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    posted a message on And just like that...the duels run was over...

    I am so sorry to everyone playing Duels.

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    -Sidekick +Soulbreaker for Rogue purposes

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    posted a message on Old version of Battlegrounds

    I feel the same, I liked old BGs more too, despite some problems corrected by now. I liked how few patterns you had to remember and how low power level was. At some point (probably when quests were introduced) the amount of information and APM required to be competitive became overwhelming, so it was time for me to move on. Blizzard's decision to lock extra slots from F2P players helped a lot. Now I mostly come back only to complete tribe daily quests.

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    posted a message on Has Hearthstone already passed the test of time? What do you think?

    Obviously. By far the most enjoyable Blizzard's game, breathed life into one of my favorite genres, has been around for a long time already. The best F2P game I have ever played.

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    posted a message on Death Knight currently 64% winrate in Arena LOL

    It will not rise to 70% because of mirrors. It's already 63%, and probably will stay in low 60's, which is still unprecedented and completely ridiculous, and if we exclude mirrors, it would be more than 70% for sure, 80% maybe.

    Quote from Bengalaas >>

    Day 1 stats are as useful as the gum at the bottom of your shoe.

    Only in ranked. You can't actively counter anything in arena, meta will not develop that much. Initial stats cannot make even 5% shift without devs intervention. Right now it's 1 OP class, 1 strong class, rest in dumpster. It never was like that, even after DH launch it wasn't nearly as bad, despite DH being oppressive.

    Quote from Scorpyon >>

     As anyone who has been part of a new meta before, especially with a whole new class, will likely tell you, this sort of thing is completely normal, and agonising over stats on the very first day of a new expansion is about as useful as a chocolate teapot.
    Give it some time to settle, and if it's still that way in a few week's time when things have settled, then it will likely get looked at by Blizzard.

    You look at this from constructed perspective. It's not the same as when some archetype in ranked enjoying itself with 70% winrate beating bad decks on day 1. There is not much to settle. If some class is higher than 55% in arena, it is already too strong, if class is at 45%, it's already very bad. Devs usually try to keep classes in 53%-47% range, with some classes fall lower. If class is below 40%, it should never be picked. Well, this changed for now, since there are 4 classes below that mark at this point so they can't be completely avoided. 63% is unseen levels of broken, it means that even the best players in the game, leaderboard levels of good, will not be favored against average player if they not being offered DK or Paladin and average player got DK. Paladin is broken too btw, but DK is so oppressive that Paladin looks like a normal top class by winrate.

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    posted a message on Immune minions.

    It's just not a great choice of the name of the mechanic. Should be named "unreachable", "unattainable" or something like that. I think immune was chosen over those because of most common use of it, immune while attacking, where it fits perfectly and describes permanent divine shield part of the mechanic, but permanent stealth part of the mechanic is missing.

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    posted a message on Grandmasters 2022 Last Call - Playoffs - Results & Decklists!

    nt Levik

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    posted a message on Battlegrounds Season 2: Coming August 30th!

    If something that directly affects players winrate (2 Hero Slots) is unlocked by something you can't earn in-game, you can't call this mode free to play. The difference between pay to win and pay to win faster is huge, and that's pay to win. They totally deserve the outrage they are getting this time.

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    posted a message on Hearthstone is 2022

    Wow, this time you managed to write as many as four paragraphs before mentioning that the game is "rigged". Impressive.
    Calling intentionally lowering your MMR in order to act like the douchiest of bags against worse/less experienced players "getting a good RNG" and something "the game is designed for" is not that impressive. I suppose being the douchiest of bags is not something anyone should be proud of in general.
    Friendly reminder: with the new in-game report system you may actually finally be done with constructed hearthstone one day and we will see a colorful tantrum here about how you got banned by evil Blizzard for expressing your wonderful personality, because, you know, worse players tend to take these things to heart more often and will probably send a lot of reports.

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    posted a message on Is the last fight before legend rigged?
    Quote from 3nnu1 >>

     Most people aren't stupid enough to put that kind of money into hearthstone, Blizzard has your money, the algorithim is pointed at people who don't have all the cards. 

    I'm F2P, I've never put any money into the game. Obviously, I don't have all the cards. I'm not a genius and make enough mistakes when I play. Can you explain how it became possible for me to get to legend 55 times?

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