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    I call this a Balanced Deck as its techcard free.

    Zihi is a good card don't get me wrong it screws Combo, And protects your Board vs 7/8 mana Removal. However if you run no draw Tech Cards can screw you as well. I like to keep my Decks Tech Card free.

    If you see Combo a lot Cut Wingblast as its a anti aggro card and Bad top deck latter on.

    In wild where decks have more Options. Zihi is included only in even Warlock and in Sub Nine Hunter at times. (You can play up to 3 Zihi with tracker) But now that deck runs Dr.Boom and Zuljin.

    What server you play on?


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    Hey i am testing a quest version of this, Quest completion is very good as your cycle improves drastically, also carnassa is good by itself. You can always toss quest, but its definitivly a consideration also brood with hobgoblin are great ;)

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    this seems fun howerver the best draw card is missing sub nine put in more secrets huntress and you can thin your deck more easily

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    Hi i made my own list with mechatun as well:

    I was at 4 health vs big priest then i otk him with aviana, innervate kun and alextrasa bran and 2 star alligner

    mechatun is second win condition


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    Nice List

    Nice to see a EU Sub nine Hunter as well. I'm playing a very similar list on EU Rank 2 atm from 5 this weekend. The architect of this archetype is Duwin. He first used Sub nine with Huntress. If you are running giants consider adding Shaw to make them attack immediately. I have run archane Giants before, but now I run less spells and secrets since not facing enough aggro. My build is different, but that just shows how strong the core 24 cards are. I am developing my version together with Duwin, so if you like you can add me on EU. My tag is Alpha110#2852


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    Nice Deck

    It has the same core as Duwin's deck. This core is Huntres Spellstones Rexar and sub nine and secrets. With secretkeeper, stiched tracker Putricide beeing the synergy cards.

    I have over 200 games with version of this deck till rank 2, also I built my version with help of Rank 1 Legend Hunter Player Duwin.

    So I will tell you what you should do to improve your winrate in the current meta.

    I will not tell you to cut leeroy and Yogg because i like playing them. I don't use them atm because of consitency issues. Instead If you want fun I suggest using leeroy emeriss Manipulator for 24. Leeroy beeing good anyway and manipulator having uses as tec card. But the meme you chose is up to you :)

    The way you build the rest is  up to you i have different build for different metas. 

    Cards you should consider are in that order one more secretkeeper houndmaster shaw. highmane doom/dregd

    These are more synergy cards in secertkeeper, hounmaster and threats in highmane and Dr. Doom and Swampking Dregd.

    Okay which cards to cut considerations in that order 1-2 secrets 1 tracking 1 quick shot or Leeroy. My winrate Improved by cuting one tracking because they might find cards you don't need, If you have 1-2 more threats your curve will be more consistent and you will not need to use Tracking at all in most quick games. Now to quick shot. As you have cut tracking I  think quickshot should honesty remain a two off instead of keeping Leeroy. Hero Power Quick shot deals 5 damage while ignoring taunts.

    So to summarize 2 more synergy cards Secretkeeper and shaw and 2 more treats highmane and Dr. Doom or Dregd

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    Yes in Jades as you don't want necessearily to grumble them, it also messes up OTK Charge in all in charge decks.

    However it is very good against control decks where you know the will not be able to punish you instantly when you can not push face next turn with for example jades. And you can continue to make more massive jades. I like to run a zola and a baleful banker. Chances are i get a shudder back without sacirificing the board.

    Still in my reno charge decks it is a must as we can not garantee to find Hogleader. There you can add Nightblade to do damage with Shudder and Grumble.

    The reason we want nightblade is that we want to draw mukla coldlight and midnight drake in those decks.

    The mill withbrann coldlight and mukla can be very good and the only wincondition agaist Decks like malygos druid. You can burn up 5 cards with it and draw 4.


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    That was a renoless version. You can see the new version now

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