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    Quote from J3r3myDE >>
    Quote from Wrought >>

    Omega Defender was a goblin in a mech, so it's not a mech

    The spirits are spirits in totems, so they aren't totems

     except Piloted Shredder Sneed's Old Shredder or Piloted Sky Golem all have someone inside of them and yet they have the Mech tag. Yes, you only see them when the shredder gets destroyed but imo it's just Blizzard inconsistency. 

     The reason for that is because Omega Defender refers to the person piloting the mech. The Piloted Shredder, Sneed's Old Shredder, and Piloted Sky Golem are referring to the shredder as the focus of what the minion is. The whole flavor of those three are that they "supposedly" drop the pilot of them when they die and is why they have the mech tag.

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    Same reason that Blood Knight is suddenly back......Giggling Inventor. It's played in a large number of defensive and offensive decks and guarantees an MC tech trigger unless your opponent had an empty board.

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    I had a control warrior harrison jones one of my necrium blades and then weapons project my other one. Ended up winning thanks to necrium vial!

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    Looks like a fun meme deck! I'm gonna have to give this a try

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    Is this really a problem? All other archtypes have had one or more periods in the meta where that one archtype had a monopoly, so to speak, on what was the most consistent competitive deck for multiple seasons.

    Aggro - Undertaker Hunter, Mech Mage, Smorc Shaman, Pirate Warrior, Zoolock

    Midrange - Midrange Pally, Midrange Shaman, Evolve Shaman, Tempo/Keleseth Rogue, Odd Rogue

    Control - Control Warrior, Control Lock, Jade Druid, Reno Lock

    "Combostone" is just the HS equivalent of WoW's balance model of 'taking turns' (ie Pass the power to someone other than the last person who had it, just to pass it again to someone else after a time.)

     It just feels bad to create a heavy control style deck because, sure it'll beat aggro, but it'll be an auto lose to combo. I know this is a rock paper scissors style of game, but the efficiency of combo decks seems to be higher than it ever has been before....and I've been playing since the second month of launch.

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    Quote from inverna >>

    Dude, literally, every top deck atm (except spell hunter) that is performing well is midrange. And every combo deck sucks.

    Tier 1:

    - Odd Rogue (58% WR)

    - Odd Mech Paladin (58% WR)

    - Even Shaman (58% WR)

    - Zoo (58% WR)

    Tier 2: 

    - Spell Hunter

    - Even Warlock

    - Toke Shaman

    - Big Druid

    - Bomb Hunter

    - Big Mage


    Every single Combo deck is below 50% WR


     Are you serious? All the tier 1 decks you mentioned play more as aggro decks than midrange with the exception of maybe odd mech paladin...

    Combo decks aren't even close to being refined and still boasting close to 50% WR. That's with the meta being fresh and aggro being the most dominant it typically ever is. Once it slows down a little you'll see those winrates spike for combo decks.

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    Seems like if you aren't playing an aggro deck that the only viable decks are combo ones. Maly rogue, shudderwock, mecha'thun warlock/druid/priest, test subject priest... the list goes on. Most midrange or control decks seem to have no place in the meta from what I've seen.

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    Playing a discolock in wild. Play The Soularium and draw Silverware Golem, Clutchmother Zavas, Silverware Golem..... queue giggling like a little schoolgirl LOL

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    "that's the evilest thing i can imagine" *sheds tear of joy*

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    Quote from Ainanu >>

    I love zoo, one of my favourite deck types ever, tho it is far from "best aggro deck ever" (that title belongs to one of the trio of pirate warrior/aggro shaman/undertaker hunter).

    There are good counters I believe

    I started boomsday with a non-heal zoo with vicious fledling, and other replacements for the heal combos, and the deck totally wrecks heal zoo. Climbed from 9 to 5 in no time. Earlier today I started building my token/evolve shaman, and it also seems favourable against heal-zoo. Enjoying the nice winrate against heal zoo at rank 5-2.

    Im pretty sure zoo counters will soon get the deck in control.


     the title of best aggro deck ever definitely goes to aggro shaman. That's why the game was called shamanstone for close to a year...even after nerfs to the class. Zoo has just been a consistently good aggro deck since the inception of the game.

    Aggro always takes over the first couple weeks of each expansion before the control decks figure out how to stop them. This will be no different. I still think The Soularium is absolutely busted though.

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