About Me

Hello! My name is Alius and I am a F2P Gimmick Deck player in Hearthstone. Every time I open a legendary, I try to find the funnest way to use that legendary whether it be Yogg-Saron, Hope's End or Shudderwock I will try to find a fun way, and entertaining way, to win. 

About Me: I have been mainly F2Ping Hearthstone since TGT and have been slowly getting more and more cards. I currently live in California and I am a teenager. I like making meme decks and my highest rank is rank 13 (Thanks Odd Paladin). I don't plan on being competitive or even spending money as the experience of opening a golden legendary is priceless. My favorite card is obviously Yogg and my favorite deck is[deck] Yogg Shaman [/deck].


BattleTag Alius#11265 Favorite Class Mage Region US