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    GJ Blizzard for ruining another thing what could be a great game. Mercenaries was already really expensive and takes ALOT of time to farm up. I have spent around 60euro and for that you get almost nothing. Thijs spended 200euro and still needed to farm alot to be able to compete with just one deck. So greedy. Because of that i will never play this game again. I will also mentioned some other opinions of how blizzards greed is ruining their games.

    Hearthstone: Still was alot of farming every day but to be extra greedy they start to release 4 expansions every year making it almost impossible to keep up. This makes it so every new release of cards must be even better and stronger than before so players will have to have them. Hearhstone today is just  a joke when comes to powerswings and OTK possibilities.

    Wow: A typical game where the need to make it more and more noobfriendly to the point there there are no real game-experience, just farming.  Sure the graphic looks great, music is great, and interaction with story is great. But nothing that makes me enjoying wath i do when everything comes almost for free and nothing is hard. 


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