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    The Nymph

    Hero Power and Upgraded Hero Power


    (Click here for a Phase Two recap - Basic and first half of Spring set)

    Sprint Set - Second half

    The second half of the Spring set focuses on pushing two main deck archetypes: Midrange Spell Damage and Disruption Control.

    Midrange Spell Damage builds upon the basic and previous first half of the set. The support cards for the archetype are now, more or less, all here. The cards of three sets should allow the Nymph to build a powerful midrange deck that focuses on creating strong boards using Spell Damage minions by activating synergic cards while clearing the opponent's board with Razorpetals, ending the game with strong burst turns planned beforehand by stocking up on Razorpetals.

    Disruption Control debuts in the second half of the Spring set and is based around the idea of creating a control deck centered around disrupting your opponent's plans. Disruption decks aim to clear enemy threats using very strong removal cards while also shuffling Razorpetals into your opponent's deck. By not allowing the enemy player to find their key cards, Nymphs buy precious time to play their big minions and close out the game. Nymphs will also be able to disrupt the enemy in different ways in the future. The key card that sets off this archetype is the legendary Prima, Spring Queen that allows you to stock up on Razorpetals and then fill your opponent's deck with them, turning them into dead draws.

    Thematically, this second part of the set is based around roses, thorns, spikes, plants.

    Showcased Cards



    Complete second half of the Spring Set

    --- Minions ---

    --- Spells ---

    --- Weapon ---


    The Witchwood

    If I make it to the final week, The Witchwood set for the Nymph will feature support cards for two main deck archetypes:

    Disruption Control will be expanded upon by adding new cards that change the way both you and your opponent interact with card draws and cards in hand. They will also have new ways to actually close out a game.

    Empty Handed Burn will also be expanded upon by adding some new support cards that encourage an aggro / burn playstyle based around trying to empty your hand as fast as possible to utilize powerful Bloom (0) effects.

     Thanks for reading this far and supporting the Nymph up until now. I hope to see you again next week. Good luck to everyone!

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    Alright, I think I'm in a place where I can call myself satisfied with the second half of the set.

    It changed quite drastically since the first iteration so I'll post it again. Feedback is appreciated but unless it's something you think is super broken or there is a wording problem, I think this is the set I'm going to submit.

    Proposed card highlights: River Dragonfish, Withering Wave, Prima, Spring Queen

    Spring Set - Part II:

    --- Minions ---

    --- Spells ---

    --- Weapon ---

    Final thoughts:

    Living Rose is actually quite easy to proc - Bloom (5) means you can play her and activate its effect on turn one if you're going second and on the second turn if you are going first (provided you Hero Power on turn one).

    While Jadebark Staff, Living Rose and Prima, Spring Queen are a bit underwhelming on their own but my WW set will be mainly focused around that archetype and a previous one. New Vine Lash is decent even by itself.

    Removal cards are busted because the class has neither healing nor armor gain of any kind. But I'm considering the idea of giving them a strong stall card similar to Time Out!.

    @Klipce - Agree with McF4rtson, Primordial Wing is more than fine at 6

    @McF4rtson - Most of the art I'm using comes from ArtStation.

    There are a few cards taken from other card games (Most spells from MTG, the living plants with Bloom for the most part from HEX, one of my basic cards and a bunch of cards I have planned for Witchwood use Legends of Runeterra art).

    Some Hearthstone art used in adventures (Floral Slash, Riverbound Cleaver, Hero Powers and Hero Portrait).
    Some cards are more unusual, like Prima being a concept for a fan-made Elderwood Lissandra skin (LoL).

    Had actually no idea my "Staff" (which I knew was a spike) was from another card game. Don't remember exactly how I found that art. Sometimes looking up concepts on google images using name fantasy art works but only if you are desperate, as the art you'll find is usually low quality.

    The reason I have a ton of relevant art for the cards I'm making is because I've looked for it before actually making the Nymph. I absolutely did not want to find myself in the situation where I had to give up on a card idea because I didn't have the card art for it. So, before starting, I looked up a bunch of stuff on ArtStation and MTG Art based on the ideas I had for some classes and in the end made the one I had the most art for.

    If there's some particular art you were curious about just tell me and I'll try my best to tell you where I found it, I usually remember where I found particular art but no promises here >.>

    A bit about the process behind coming up with the Nymph if anyone is interested:

    I wanted to participate in the contest with my take on the Sea Witch class but then decided against it (despite finding a bunch of good art for it) because you had already won with it too recently and, most importantly, because I couldn't find enough art for spells. I had a ton of art for awesome minions but couldn't find decent looking spells for the life of me. Also wasn't really too sure about my keyword so I shelved it for the time being.

    Then I thought, oh, let's make a Tinkerer class! Here, I struggled a bit with finding relevant art as well, especially for spells (if you think about it, it makes sense: most people make fan art of characters they like, not random spells). Also didn't want to just slap Mechs everywhere as I think the community is quite sick of them for the time being. Thankfully I decided not to do it, or me and SideItem would be throwing hands by now :D

    The new two ideas I had in mind where pretty solid in my opinion: Occultist and Herald. I even had cool themes and a strong keyword for them both but in the end I couldn't find enough art (minions and otherwise) to make them a reality.

    Lastly, I came up with the idea of having an evil side of nature, so I've looked into Nightmare Druids etc. and came up with a new small story to justify the existence of Nymphs in a world in which the control of nature is already covered by Druids.

    Not sure if anyone cares about this but I thought I'd share as this is a discussion thread.
    Maybe it will help someone in a future contest, who knows!




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    Alright, I've taken the feedback into consideration and I decided I'm going to go into a bit of a different direction.
    As it stands, Thalia was harder to set up than C'Thun and just didn't work as well as I'd imagined. So, I'm shelving her for the time being.

    I also tried a bunch of different things for Jadebark Dragon but none left me satisfied so I'm keeping him for Witchwood if I get there.

    Instead of the more Combo-kinda-OTK-but-not-really approach I was taking with my class I came up with something else entirely: enemy deck disruption. I know I have to be careful with such things but I feel like this final archetype really ties up my class beautifully and thematically:

    The three main themes of the Nymph now are: Spell Damage, Hand-size manipulation and enemy disruption (so far, deck only).
    Thematically it also makes a ton of sense: plants are growing so much they extend to the enemy deck!

    Here's the changelog:

    Living Rose reworked (deck disruption)

    Jadebark Dragon ---> Forest Giant (different effect but fulfills the "Big minion" role - at 10 mana instead of 8 it feels a bit on the weak side, but Giants are always problematic in Standard so I'd rather be a bit more careful)

    Riverbound Cleaver ---> Jadebark Staff (deck disruption)

    Thalia, Rose Quenn ---> Prima, Spring Queen (deck risruption main piece)

     I like this new version quite a lot and it actually makes me expand my class beyond just Spell Damage and Hand-manipulation.
    Wouldn't have gotten here without the helpful feedback so thank you very much.


    Going to mention two things quickly before giving feedback: Vine Lash and Rampant Growth being similar to Warlock cards doesn't bother me too much. One of the core ideas of the Nymph has always been the recreation of a new and improved Handlock. I'm not trying to straight up copy the cards but there is only so much you can do in Hearthstone... :/

    I respect the Spell Damage feedback and I can see where you are coming from but I'm not sure I completely agree with you.
    Between my Basic and Spring set I have a total of 13 Spell Damage related cards. While this is quite a lot, Demon Hunters (which is what I'm basing pretty much everything on) have 10 cards in the Basic / Initiate set based aroung attacking with your hero.
    So I'm only 3 ahead which isn't excessive in my opinion.

    If you add the Ashes of Outland cards, the total ammount of "Attacking with your hero" cards goes to 12. If I get to make a Witchwood set, I plan on making 1, maxium 2 new Spell Damage synergy cards. This would bring the total amount to 15, which I think is reasonable.

    About your cards: Kanri is very cool. Not sure how easy or hard it is to enable her, but it looks fun for sure. As I'm trying to create a new version of Handlock with the Nymph, it seems to me like you are trying to make a new Miracle Rogue? Which is super cool as that was an amazing deck. The only thing I'd say is to remember to make a card that makes that much draw worth. Drawing a ton of cards is cool but you need a payoff or else it will feel a bit pointless, I think.

    Hammerspace, Knife Artist and Rising Dragon Fist are solid. Not much to say.

    I'm not sure how I feel about the unnamed card. I can see the flavor of it, for sure, but I don't see how a Ninja suddenly transforming her board into Shaman minions makes any sense? I don't think there are many class cards, if any, that summon minions from other classes.

    Also, a few ideas I thought I'd share. Maybe you'll get some inspiration, who knows:

    Kunais are cool. I think it would be awesome if you made a few support cards for Kunais that go over the "Add a Kunai to your hand" - maybe a minion that gets a buff / does something when you equip a weapon or break one. Maybe a card that does something cool by discarding the Kunais you are holding in your hand for a powerful effect. A minion or spell that gets a bonus effect based on how many weapons you equipped during the game would be very interesting as well but maybe that's a legendary minion level effect.

    Finally, remember to make a third Palm Arts - as of right now Taoshi (your previous legendary) can only Discover two cards.

    Overall tho, the Ninja is really coming alive and I'm really liking what you are doing with the class!


    I think overall this is a good way to wrap up your set. I'd consider making maybe one card that interacts with secrets as you only have one between both the Basic and Adept set (Librari-Bot). There's no need to make a card that makes secrets cheaper as that's your class specialty, but maybe a minion that activates a strong effect if you have a secret or when you play one?

    I'm not sure design / flavor wise what to think of Climax but gameplay wise I really don't think it's as strong as you think it is. A 6 damage AoE doesn't even clear most lategame boards (Rarely fully clears a N'Zoth board, never clears a Bloodreaver Gul'Dan board and, if like Blizzard you don't care about Wild, I think this also struggles in Standard as it comes down very late into the game and often doesn't clear a Galakrond, Azeroth's End board nor an Alextrasza one).

    Absolutely love The Hero of Old. I really really like these kinds of designs that try to push the limits of the game.
    Just be careful of not making too many cards that reduce the cost of this card in particular as it becomes very problematic when it's too cheap. I love it as a late game finisher but make sure it doesn't come down on turn 6.



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    Thanks @SideItem, helpful as always. To be honest, I didn't think about the implications of being able to run it x2 in Constructed play.
    Arena is clearly a different enviroment. Wops.

    I've made a few different new versions. Not sure which one I like more, so feedback is appreciated:
    As of right now, I'm thinking 2 and 3 are the best.

     I'll think about Thalia overnight. Not sure how I can change her: thinking about it, right now it's just a weaker C'Thun and it's not like C'Thun was this meta-shaping card. At the same time, I can't see how I could give her a basic effect without having the wording put a Yu-Gi-Oh card description to shame. It's a tough one.

    Also, not about any of my actual cards but I disagree with you with Inquisitve Youngling (@Klipce's card) - It's absolutely broken even if you copy it from hand. There is a reason there are no cheat effects costed under 4. (Kobold Illusionist, Void Caller.
    And these have been already proven to be absolutely busted even in Wild in the right circumstances (so, when Big Rogue was played for the first one and from Naxxramas until today for Void Caller as he's in every non-aggressive deck).

    About your cards, I like you designs as usual. I actually like both Tinkerers quite a bit, so if you get to the next stage definitely make a card based on the effect of the one you didn't choose this time. I'd say go for #2 this time as it's simpler and is actually a 1 drop (you don't ever play the other one on turn one).

    For Dual Sheller I'd say go for #1. In the right circumstances #2 wins you the game of the spot. Let's say your opponent has 4 minions in play. Not a full board, not an empty one. Sparklash into Dual Sheller is an 8 mana combo that gets you a 7/3 weapon. That's not in the best case scenario and is still 21 damage over 3 turns for 6 mana. And, like my Riverbound Cleaver, you can run two! >.>

    Other than that, good stuff as usual. I'd say also take in consideration the idea of featuring Omega Surge as I find people like very flashy, over the top card effects.

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    I think you should try to write down for yourself (and for us too, if you wish) what are the main themes, strenghts, weaknesses and limitations of the class. I feel like it would help you create a better set. In my opinion you are doing waaaaaaay too many things at once; By looking at your Basic set and Disciple set, you have:

    Lifesteal and Lifesteal support cards
    Resurrection mechanics (Mistress of Death, Raising the Dead)
    "Auchenai" Effects (anti-healing synergy)
    Vampire tribe and Vampire tribe support
    Highlander Effects (Hakkar)
    Minion removal and sometimes minion stealing (Blood Essence)
    Self-sacrifice (Dark Ritual)
    On-kill effects (Scourge Warrior, Death Berserker)
    Spell Damage

    These are waaay too many themes! I think your class would be much, much better off if you decided to cut a few. It's obviously too late to change past cards but I think you should really reconsider this part of the set and focus on building on what's already there. As of right now, you are doing too much and too little at the same time: it's hard to build a good deck when your cards have no synergy because they try to do too much at once.

    Also, and this is minor but I feel like pointing out anyway, Blood Lord (Basic) and Bloodthirsty Fighter (Disciple) are worded inconsistently: they say "Vampire" in the effect but you actually named you tribe "Vampyr". Some cards call them Vampires and some call them Vampyrs: which one is it? But again, this is minor, and actually very consistent with the way Blizzard would be wording their cards lol


    The second part of the set is actually looking pretty good but I think you should revisit the first 4 spells you proposed. Here's my take on them:

    Inquisite Youngling is perhaps the most broken card I've ever seen. I'm talking release Demon Hunter, Undertaker Hunter levels of broken.

    Why: You are going second as a Control deck. You draw this. Use it and coin out the minion. You now have a turn 2: Y'Shaarj, Rage Unbound that pulls out another 8+ cost minion. You have a turn one Ragnaros, the Firelord. Silver Vanguard.
    The list goes on and on.

    Keep in mind Barnes was turbo broken at 4 mana. This comes down turn one.

    On the other hand, the next three spells feel a bit too weak, like you almost were too careful with them.

    Mount Up is super weak: Taunt protects you from aggro. To get Taunt you need a full board, and if you are losing against aggro you either don't have a full board (or anything close to it) or you can't afford a 2 mana spell that does effectively does nothing when played. I think you can buff this up by quite a bit without having to worry too much about it. Enhance-o Mechano, for example, gives much better effects with a body and is barely played in Wild (and I doubt you'd play it in Standard, either).

    Fortelling is not super weak but it's very very fair. Card draw is valued at 1,5 mana in Hearthstone. Which is why 1 mana draw a card minions and spells are usually busted and why we use Arcane Intellect and Sprint as our base when designing card draw cards.

    (Sprint should cost 6 (1,5 x 4) but it's at 7 because Prepration made Blizzard overcost every single Rogue spell for some reason).

    With that in mind, you card is 5 mana draw 3 which would be on the weak side already (0,5 mana overcosted) but it's made even weaker by the fact that you don't draw on the spot. The wait is a downside pretty much every time, so you can add a small effect or make it 1 mana cheaper without worrying too much about making it overpowered.

    No comments balance wise on Primordial Wind but I generally dislike those kinds of effects as they tend to be very swingy for no reason.
    Drawing this on turn one / turn ten and drawing this on turn three / four would be the difference between a win and a loss quite often.
    We have some cards like this one and pretty much all of them didn't see play Flame Leviathan, Sea Reaver.
    The only one that actually kind of works is Aranasi Broodmother but even then it never saw play in competitive decks and only exists because they wanted to push Plot Twist.

    Also, there are zero new Channel cards. Not sure if that was intended or you just forgot about it while making the second part of the set.

    That's about it. Interested to see what everyone else brings!

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    Hey. This week I'm featuring the second part of my Spring set. The cards featured this week aim to support two main archetypes: Bloom Control (based around high hand size Bloom cards and big threats) and Spell Damage Midrange.

    Since my class Hero Power generates a ton of spells, this week I've decided to have one extra minion instead of a spell.

    Thematically, the themes this week are: roses, vines and thorns (with some dragons as well!).

    Spring Set II

    --- Minions ---

    --- Spells ---

    --- Weapon ---

     The challenge cards are Vine Lash and Rampant Growth which use hand size as a mechanic without using Bloom.

    A couple of design comments:

    Thalia, Rose Queen is a strong card but it's meant to be that way. It's the Control deck's finisher. It's also quite difficult to enable (Bloom (9) effectively means you have to play her when your hand is full to get the wanted effect and you also need to have cast a ton of spells for her to be effective. The reason she costs 9 is because, if you have 9 cards in hand at turn 10, you can use your hero power to fill it and the cast her).

    The reason why the Nymph's removal is a bit over the top is because she has poor card draw and pretty much zero healing so far. I've decided that I want her to be removal focues, preventing damage before it gets to her. This makes her stronger versus standard Aggro / Zoo decks but makes her weaker to direct damage (Demon Hunters, Burn Mages, Nymph mirror matchups).

    I've decided to leave the Poisonous theme a bit behind. If I get to the next week, I'll do maybe another Poisonous card or two but I've decided that it's best if I leave Poisonous as a minor class theme as the Nymph has already quite a bit going on for her.

    As usual, feedback is appreciated. Good luck, this week is going to be tough!


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    I agree with Klipce.

    I think a good way to fix this while making everyone happy would be to only eliminate the entry in last position and catching up on eliminations by eliminating an extra entry next week. So 10 people would go to Week 3 and next week we eliminate 6 instead of 5, leaving the final 4.

    It also makes more sense to eliminate more next round as the Initiate set would be over and voters would be able to decide on which classes deserve to become finalists based on the entirety of the set instead of only half.

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    Imprtant for people who've already submitted or are about to submit!

    This was recently added to the rules:

    Upgraded Hero Powers have also come to my attention. I agree with the reasoning I have seen.

    Your Submission must now include an upgraded Hero Power.

    As of right now, @whatTheHeck and @SoupCake have submitted a class that doesn't have an upgraded Hero Power. Please make one and add it to the submission thread! It would be super lame if you were to be disqualified for not noticing.

    And if you haven't submitted yet, please read carefully the rules and FAQ of the submission thread!

    That's all. Have a good day!

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    The Nymph

    Hero Power and Upgraded Hero Power



    (Need a recap of the ideas behind the class or the Basic set? Click here!)

    Introducing the unique Keyword - Bloom

    Bloom is meant to solidify the Nymph's playstyle as a hand manipulating class.

    While having a specific number of cards in your hand may prove to be a difficult feat for other classes, the Nymph can use her Hero Power to quickly add 1-Cost Razorpetals to her hand. By doing this the player will be able to activate high hand size Bloom effects by stocking up on Razorpetals and then, if the situation calls for it, by quickly getting rid of them by casting them and quickly diminishing their hand size, allowing them to also activate lower hand size Bloom effects.

    Bloom is a flexible keyword - It works on all kinds of cards: minions, spells and even weapons!

    Not only that, but Bloom works as both a Control keyword and an Aggro keyword. This week we will be focusing on the aggresive use of the Bloom keyword.

    Spring Set - First half

    The Spring set is the Nymph's equivalent of the Initiate set. The first half of the Spring set that I will be showcasing here is mainly focused on aggressive playstyles. There are two main envisioned archetypes here: "Empty Handed Burn" and "Midrange Spell Damage".

    Empty Handed Burn focuses around the idea of having powerful Bloom (0) cards. The idea behind this deck is to make an aggressive aggro deck that focuses on playing and getting rid of cards as soon as possible to activate the powerful Bloom (0) cards that require your hand to be completely empty. Of course, being a hand manipulating class, the Nymph may have some other tricks to activate those effects...

    Midrange Spell Damage comes from a bunch of new cards that, combined with the ones featured in the Basic set last week, make for a powerful midrange deck that focuses on strong Spell Damage minions that become very threatening if left on the board for too long.

    Eliana, Spore Queen (one of the two Legendary minions of this set) could also find a home in a future Combo deck but there are currently no plans to make an OTK or to make any cost reduction cards to make Razorpetals Cost (0).

    Thematically, the aggressive minions of this set are based around the idea of living spores / shrooms and parasites controlling plants.

    Showcased Cards

    Complete first half of the Spring Set

    --- Minions ---

    --- Spells ---

    --- Challenge Card (Handbuff - Callback to MSoG) ---

     Looking forward

    The Nymph will creep out of the twisted woods of The Witchwood.

    If I make it to the next week, the second part of the Spring set will feature new ways to make the Bloom keyword work for Control decks in the hope of creating a Control archetype similar to old Handlock while, of course, still being different and fresh.

    The next Legendary card will also prove to be a powerful win condition centered around Bloom to close out a game if you play your cards (many of them, in fact) right.

    It will also features new Spell Damage cards to further support the growing Midrange Spell Damage archetype.

     If you've read this far, thank you for your time! Good luck to everyone!

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    Hello! I've changed two cards from the Spring set based on the feedback I've been given.

    River's Favor is now simpler and plays more to the Nymph's strenghts instead of being a generic buff. I'm thinking of exploring the "Bloom (X): return to your hand" in a future card but I guess we'll see. This is my Challenge card, calling back Handbuff from MSoG.

    I've decided to take a risk with Eliana, Spore Queen: I'm bumping the Spell Damage to +2. This effectively means that on turn 10 if you have Eliana, Spore Queen and 4 Razorpetals in hand you can do 16 damage from hand. I still think this is reasonable. Mage does similar shenanigans with their cards (Double fireball and Frostbolt are 15 damage in a turn with 3 cards, Antonidas into 3 cheap spells guarantees 18 damage the following turn). Hopefully the voters will like the risky choice I've made.

    Finally done! I'll be waiting for the submission thread.


    I'm super happy with the changes you've done. I really really like how your class is shaping up and I can safely say it's currently one of my favorites! Just wanted to point out that you've said you wanted to "change the effect of Channel so that it only targets friendly minions" but later on in your post talk about how you can use Savage Lightning to transform enemy minions. I'd keep the original wording, no reason to limit yourself with only allies - just be more mindful when you make Channel cards that target enemies. Loving your designs!


    The changes fix pretty much all the problems I could see with the original work. Fantastic!

    And finally I have a general consideration which I thought of when looking back at the first submission thread: I noticed that my class was pretty much the only one with an upgraded Hero Power. While you may not care about Wild, Sir Finley of the Sands is a standard card and Blizzard has shown that they like upgraded Hero Powers and that they will keep bringing them back occasionally.

    Shouldn't contestants have to make one?


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    Quote from McF4rtson >>



     I really like Eliana's concept but I agree that it was a bit difficult to make. These are some previous versions I've tried:

    5 Mana - 3/5 - Same effect but Spell Damage +2
    6 Mana - 3/6 - Spell Damage +1 but each spell does 2 direct damage to the enemy hero
    5 Mana - 3/5 - Same effect as now (At 10 mana the total possible damage becomes 15 HP from hand)

    Not sure if any of these would work better than this version. Bursting more than 15 HP from hand would not be super fun I think.

    If you really think Bloom (0) goes against the challenge idea, I'd be up to replace a card with something more conventional. While I realize I'm techincally correct, I wouldn't want to go against the spirit of the competiton.

    Sorry if the feedback wasn't too clear. What I meant to say is that I think it would be more fun if you had to choose which Reprise effects to activate. So, being careful with how many bounce / copy effects you print - If you make a deck with, let's say, 12 Reprise effects (higher than Reprise 2), you shouldn't have enough bounce / copy effects to activate every single one of them. By having the player decide which Reprise minion he should copy / bounce instead of being able to just activate every single Reprise effect you give him more agency and make his choices more meaningful. I hope this time I was clear enough, tell me if I didn't explain myself well enough. (I'm not a native english speaker)

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    Hello! I'm finally satisfied with the first part of my set. I've incorporated some of the feedback I've been given on Bloom as well. So here it is!


    Nymph's Spring Set - Thoughts on the first half of the set

    The first half of the Spring set is centered around Nymph's aggressive playstyle of Aggro / Burn. The visual theme of the aggro minions is living spores taking control of plants and living shrooms.

    Nymph's aggressive styles is based around two concepts: unleashing a flurry of low damaging spells amplified by Spell Damage and activating powerful effects when you have only a few cards in your hand and overwhelming effects when your hand is empty.

    This, along with my unique keyword Bloom, create a playstyle that revoles around keeping track of your hand size and adding a losing cards in a very dynamic way, something that I find currently a bit lacking in Hearthstone.

    The Nymph will be joining during The Witchwood (as it seems the most appropriate expansions considering Nymphs are evil and TWW being based on the creatures of a twisted forest). The call-back mechanic I'll use is integrate within the keyword Bloom. Bloom (0) effectively means "Battlecry: If your hand is empty [...]" so I'm tecnically using a TGT mechanic.



    Klipce's feedback was spot on - I think they keyword is much more fun when you have to try and get a precise number of cards instead of having X or more. Not only that, but since McF4rtson's Sea Witch already used a keyword with X+ I think this could be a good way to differentiate my class even more from past and current entries. Thanks for the feedback!

    Spring Set - First half




     Brief comments on the cards


    Minions - Ancient Sporecrown is a Totem Golem with a different downside. Being able to attack only when you have less cards than your opponent makes it a good minion to apply pressure to Control / Combo decks while Aggro / Midrange decks can have a chance to disable it by emptying their hands quickly. Nymphs will then have to decide between trying to empty their hand quickly as well or stockpiling Razorpetals for future turns.

    Weeping Willow is a minion that grows in value the more friendly minions die. Can act as a soft-taunt and can enable future Token / Burn archetypes.

    Bloom Burster is the big payoff for emptying your hand and a central piece of Nymph's aggro decks.

    Eliana, Spore Queen is the aggressive finisher. You can try to play her on curve and hope your opponent doesn't have an answer or keep her in hand for turn 10. Eliana on turn 10 + 4 Razorpetals is 12 damage from hand which, for an aggro / burn deck, seems more than fair to me (maybe a little bit too fair? Turn 10 for an Aggro / Burn deck is pretty late).

    Spells - Enchanted Mask supports the Spell Damage focused build (that uses cards from the Basic set). It's cheap Spell Damage but you need a minion to use the spell.

    Untapped Energy is the spell version of Celestial Emissary. Costs 1 less but doesn't come with a 2/1 body. You can't stack Untapped Energy as it says "the next spell" and not "the next damaging spell" so using two in a row would result into a Preparation into Preparation kind of mistake. I think this keeps it in check.

    Reinforcements! plays to the card generation aspect of the class and is another payoff card for Aggro if you decide to go for the Empty Hand version of the deck. It can be decent in other decks as well but clearly isn't as powerful.

    River's Favor is an interesting buff cards. You can generate quite a number of them but eventually you're going to have more than three cards in your hand and you'll have to empty your hand before being able to return to buffing your minions. You also can't abuse this if you're running an Empty Hand kind of deck.

    Incoming Drought is what bring the Empty Hand deck together. It allows you to have two garanteed strong turns if you can't empty your hand or if you bricked and found an expensive card that you can't get rid of in your early hand. It's also the only card draw of the first half of the Spring set.

    Weapon - Amethyst Staff is a strong weapon that works on the Spell Damage focused version of Nymph decks and I think it's a fun way to expand on the concept of Spell Damage and battle mage in general.

     Feedback to other contestants


    First of all, thanks for the spot-on feedback on Bloom. I think Channel is a fun keyword but you should really think carefully about the cards you want to make with it as it's a very hard mechanic to use effectively. A few considerations I think you should keep in mind when making Channel cards: Channel is much more fun when YOU use it on your cards. The Primalist is all about playing with tribes but most other classes don't really rely on tribes too heavily (with the exception of Dragon based metas).

    This makes cards like Dining Dino effectively a 3 Mana 3/2 that does 2 damage to a single minion. When it hits a single enemy it's very underwhelming (look at things like Weaponized Wasp or Scalerider), when it hits 2 is really strong and when it hits 3+ is very much overpowered. You explained the mechanic with Waste Warden and that's a perfect example: since the effect is overpowered when it hits a lot of minions they made her incredibly understatted and so no one plays it.

    Using Channel on buffs, healing, etc. on your own minions is much more fun as you have to build your deck around it, you're not sad when you face an opponent that uses only a few tribes and you don't make decks that existed and will return at some point like Murloc Pally, Dragon Priest, Beast-focused Hunter lists insta-concede when they see a Primalist.

    So my main suggestion is this: cards like Pationate Saurok and New Brood are super cool so focus on those while avoiding things like Dining Dino, Exterminate and Goldscaled Direhorn.

    On the cards themselves only two make me a bit confused: Transfiguration and Zandalari Explosion.

    Transiguration sure, buffs minions, but isn't the card anti-synergistic with itself? Changing the tribe of all minions into random ones messes up your Channel effects, why would you do that to yourself?

    Zandalari Explosion I think is absolutely underpowered. Realistically you're only pulling 3-4 minions from your hand and cards that do that (with additional effects as well) costs less and haven't really worked too well. Just look at Flark's Boom-zooka or The Boomship.


    Surge is a very cool keyword and don't need any changes. Good one!

    I like most cards. I'll leave some thougts on the ones I think need a change of some sort.

    Feedback Blast I think is a bit on the weaker side. It reminds me a bit of Cobra Shot and that card is unplayable.

    Target Lock is a fine card but I think it's worded wierdly. Most spells with similar conditions make the spell cost less, not more. I think it would be much better if it was:

    Target Lock - 6 Mana: Deal 15 damage to a minion. If it was damaged this turn, this costs (5) less.

    Much cleaner in my opinion.

    Burly Beating I think is very expensive and a clear example of win more card. I really don't see many scenarions in which I would actually want to play that - very expensive spells that require a big board to be good usually close out games. Think about it: this has basically the same requirement as Bloodlust (have a medium sized board) but Bloodlust is both more versatile and actually ends games. This can only clear a board and can also fail miserably (It reminds me of Mass Hysteria and that card sometimes flops and creates very feel-bad moments).

    On the opposite side of the spectrum you have Phologiston Ranger which is absolutely overpowered in my opinion. While Aggro and Control may not care too much about it, this card is a 1-card win condition against any Midrange deck if you drop this on 6 with a medium sized board. Not sure how I'd change it, tho.

    Octavian Gearlegs should have Rush as Klipce points out. Like this it would be used as an 8 mana deal 8 damage card pretty much all the time.

    Chief Bilgewhizzle is a bit too cheap but you can easily fix that by making it cost a bit more. I thought about a card similar to Chief Bilgewhizzle myself but in the end I've decided to abandon it as the word double is too scary, especially in my class.


    Fresh Blood is a good keyword. I actually really like most of the cards and I find them to be quite balanced.
    Just a few thoughts on two cards:

    Flame Sweep is... interesting. I think it's super hard to balance. The existence of this card makes it so that you basically can't print anything that even closely resembles Ice Block or Time Out! as this card can very easily enable OTKs. So you can use it as a Combo card to OTK your opponent since you can manipulate your health and get very low easily (and then you just need a couple of minions on the board or a damaging spell in hand to finish the job) and it punishes Aggro maybe to the point of unplayability because... they are playing Aggro. Not much you can do as an Aggro deck against this.

    Fire Mind may be balanced but I think it's anti-fun. But that one is up to you to decide. In general silence is as strong as it is unfun for the other player.


    Reprise is an interesting keyword. I'm sure you'll be able to make good use of it. My only suggestion is, if you are going to make a bunch of Reprise keywords, make it so that you can't activate them all. I think the best way to make the keyword fun is to have the player actually have to choose which Reprise effect he'll activate based on the situation. If you can activate every Reprise effect in your deck, you might as well call it Battlecry.

    I really like the Kunai direction for the Ninja. Not much else to add, it's a very fun idea.

    Nyn'Jah is the only thing I'd maybe change a bit. I think swapping Rush and Lifesteal would make more sense. Not sure if it's too strong. I think that's the type of card that's really hard to balance without actually playtesting it in game. If you center your deck around it as a win condition you probably insta-lose if it's in the bottom cards of your deck and if you draw it early with the perfect hand you are pre-nerf Quest Rogue levels of unstoppable versus pretty much any deck. Not sure how I'd fix it. Keeping track of the number of times you've played each card I think should be something you'd have to learn playing the Ninja. I don't think it's a bad thing.




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    Quote from Artimex723 >>
    Quote from Anatomy_of_Time >>

    (My post)

    I really like the idea, and the word "Bloom" fits the effecy perfectly. I just hope you don't overuse it, because usually it's really though to keep a speciffic number of cards in hand.

     I appreciate the kind words. The idea is that cards that require a specific amount of cards will have very powerful effects while cards with Bloom(6+) or (8+) which mean, 6 or more cards or 8 or more cards, will have strong but more tame effects. I'll try not to over-do them!

    Quote from B3ckemon >>

    For clarification, our new classes don't NEED to have a new keyword, right? I got unsure, because all classes shown here have one xD

     You don't have to have a keyword, it's up to you to decide if you want one or not!

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    Hey guys! Before going on with the set, I'd like to know if you guys think this keyword is understandable enough.

    Here's a couple of test cards with the keyword:

    Can you easily understand what they do? I understand them just fine but maybe I'm biased since I made them. Thanks for the help!

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     The Nymph

      Idea behind the class

    A group of mariners has made an incredible discovery: they have found, near the coasts of Pandaria, a small archipelago of isles in which nature seems... rather different from the flora you can find everywhere else. The nature here doesn't respond to the Druid's commands - it is controlled by the Nymphs. Nymphs, like Druids, control nature but differ from them in some ways. They generally have more evil intentions and focus on the malevolent side of nature. Nymphs are masters of toxins, poisons and damaging spells. They're not very good at healing and can't transform themselves so they use weapons to fight (floral daggers, staffs, spears).

    Strenghts, weaknesses and limitations

    Strenghts: Card generation, single target damage, weapons, Spell Damage and Poisonous minions.
    Card draw, healing, AoE minion buffs, killing sticky minions (Reborn/Divine Shield).
    Limitations: Few board clear effects.

    Hero Power and Upgraded Hero Power

    Unstable Growth is the basic Hero Power while Nature's Blessing is the upgraded Hero Power. Razorpetals are considered spells and are affected by Spell Damage. This is not a direct upgraded to the Mage's Hero Power as, sometimes, the hand space required to get a Razorpetal (or to hold more than one) is relevant.

    Basic Set

    Showcased Cards


    Complete Basic Set

    --- Minions ---

     --- Spells ---


    Class Direction

    Two main archetypes envisioned with the basic and the Initiate set in mind: Aggro Burn and Control.

    The Aggro Burn archetype will be based around empowering Razorpetals to do heavy damage thanks to strong and efficient Spell Damage minions while non-Spell Damage minions will offer powerful effects.

    The Control archetype will be based around the idea of having a big hand size to activate overwhelming effects while staying alive using your Poisonous minions and empowered Razorpetals to clear enemy minions.

     Thanks for reading, good luck to everyone!

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