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    posted a message on Am I terrible or should I keep grinding???
    Quote from Helweek >>

    Also there is a reason why rank 5 is called Dad legend

     First time I heard that name but that’s quite true
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    posted a message on Help with a viable warrior deck?
    Quote from PileOfCheese >>
     hold up now, Krul is a warlock card
     Yeah my fault, I was thinking of Kun.
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    posted a message on Help with a viable warrior deck?

    So the best warrior deck always start the same.

    Pick two Ultimate infestation. Krul, add two wild growth, two jade blossom, one mire keeper and two re.... shit that's a druid deck

    Warrior players are a little out of option, there is either tier 3 high skill cap deck (like really high), meme deck or pirate warrior

    Unless you really want to play warrior, wait for three weeks playing another class and hope that the new expansion gives warrior really good cards

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    posted a message on They are getting ready to rig ALL ActBlizz Games (if they have not done so yet)

    If you see it in another way it means that PTW players will be matched more often against FTP. Increasing the winrate of the paying customers instead of randomly assigning a foe with similar skill level


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    posted a message on [old] The Right Way to Reward Dungeon Runs
    Quote from Thonson >>

    What about something simpler like each week Dungeon run keeps track of your farthest dungeon run, then at the end of each week you get a dungeon reward of 10g per boss completed on your farthest run of the week.

    Best run of the week is beating 7 bosses?  Get 70 gold!  Best is 4 bosses?  40g.  Maybe for a full clear of 8 bosses they can bump it to 100g.  So basically giving the same reward as weekly Tavern Brawl, but you get to choose what pack you get as you're rewarded the 100g instead of a pack.

    It's a small enough reward system of for easy gold in a single week that Blizzard could probably afford to implement it, and it simultaneously quiets some of the "Hearthstone is too expensive" chatter online as well as giving any new players an extra source of weekly income to start building up their sets.

    That is actually a great idea. I would just make it reward dust instead of gold
     8 win get 80 dust
    100 is roughly the same as the average dust packs value. But it remove the high roll of getting a legendary. Just a steady way to earn some dust. And in twenty weeks input gets you a free legendary. Should not banckrupt blizzard
    That would make people still play ranked and casual because they are the only way to get gold and buy packs. But it would give free dust to new players so they can craft cars without having to dust so interesting cards.
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    posted a message on Hands on with the Kobolds and Catacombs New Dungeon Run Feature

    I think they have the achievements, it comes in form of token cards back and hero’s.

    IMO I think that’s a better systeme than the Steam or Xbox achievement. Achievement is all about showing off, so the cards back and hero are best in that idea compared to a list of numbers or crossed boxes in a page.

    What could be done is improve on those and add in game reward visible in play mode. For instance they could add title during the announcement. Like 3/4 title for each classe whihc each corresponding to a specific achievement: like Valeera the destroyer with a condition to inflict 40 damage in one turn on Standart ladder. Etc etc

    The most important part would be to make those reward really hard to get.

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    posted a message on Zoolock mulligan pointer

    Hello everyone

    So this month I am playing the standard Keleseth Zoolock (pirate version). The deck feels really strong and I enjoy play it a lot. I am thinking of trying to do my fist legend push but I feel I make mistakes on the mulligan stage. Looked for a guide but nothing good enough.

    I hover around rank 3/4 and this what I do currently:

    I always try to mulligan very hard for Keleseth, I keep only the cards which I found game winning when played in the first turns. Here are the mulligan WITHOUT Keseseth in hand

    • Priest : always mulligan pirate away
      • No coin: Mulligan every thing apart from : Flame Imp
      • coin: always keep Flame imp Keep hand, keep Darkshire councilman if I have a good hand
    • Mage:
      • No coin: mulligan every thing apart for Flame imp Bloodsail Corsair Fire Fly
      • Coin: Same a above but I will keep my turn 3 if I have good turn 1
    • Shaman
      • No coin : Bloodsail corsair, voidwalker
      • coin: Flame Imp ONLY if i can coin a voidwalker on turn 1, fire fly, 3 mana card, sometimes mortal coin if I have a good have already
    • Hunter: always mulligan all pirate away unless I have a huge pirate synergie already in hand
      • No coin: Fire fly Flame imp voidwalker, Soulfire
      • Coin: same but I am more greedy with the soulfire and I will keep Darkshire
    • Paladin: don't see those
    • Rogue : if I have a hand full of turn 1 and minion flood is possible I sometime keep the whole hand
      • no coin: Bloodsail corsair, voidwalker, fire fly
      • coin: Same but I will keep a turn 3 if I have a good turn 1
    • Warrior: don't see those
    • Druid: I always assume jade druid and go for high health a pirate synergy
      • no coin: flame imp, Bloodsail corsair, voidwalker, fire fly,
      • coin: same but keep turn 3
    • Warlock: I always assume is a zoo, most of the time you either need a really good start or keleseth
      • no coin: Always keep high health turn 1 and pirate and flame imp
      • coin: same as above but keep turn 3 and Soulfire (if good hand)

    Apart form those basic rules I same time keep strong hand (like a strong pirate synergy which I can try to cash in early or a good hand with a doomsayer or soulfire and the discard imp) but those are edge cases

    Do I do any mulligan mistake ? should I be less greedy and keep average hand instead of mulliganing for Keleseth ? Is keeping Soulfire wrong when playing against board centric deck ? (hunter/warlock)

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    posted a message on Why is it so hard to push to legend right now?

    Legend is like 30% skill and 70% grind.

    You must have the skill to get legend if not you just stagnate at your rank BUT if you don't grind you have no chance however good you are.

    With a 55% winrate getting legend is 500 games. even with a 60% win rate (which is very good) you need to play 250 game to reach legend.

    don't get hopeless, analyses you match up/play , change deck and/or add the relevant tech and hit the road because no one gets legend without the grind.

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    posted a message on Cairne inclusion in decks

    Cairne is in the meta as a tech for the deck who can support it AND play bonemare

    The card is so difficult to clear that it can often guarantee a target for a game winning 7mana bonemare

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    posted a message on Djinni of Zephyrs does no longer trigger Entomb!

    At least it was fixed before the card left standard... Oh wait ?

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    posted a message on Corpsetaker prince

    For the moment I modified the list  - Argus - shadow wore of death for 1 bonemare and 1 potion of madness 

    The life steal is here for one reason- counter aggro deck and get free happy ghoul. The taunt are here as well to protect the tokens and hydra to hit face without dying

    the list is a work I progress to play for fun begiof the season. For the moment I hit an easy 13 on day 2 of the reset

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    posted a message on Tempo priest

    Thanks for the input, for the moment i removed Argus and one shadow word: death for 1 potion of madness and one bonemare 

    rank 13 on win streak. Not real mesure of performance, I am farming aggressive decks which don’t like the taunts I run in the deck. I will see how the deck performs once I get ran 10+.

    will try to make the deck work to rank 5 and if I can’t I will change to something more optimized 


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    posted a message on Tempo priest

    So what I take out of the remarks is remove the prince package and but back the 2 mana elemental and the buffer. 

    And the cheap spells. If I do that there is no reason to have happy ghoul, so no reason to try and get the lifesteal on corpsetaker 


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    posted a message on Tempo priest

    I Yop everyone,

    I am looking for some help improving a tempo/aggro priest.

    Corpsetaker prince
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    Minion (26) Ability (4)
    Loading Collection

    The problems I find playing the deck.

    • Tortollan Shellraiser I use it instead of Tar Creeper but the card is not exactly a “Tempo play”
    • I have difficulties damaging my face to be able to activate Happy Ghoul early
    • I have problems getting back on board if I lose it or have a bad start, kind of like hunter or zoolock 

    not sure if

    • I continue in this direction
    • forgoe the prince package
    • forgoe the corpsetaker package

    I really like the synergie between the lifesteal and happy ghoul but I often find myself undamaged when i start to combo

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    posted a message on Why the hell rogue is able to play Keleseth on curve every damn time.

    I play keleseth, on curve turn two times only 50% of the time. The rest of the time I coin it turn 1.

    is it a missplay ? Should still play keleseth on turn 2 only ?

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