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    can you change my name to Alphacord thank you

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    Nice write up Sipiwi, enjoyed the read


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    Hyena alpha not good, are you on crack every secret hunter runs it in wild now.

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    Also its possible to run a Katherina List but there you lose vs early aggro. I want to win early when i play standart as its best strategy if your rank is not as high as you never now what you face so playing control midrange is not good especially without draw.

    Thats why Warlock is best Control deck in wild. Renolock is great and really fun.

    What server you play on?

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    I call this a Balanced Deck as its techcard free.

    Zihi is a good card don't get me wrong it screws Combo, And protects your Board vs 7/8 mana Removal. However if you run no draw Tech Cards can screw you as well. I like to keep my Decks Tech Card free.

    If you see Combo a lot Cut Wingblast as its a anti aggro card and Bad top deck latter on.

    In wild where decks have more Options. Zihi is included only in even Warlock and in Sub Nine Hunter at times. (You can play up to 3 Zihi with tracker) But now that deck runs Dr.Boom and Zuljin.

    What server you play on?


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    Hey Reno Jackson

    I have been tinkering with even Hunter as well in Wild, I play Sub Nine Hunter a lot and do okay with it.

    I love the Barnes Synergy in your deck as well as N'zoth. Your deck is great, i had a more mechfocused version in mind when i made my deck. 

    I did a lot of testing and had my own ideas, I opted for 2 mechwarpers instead of garisson comanders(i run them in my giants list) then I added 4 4 drop deathrattle mechs. Shredders and Yetis (they trigger the cattrick with their spells and have great stats and give you great spells at times) I Like the Katherina Top End but prefer 3 beasts as I commonly used in standart DR Hunter. I know your deck is more synergistic but I like my mechwarpers as they are a great 2 drop and mana cheating is always great.

    Also I did some Mana Curve Analysis and looked at Build for even Decks without Draw and 12-14 two drops as well as 6 4 Drops is ideal for draw consistency. The reason for Even Shamans strenght is The redundancy of the 2 4 drops as well as cheap AOE Hex as well as Burn. So I always look at that deck when building even deck. I guess the Garrison Commanders are like a Jade Lightening if you look at it this way. The Katherina is a better Lich King. N'zoth is the win condition.

    I think your version is more synergistic but my deck has the mechwarper into shreeder/Yeti  Barnes highroll :)

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    posted a message on Even Hunter Post feb 5 nerf

    Hi 1vka

    I play a lot of Hunter in Standart and Wild (to rank 1) and have a lot of conversations with Contributors to Vicious Syndicate for Hunter.

    I did a search for what i believe is optimal for Hunter and found you and 5 other decks. I invite you and the others to do some testing and we can team up on discord to make this a great deck if you like.

    I think first we have to idenify the key 26 cards. I also have 6 secrets, Also 6 2 drops (The exact ones are up for debate, I will tell you my choices later on and explain why) You have to realize that every deck has a weakness but also a strength.

    I will give you some feedback.

    2 Mana The direwolf and the hyena die on turn 2 most of the time imo, you need stand alone 2 drops. Gollaka and Bettle are best stated and activate weapon once they survive, Razormaw is great for obvious reasons. Secrets are fine. So I want you to test them and, direwolf alpha, knifejuggler, ooze, and Hyena.

    4 Mana Shaw, 2x Flanking, 2x Houndmaster are core Spellbreaker, Wingblast and Putricide are flex.

    6 Mana Rexar,Spellstone, Genn are core. Highmane is great top deck (instead of Ticket Scalper)

    8 Mana Lich King is OP especially with Zuljin

    Some other comments

    The weakness of this deck is card draw, The strenght is Face damage from heropower.

    The way you improve card draw is having good top decks for later on as well as Curve Calculations. I took the mana curve from even shaman in wild for reference and adapted it.

    The best standalone top Decks in hunter are Highmane and Lichking (Great With Zuljin except for the Board Clear Spell, Army of the dead and Buff is Insane).

    I like to minimize Techcards in my test decks so no Hunters mark, no ooze, no Draw. Then add them latter once i have core 25-27 cards

    Here my test Deck

    ### Even Hunter Smorc Curve Beast # Class: Hunter # Format: Standard # Year of the Raven # # 2x (2) Crackling Razormaw # 1x (2) Explosive Trap # 1x (2) Freezing Trap # 2x (2) Golakka Crawler # 2x (2) Headhunter's Hatchet # 2x (2) Plated Beetle # 2x (2) Snake Trap # 1x (2) Venomstrike Trap # 2x (2) Wandering Monster # 2x (4) Flanking Strike # 2x (4) Houndmaster # 1x (4) Houndmaster Shaw # 1x (4) Professor Putricide # 1x (4) Spellbreaker # 1x (6) Deathstalker Rexxar # 1x (6) Genn Greymane # 2x (6) Lesser Emerald Spellstone # 2x (6) Savannah Highmane # 1x (8) The Lich King # 1x (10) Zul'jin # AAECAYoWCocEyQTyBZ3MAsPMAsLOAobTAoDzAs30ApuFAwrHA+sH7QnkwgKOwwLd0gLf0gLj0gLq5gKwiwMA


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    Hobgoblin has found a home as a one of instead of one mountain giant in duwins list, I tried a lot of builds with halazzi the giants one is the best, also hobgoblin can be included in that deck to go wide and tall


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    Hey i am testing a quest version of this, Quest completion is very good as your cycle improves drastically, also carnassa is good by itself. You can always toss quest, but its definitivly a consideration also brood with hobgoblin are great ;)

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    you put all good deathrattles of paldin but no nzoth, that would be win condition right there. I haven been running the echoing ooze with valanyr and saronite. It works very well also the echoing ozze will double after steed.

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    The idea is neat, i tried many otk decks in paladin, the combo is 5 dead cards till last turn. That is too much to be viable, also try to put in better 2 drops the divine shield one, and corpse taker. Its a proactive cards that heals you as well with kangor. Only reason for kangor in any paladin deck is corpse taker.

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    posted a message on [Wild] Odd Shaman

    I put in a mininimal shudder package and it won me the game when i tried to play it. It was like 5 cards in total put i got to play shudderwock 4 times until he lost. Zola 2x doppelganster night shade the hero card, shudderwock.

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    posted a message on [Wild] Barnes Ancestral Spirit Shaman to Legend [60% Win Rate]

    I honestly think barnes is better with ancestral healing if you can get combo on 4 with lichking ect you auto win. On 6 you might win as well but its not that much impact. Wheter you use reincarnate ancestral spirit is preference. But nothing is better than turn 4 Rag Lich King at full health with taunt. Also you can taunt up sea giants for free.

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    this seems fun howerver the best draw card is missing sub nine put in more secrets huntress and you can thin your deck more easily

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    posted a message on OTK Boomzooka/Zul'jin

    Nice I like this deck, its more balanced and Midrangy now.

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