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    posted a message on What's wrong with Casual?

    I want to share my opinion about this one. Someone said to remove the Win X Games quests from Daily Quests,i think this is one step to do to reduce the Casual "Needing to win" decks,it might not be a huge step but it would help new players as well since they don't have many cards and thus reduced chances to actually win a game to do their daily quests.

    For one i am really hoping Blizzard will remove the Win X Games Quests from the pool because that seems like a smart decision,card bans and other more drastically actions need much more thinking in the long run,but doing just a simple step like removing Quests that demand Wins then i can totally agree Hearthstone would become a lot more "casual" at least figuratively and maybe a bit more literally than it currently is.


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    posted a message on 80g Quest Trading - Play A Friend! (#7)

    Battletag: DomnuLupu#2103

    Region: Europe

    Trade Only? Yes. You go first



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    posted a message on New Neutral Legendary Minion - Subject 9

    This card can be good in a Hand Mage deck but the fact that it is a legendary really makes the draw inconsistent.

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    posted a message on New Card Reveal - E.M.P. Operative

    Hard to say how good this card is but can take nr1 as a tech Card!

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    posted a message on Counter that card!

    N'Zoth, the Corruptor

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    posted a message on Now can we talk about armor removal tech?

    Maybe just a spell that damages Health based on Armor (or bypasses Armor like Pierce) i can totally see that in Mage class.

    Also Armor is not Health firstly because dealing damage affects both armor and health but removing armor might not directly remove Health (if is 0).

    Or maybe a Legendary minion with Battlecry: This Game Players cannot have more than x Armor (and also removes Armor if a player had over it) so that it caps Armor. The real problem with Armor is that it is not capped and is an extension to Health secondly. How much Armor can you even carry/put on yourself?

    I can see Paladins having a minion with an effect : If it loses Divine Shield remove x Armor from opponent (small explosion maybe).

    Priests can have maybe an "Armor Blast" spell or a minion with : Healing also removes that much Armor from opponent.

    But i cannot see all classes having Armor removal.

    Rogues can have a spell : Steal Armor from opponent (could be OP if ALL otherwise just an x amount but again Armor is like Secrets).

    People are complaining about Armor affecting Warrior the most but then why Blizzard added Armor for other classes?

    Mainly Druid and then Mage with Artificers (or Armor Secret i guess but that one makes more sense).

    But Warrior it seems to revolve around Taunt more than Armor(Blizzard pushes to it) so that means Warriors will not be that much affected by it.

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    posted a message on Counter that card!
    Quote from Shatterstar1998 >>


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    posted a message on New Rogue Legendary Spell - Myra's Unstable Element

    So the problem is you can't just rely on drawing specific cards with this Spell because you either draw some but the most important aspect is that you can Burn a lot of cards (bad for combo decks) this way.

    I can see this card being playable in Kingsbane Rogue for when they just need to burn deck and go infinite with Valeera Kingsbane Deathrattle.

    Now the things really change when we have mixed some Giants in there (Mountain Giant looks like a good card), only if we had that Timebound Giant that costs less per card drawn (nice memes with legit coin prep Myra and 2 8/8 s turn 1) but i doubt that card would be printed in the actual game.

    Faldorei Strider + Elven Minstrel work well but i can't really see this card played in other than Kingsbane Rogue, there are some cool stuffs with Togwaggle though which actually can be intriguing i mean Togwaggle + prep + Myra is like playing Azari (if they ransom) or forcing opponent to play with your Deck which can be great but at the same time your deck also has to be good to last till turn 10 (so it might only be a meme at this point).

    I am hoping for that Timebound Giant or something different, also the Spell does work well with Arcane Tyrant when it is not played for 2 Mana, it is too soon to judge it without knowing if there will be more cards to support it (effects when you draw cards or something).

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    posted a message on Design the new warrior hero card!!!

    The Hero Power could also be a Passive : After you play a minion deal 1-4 damage to a random enemy character (aka boom bot deathrattle)

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    posted a message on Explosive Sheep + Lifesteal

    It will work the same as Exploding Bat + Lifesteal combination so Yes!

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    posted a message on Legendaries cost should be reduced to half.

    The rating of Legendary cards is already in place for Arena (Buckets).

    My issue here is the fact that even Blizzard said they made a lot of "bad" legendary cards throughout the expansions and ofc opening one in a pack feels more like wasting 1200 dust rather than gaining 400 dust.

    So,if Blizzard would somehow get rid of those types of cards by lets say giving them "free" (like C'thun was) or by not letting them be opened in packs until all other good legendary cards are collected.

    It is punishing to get a "fun/meme" legendary in a pack instead of an actual competitive one,so a nice improvement would be in this department for a start.

    I would actually agree with Legendary cost to half for Wild collection because there aren't any packs in shop for them and also as a "slight" Wild support in a somewhat degree.

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    posted a message on How to get the girl you like in 3 steps!

    Ok i have a nice meme with Yogg-Medivh quotes(added more edited) :

    "Bow down before the god of sex!"

    Girl: "What?"

    "A gameee,so kind of you to join me!"

    <Slapped in the face>

    "I always win!"

    1 Day later :

    "I have returned!"

    Girl:" What you wanna get slapped again?"

    "I foresaw this!"



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    posted a message on Your First Golden Legendary Craft?

    I think my first Golden legendary craft was either Tirion Fordring or Edwin VanCleef both solid cards in Standard ,cards that will almost always find a good way to be used. 

    I just had the idea that if i am missing a very good core Legendary (especially from Standard) might as well make it Golden (1600 dust extra) because i would be sad if i got a normal one of those in future packs (reasoning).

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    posted a message on Golden pack opening!!
    Quote from Ehronatha >>

    Wow, a golden Legendary on my American account!  And it doesn't count towards my regular pity timer!

     I don't think golden cards count toward pity timers only the regular cards do if one golden legendary was opened in a regular pack

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