have not been harder or easier than others.

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    posted a message on Yeah baby, aggro is dead with 40 hp

    Aggro is absolutely not dead. Renathal is not that good and definitely overplayed.

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    posted a message on Prince Renathal games too long?
    Quote from Baba_Jagga >>

    Thats good thing. if games are long, that means they are interesting and both players had their chance to win.

    That doesn't mean games are interesting for both players. It means that deck whose goal in a matchup was to survive long enough succeeded.
    If a game was short, it was "interesting" for a faster deck's pilot, if it was long, it was "interesting" for a slower deck's pilot.

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    posted a message on Y'Shaarj finally says his own name
    Quote from sheweek >>
    Quote from AndreiLux >>

    In Russian localization the card named И'Шарадж (Ih-Shah-raj), something in the middle of both variants. I think it would be less confusing for everyone if it was spelt Y'Sharaj (or even Ya'Sharaj) instead of Y'Shaarj.

     the only thing I care regarding russian localization is when it will localize itself out of Ukraine..

    I said nothing related to Russia as a country at all, I said how Blizzard localized name "Y'Shaarj" to another language. It makes absolutely no sense to connect Blizzard's Russian localization of a children's card game to the actions of Russian government. Not every Russian speaker is a Russian government's supporter.

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    posted a message on Only a creative Community can create an interesting Game

    Hearthstone doing a good job (well, better than 7 years ago) in terms of diversity of decks (not in the current Aggro DH/CW meta maybe, but on average), but not feels as creative. Why? You're blame netdecking, but it was here forever. In my opinion the problem is that the meta is more and more handcrafted by devs, so you always have a clear direction where your deck should go from build-around cards even if you are building an off-meta deck from scratch. Quests, tribe decks, spell decks, all of them became limited by a couple of tech choices pretty quickly.
    Most of the people enjoy actual gameplay, not a deck building part, and don't want to waste 3-4 days to refine something homebrewed. Is it a bad thing? I think it's only a bad thing if you want to be a creative deckbuilder and insist that others for some reason should do the same to begin with. I would rather waste 3-4 hours to make 3-4 perfect builds of 3-4 top meta decks and play. For me it's a sport, not a creativity contest, so all I want is the highest winrate possible. If I want more fun and variety, I would still not invent more archetypes, I would make 15-18 best builds with every class represented and make a "competition" between them by playing normally and removing the worst performing decks after each round (did it several times, very interesting, but also very time-consuming).
    If I use an off-meta deck for a legend climb, I use it because I feel it's potentially the highest winrate choice for me. Holy paladin is almost off-meta deck by now, treated as a worse CW, and I climbed with a slightly tweaked build of it to the legend this month. Was it to express my creativity? No, it was because it beats DH and I felt comfortable enough in CW matchup, so it was the most suitable for the pocket meta I faced. If there were more Mech decks, I would just go DH.
    8-2 run of your Unicorn Priest is not enough to say that the deck beats DH, Warrior, Hunter, Druid and all the mechs. Even if you actually found a hidden gem here and will get #1 legend with it, it will just become a meta deck very soon. You can't beat the hive mind as a part of it, you can only exploit it for a limited amount of time. 
    TL;DR: Everyone does what they think is fun for them, if deckbuilding isn't a part of it, netdecking is a rational choice.

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    posted a message on 23.2.1 Patch Notes - New Arena Balance Method and Balance Changes & Bugfixes

    I'm glad that they are paying attention to the Arena, and announced changes are welcomed, but this is very worrying:

    Long term, we want build-around cards and synergy decks to be viable strategies, but we need an Arena environment designed to support that goal.

    I will never get tired of repeating: the more synergies in the Arena, the worse it is for the Arena. This is the only mode where there are not so many synergies, it's one of its biggest benefits, and yet they try to feed us with synergies again. Can't we leave at least one mode where there are few synergies? Some players (crazy ones, I know) like to see yetis on board eating spider tanks, not a worsened version of constructed, like Duels.

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    posted a message on Just a Hallucination is This Week's Tavern Brawl

    People are roping because they don't have enough time? Let's give them even less time!

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    posted a message on Your favorite video game designer of all time

    Sid Meier

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    posted a message on Legend ranking system
    Quote from Andrei2007 >>

    The only difference it makes is on the road to legend. Sure, getting there early is an advantage, but if you need the star bonus to get to legend, maybe you don't deserve the 11x...

    He clearly doesn't need the 11х bonus just to get to the legend as he is capable of doing it without it in a week. It's a matter of time management. It's important for players who don't climb a lot inside the legend, as it allows to play other modes more. I'm not always have 11x bonus and still hit legend regardless, but I obviously have to play less BGs or Arena in months when I only have 10х bonus.

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    posted a message on Returning player needs advice

    > Is getting gold much harder nowadays?
    No, there is more gold, but it is positioned on the reward track the way you will get most of it in the end, so at the start it looks like less gold.

    > Did the game become even more P2W than it was?
    No, and it never was. In terms of being F2P it became worse. There are more nerfs, so there are more decks used, so you need more dust now to keep up.

    > Is there any point in buying anything other than the last 3 expansions, assuming I'm only interested in playing Standard?

    > So I understand that the expansions released in 2020 (Outland -> Darkmoon) will still be available till the end of the year?
    No. After the first expansion of 2022 rotation will happen and 2020 expansions would be removed from Standard.

    > Are there any "universal" Legendaries worth to craft that can be used by multiple classes?
    No, there are some good neutral legendaries, like Mr. Smite, but nothing at the Boom's level of number of decks interested in it.

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