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    posted a message on Voyage to the Sunken City Mini Set: Throne of Tides - Launches 1st of June
    Quote from CmonManHandsUp >>

    coilfang constrictor may be good enough to be played vs quest hunter and delay tavish to be played

     I haven't seen a quest hunter in ages.

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    posted a message on Bargain Orc - New custom card

    One of the traps of creating cards is to put too much text on it, to make it stand out, or have it create 5 different cards or some ridiculous jack-of-all trades bs.  As for your card, it's a bit contradictory to what it's meant to do. If you are being rushed down, you don't want to take extra damage. If you don't face an aggressive opponent, then it's a 4 mana 7/7 I guess. Not bad, but not impactful enough for wild.

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    posted a message on Heroic Brawliseum is This Week's Tavern Brawl
    Quote from KairosFPS >>

    Like an idiot I decided to give this Heroic Brawl a try. Even though the cost of entry is too high, I figured if I could get three or four wins then the gold would be decently spent. I constructed my best F2P deck and gave it a go. Mech Paladin, Mech Paladin, Murloc Warlock. A humbling 0-3. I should have known better than to assume F2P can do anything of significance in this pay-to-win game. There's 1000 gold I'm never getting back. :/ Please learn from my mistake and skip this Tavern Brawl.

     Yeah I feel you, cost is too high and rewards are not worth it for a majority of the players. You need 5 wins to break even, ridiculous. However, you only need one perfected deck to play in it. So if you use your homebrew instead of any tier 1 deck, it's your fault a bit too.

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    posted a message on Mega stupid rewards

    455 gold profit from an almost perfect run (only lost game 1). Sure, there is variance and low ends, but I think you still go infinite from 7+ wins. And you only need 3 wins to break even. It's always kinda been like that.

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    posted a message on The State Of The Entire Game is Awful

    Two types of people 

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    posted a message on If you are developer and you know some one of developers

    I am not a developer, but I know one. Going to let them know there's something wrong with Paladin. Thank you for the feedback.

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    posted a message on Really guys... [Meta discussion]

    Playing fair cards was never intended for such a game. Sure, you can play a 1/3 on 1, 2/3 on 2, 3/4 on 3, 4/5 on 4, but is that the game you really want to play? It's not called Vanillastone.

    Yes, cheating mana is a bit annoying, but there are classes that don't cheat mana and still do well:

    Pirate Warrior, Handbuff Paladin, even Burn Shaman is playable to some extent. And the point of decks is to find synergies that push the capabilities of a deck to the extreme.

    Sure, the argument can be made that some cards are so powerful, that decks are pretty much pre-determined and have no room for innovation other than 3-5 cards. But that's how every meta evolves eventually, people fine tune decks to a point that there is nothing left to optimise.

    But it's still better than figuring out how to trade a board of shitters into another board of shitters. I know people like to believe that they will outwit their opponent through efficient trades, but that is not the case once you hit diamond. People know how to trade by then, it's a very basic thing to learn. I pretty much prefer knowing your opponent's deck, and playing smartly around an upcoming blowout turn for them. Tavish questline reward coming down? Make sure you stick a board to prevent it from being played without any punish. Big discounted mech turn coming up? Make sure you save that board clear. Facing control warrior? Make sure you make it as awkward for them as possible to remove your threats, or hold a lot of cards for an OTK burst.

    There are much more interesting plays and interactions than "do I trade my 1/3 in the 1/1 or in the 2/1?" And thank the devs we have variety in terms of class playability.

    6 classes over 50% winrate. Not bad.

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    posted a message on Face Hunter in all forms needs to go.

    A lot of things wrong in one single thread. Let me open my dismantling box.

    Somehow, in standard, there is always a tier 1 Face Hunter deck. 
    Every meta.

    False. Hunter has suffered during many various expansions, and there is no face hunter deck in the first 4 tiers, according to Diamond+Legend HSreplay data. That means if there is face hunter, it has about 1 in 3 winrate. Which means most people won't play this deck, which means that most likely you lost to two of them and decided to make a thread about it.

    And if there isn't, there will be once balance changes hit and clear the way for hunter to go unchecked.

    This is also false. There is no evidence in past balance changes to suggest the devs are doing their best to make way for face hunter to be tier 1.

    Blizz clearly has a favorite class and it's the "our spells have no drawbacks, our hero power has no drawback, and everything that should counter us doesn't" hunter.

    I will give you the benefit of the doubt that you are either new to the game, uninformed, or lacking understanding in what "face hunter" means. Face hunter is a rush/aggro/beatdown deck (pick your nomenclature), focused on killing you fast with efficient, overwhelming early game plays and a finishing burst by turns 5-7. 

    You probably complain about quest hunter here, which indeed is a top performing archetype sitting at the top of tier 2. It's not a face deck, and there are ways to play around their spells with "no drawbacks". That deck has very few minions and if you try to overwhelm the board, they will have to focus all their burn into removing your board. Of course, a lot of decks have problems sticking a board into them. But playing passively is also a surefire way to lose. If you face a lot of Quest Hunters, try changing into a deck that has better matchup into it. Midrange decks with divine shield? Aggressive decks that outdamage the hunter? There are ways to beat it and if you don't know how, play it yourself and discover what you lose to.

    I'm sick of it.
    I've always been sick of it.

    Yes this belongs in the salt thread. Fuck off.

     An idea thrown around a lot, but if you don't enjoy the meta, who forces you to play? You can either completely give up on caring about your rank and insta concede to every hunter you see, you can stomach it and try to find solutions instead of crying about problems.

    This could have been a thread asking for ways or ideas to beat hunter. But it's venting, and yes it belongs to the salt thread. Need a link?

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    posted a message on Control Curse Lock vs Quest hunter = Bad Time

    It's a control killer deck. Of course it will do poorly against combo. Even without the quest procs, it probably still loses to the burn.

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    posted a message on Kazakusan nerf unhealthy for Hearthstone

    Oof, ratiod hard by the first reply. Goes to show you are the one in the wrong. Kazakusan was a big problem in druid way before most of the cards you mentioned even existed. A deck of treasures always beats a deck of non-treasures. And yeah, druids will just have to add 2 amalgams to their deck. That's all. Makes the deck a bit worse, but not by a huge margin.

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    posted a message on absolutely PSYCHOTIC Cariel Comeback
    Quote from BroF1sT >>

    How is Paly even a thing now without Libram stuff ?

    I tried a bunch decks, Mechs are ok but still inferior to current Tier 1 decks. Control Paly w/o Libram can't be any good.

     It's quite effective against aggro, quest hunter, and it beats all priests apparently.

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    posted a message on absolutely PSYCHOTIC Cariel Comeback
    Quote from Joe84 >>

    Without the Viper it is really really hard against Control Paladin.
    Weapon removal is quite good so consider the Viper. That Card is also tradeable.

    Mr. Smite (that supid card) is their finisher but it takes alot of time to build their smite. 

    Also consider they have likely to two Boardclears (equality) sometimes a buffed Samuro

    After that you are free to use Taunts to protect against Smite.

    Control Pala is a reaally good deck its also a test for your own Deck.

     don't think it mattered here.

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    posted a message on Group therapy! Need to blow off steam? Mega salty? Here is the place! V2
    Quote from GratefulDeaddo >>

    Who the hell thought that quest hunter with raza reward is great. It is a lot easier to accomplish and gives you insane value. I just got a hunter complete his quest by turn 4, dropping tavish in turn 5 and killing me in two turns.

    Most likely he was abusing a glitch with the new hunter spell that can activate two quest steps at once under specific circumstances.

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    posted a message on Group therapy! Need to blow off steam? Mega salty? Here is the place! V2

    Duels is cancer at the moment, but so are the people who emote the entire game.

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    posted a message on Question about a core card
    Quote from NewBorn >>

    What I "HOPE" they do is give a way to earn them or pull them from packs. At least at the moment, these card do see any play and none of them are Legendaries. I still haven't brought myself to craft them (except Commons to test out).


    I wish you could get Legacy Cards free, but like the Promo cards from the past (ETC, Gelbin Mekkatorque) I don't think they will do that.

    They should be openable (they might be) in Wild Packs, but never in standard packs.

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