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    Quote from 1xbenx1 >>

    They've basically already said they're going to give us something in this vein.

     I feel they are trying to get away from this rock paper scissors game and I cant wait for this to happen. With jaina/baku/guldan/rexxar rotating this weakens control/value and opens the door to offer counters to combo/aggro instead of just printing insane control/value cards.

    I would love a game where you get to decide how well you do against other matchups. If you want you could tech your deck to be decent but not great against everything regardless if you like combo/control/aggro/mid range. You could also tech your deck to crush aggro at the expense of the other math-ups if you are facing a lot of aggro, same goes for teching againt combo/control if you are facing them a lot.

    Blizzard admitting these very strong value/control cards was a mistake is a good sign for the future of the game.


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    Aggro beats combo

    combo beats control

    control beats aggro

    If you take combo out of this meta everyone will play control/value

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