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    Resurrect Priest

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    Quote from DonyHP >>

     they should just make arena f2p and remove the rewards. people who play arena a lot dont care that much about rewards

     They shouldn't. Arena is the only way to build decent collection for f2p players.

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    Preparation and The Coin

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    Well, Shtan dominates every game mode of HS for years, especially Arena.

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    Quote from BallsMassive >>

    Its possible since  arena uses buckets to control power card levels. Therefore a player could access to a more powerful bucket of random cards?

    All arena bucket system did was matching cards with the same power level at every pick in drafting phase, so you got 3 good, 3 normal or 3 bad cards at once, not 1 good, 1 normal, 1 bad or 1 good, 2 bad. It didn't decrease odds to get 30 bad picks or 30 good picks. Also arena don't have a bucket system anymore. There are "micro" adjustments for the offering odds, but once again, this helps to achieve class balance, not 50% winrate for every player. 

    What really made winrates in constructed closer to 50% is the new ranked system, so players are matched together not by rank, but by MMR. It's absolutely not about a random odds.

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    You don't care about the value with this deck. You need the ability to quickly generate many spells because you try to win early, not to outvalue your opponents. For example, on turn 5 you should have 5-6 spells already and you can generate 2 or 3 more, lets say 1 is unplayable, it's at least 14 damage, you have a board, your spells did something, that's pretty solid position to finish the game next turn. Also since you hard mulligan for Flamewaker, it would be hard to have a board on turns 1-3 consistently without enough 1-drops. Mana Wyrm and Mana Addict can do a lot of damage if left unchecked. This is not really the most extreme curve for this brawl, one of my opponents had at least 6 0-drops. If you want to run Chenvaala in this deck, you'd better cut Questing Adventurer rather than 1-drop.

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    Quote from jetsxz >>

    Please elaborate, is it due to the current meta/ lesser no. of stars required? Or is it the quality of opponents?

    It's way easier to climb for everybody mostly because of number of stars. 15 stars is the same as a climb from rank 5 to rank 2 with old system. For example, I naturally climbed to rank 2 on my NA account multiple times by just completing daily quests.

    The quality of opponents is not a big deal for players who would be in legend anyway, maybe opponents are actually slightly stronger, but it's way less significant since climb is much shorter and they will not meet top players during the climb. For players who would normally stuck at rank 4-5 it changed a lot since they play against opponents of equal MMR now, not equal rank. It doesn't look like somebody lost anything because of this changes. I was around 2400 place when I hit legend in the middle of last month and this month it was the same, so I was not hurt by increasing amount of legend players at all.

    Meta is not important in this case, the only impact meta have is that the faster the meta, the faster everyone will climb.

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    Soundtrack for this brawl:

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    Reno killed me on turn 1 with Lei and two Evocations. I thought it's scripted scene or something and was really surprised when turns out it's not. 

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    Quote from theeshyguy2000 >>

    Literally any priest deck.

    I generally agree, but Dragon Priest back in the day was an exception in my opinion. It was very strong but playstyle was fine.

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