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    posted a message on How to get the girl you like in 3 steps!

    Ok i have a nice meme with Yogg-Medivh quotes(added more edited) :

    "Bow down before the god of sex!"

    Girl: "What?"

    "A gameee,so kind of you to join me!"

    <Slapped in the face>

    "I always win!"

    1 Day later :

    "I have returned!"

    Girl:" What you wanna get slapped again?"

    "I foresaw this!"



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    posted a message on Your First Golden Legendary Craft?

    I think my first Golden legendary craft was either Tirion Fordring or Edwin VanCleef both solid cards in Standard ,cards that will almost always find a good way to be used. 

    I just had the idea that if i am missing a very good core Legendary (especially from Standard) might as well make it Golden (1600 dust extra) because i would be sad if i got a normal one of those in future packs (reasoning).

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    posted a message on Golden pack opening!!
    Quote from Ehronatha >>

    Wow, a golden Legendary on my American account!  And it doesn't count towards my regular pity timer!

     I don't think golden cards count toward pity timers only the regular cards do if one golden legendary was opened in a regular pack

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    posted a message on Hunter Draw
    Quote from CarpRunner >>

    The hunter class is designed for tempo. Their hero power goes face. Hunter's class cards are designed to create tempo, not value. People trying to play a value game with hunter are cutting against the grain.

     Maybe that was the case at start but since many expansions Hunter was also pushed to be Control (DK Rexxar).

    Tempo is just an archetype,HP going face is also a forced Aggro archetype but HP does not say anything the cards are the ones that have something to say in the end.

    In any case card draw is important in any archetype (even tempo) and Hunter's card draw cards were both nerfed (Buzzard+Flare) and i know Hunter has pseudo-card draw in the form of adding random Beasts into the hand but is not actually a legit card draw.

    Not saying Hunter did not get good tempo cards but as i said card draw is like Azure Drake good in every deck,i would still love to see a good card draw in Hunter and a good AoE board clear (3 damage+) i mean i know Dragon Hunter will probably never get a Duskbreaker effect (which btw wrecks most Tempo decks cause it is OP) but well i hope for something.

    Class Identity in my book is more about the Theme of a Hero : Hunter class identity is Beast synergy,Mage spells,Priest resurrect,Warlock self-damage for power,Paladin power in numbers,Druid is mostly about treants and buffing many minions at once,Warrior well is about AoE cleaves/whirlwinds with Armor and Weapons,Rogue about strong combo cards and Shaman with Totems/Evolve

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    posted a message on Hunter Draw
    Quote from Sinti >>

    Long gone are the days of Buzzard+uth and im glad for it. Lack of card draw in hunter is kinda its class identity over the past few years and i think it is a good decision. It allows them to create some crazy cards or push out archetype like Spell Hunter without it being completely broken.

    Except is not actually a class identity since Buzzard is still supposed to be card draw the only problem is that it just sucks after the nerf so Hunter had shitty card draws.

    Every class has a card draw in the Expert Set in some form but not all are good enough to be run (see Buzzard).

    The other reliable card draw Hunters had was Flare when it was 1 mana (kinda like Priest Shield which was ok),i don't think Flare now deserves to still be 2 Mana (pretty much will just get Countered by Counterspell nowadays).

    To sum up:

    Priest has good card draw in Expert set (Shield + cleric)

    Druid has good enough card draw in Expert set (Nourish)

    Hunter has some terrible card draw (2 mana Flare and a 5 mana Buzzard) in Expert set

    Paladin has insane card draw in Expert set (Divine Favor + Lay on Hands for control)

    Mage has good card draw in Expert(Arcane Intellect)

    Shaman has good with potential to insane card draw (Mana Tide) and Far Sight

    Warlock already has card draw from HP

    Warrior has a good card draw (Battle Rage + Shield Block) with potential to be insane(Battle Rage) Commanding Shout is situational.

    Rogue theoretically can have a good card draw (Prep+Sprint) but Auctioneer will always be their card draw most of the time.

    So lack of card draw is not actually a class identity is just bad design if 1 class cannot have decent enough card draw.


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    posted a message on Why no Cenarius love?

    The effect is great for Token decks but unfortunately a lot of the mana cost is fueled into the Stats (5/8) which is contradictory to Token style decks (you don't want to play big minions just cheap and many minions).

    If it was a 4 mana 1/2 it would SURE see play imo.

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    posted a message on What is the ONE card you miss playing?

    I kinda miss not having the Counterfeit Coin as i really enjoyed the Miracle Rogue deck.

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    posted a message on Dr. Boom

    Perfectly Balanced

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    posted a message on Do You Like Free Stuff? It's Free Pack Day in Hearthstone! Login For a Golden Classic Pack

    I got Cairne Bloodhoof 1 rare and 3 commons (one of which was Shadowstep).

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    posted a message on Golden pack opening!!

    I was amazed by my pull on my main EU server it will show up from time to time i know it will Cairne Bloodhoof

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    posted a message on Golden CLASSIC pack

    Because it is a GOLDEN Classic Pack which has an entire different independent rates (and unique) for card rarities because of all cards being Golden.

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    posted a message on What are your favourite minion voice lines / quotes?

     "Eureka...i've done it!" Hydrologist i like the sound of it.

    "Prepare yourselves for the ultimate test!" Eadric the Pure

    and of course the one that " I can't wait no longer!" (SMOrc) Grommash Hellscream and "taste my blade( skill )" 

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    posted a message on Arena Exclusive Cards 2.0 (The Taverns of Time)

    I recon Infinite Wolf will be very OP!

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    posted a message on 80g Quest Trading - Play A Friend! (#7)

    Battletag: DomnuLupu#2103

    Region: EU

    Trade only? : yes, you go first

    Done with Makcumkoo#2539!

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    posted a message on How to counter all those hunters?
    Quote from ghostflyer >>

    As one of those pesky hunters, I can't deal with decks that go super wide and aggro. Token Druid and Odd Pally are particularly problematic.

     That's the reason Mossy Horror has been teched in Hunter usually.

    But yeah Hunter can't deal with hyper-aggressive decks pretty much.

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