About Me

I'm the "ANTI META"

Enjoy with my "custom decks" linked to the "Trollstone" emote instead of inversting on meta decks

I'm a casual guy who want to expose my own decks instead of follow the current meta decks (not all the time), and also I have the mad idea of making the Antimeta Series.

NEW UPDATES FOR ME: I'm been a while offline due to work and economical stability, but also I'm unable to sync my entire collection as well, so I'll try to give my best as possible with new antimeta decks!

Do you have new questions about me? I can answer for that (IF POSSIBLE, OF COURSE) ...

Why you have left from Hearthstone and your own "Antimeta Series"? Cause I've looked for new job opportunity offers and maybe the crysis of COVID-19, I guess? 

What happend with your outdated antimeta decks? That outdated decks won't be updated anymore, but could possibly I could relaunch that if I would just had enought time for it. But in this  case, I think to republish again like new post in order to make sense as well

What was happened with your social profiles such as Facebook, Twitch and Youtube Channel? My social profiles isn't help me anymore since I'm a dedicated guy with my profession (Software Developer), so think in mind what happend if I splitted my time on my hobbies against my current skills, does make it sense? I have a life in which I want to keep it, and unfortunately this and Hearthstone doens't pay me for the time in which I'm inversting for it U.U

If you are still curious for this, let me tell you individually what happend with each social network as well:

  • Facebook: I've already get bored, does it make sence?
  • Youtube: Seven sucriber for a few views and low views?, No thanks bro. It May be used for Halo: The Master Chief Collection clips instead of three of my antimeta decks gameplay in a single video. Aaaa of course, Didn't tell you that I'm a Haloist guy that preffers to play Halo as first of everything (not a supreme priority like working for a job) after meeting that TMCC was came out to PC and Halo infinte on holidays 2021?  ^.^
    I'm just joking you by the side of not uploading anymore Hearthstone content on my channel, I'll publish again when I can (I want to impress you with some antimeta decks get ready from my stuff XD)
  • Twitch: Friendly reminder that in order to start with the livestreaming, first I wan't to earn at least enought followers, obviously between Hearthstone, Halo, Starcraft and so on games in which you can see my gameplays, but with the respective time, of course

So, how much impact does the Halo franchise has with you?  Is part of my childhood, like Zelda, Mario, Gears of war, or anything videogame in which I was played, but obviusly I'm not a child anymore, so I'm trying to being careful with my time, TAKE NOTE FOR THIS!

In the past, you was called like "Alan3000", but it seems that your Blizzard accound no longer is called like your HearthPwn profile, why you have changed for it? This is a hard question to answer, but I can tell you for the shortest situation as well: Renew my account XD, does it make sense?


Do you want to see the original questions? Here this  ¬_¬ ...

When do you start your progress on Hearthstone? I have the oportunity to play the beta, but I was started on BlackRock Mountain Adventure (spring 2015).

Is really that you have all of card which are you presume? Yeah, because I want to collect the most possible card for each expansion whenever is possible.

Why do you love wild? Because Wild is my main side: all of my collection is here and, obviously, my hard work / money investment.

Does you dissenchant any card which you are disagree on receiving? No, because my main purpose is collect any card (included wild cards) whenever is possible, but not all cards! I prefere to collect such as Legendary cards which should help me on the future or that design looks cool for me.

Why aren't you uploading youtube videos or making a livestreaming such as Twitch, Facebook watch or Youtube Direct? This is a hard question to answer that, so I'll explain for you this question:

  • I'm a bussy guy who am on my personal job (Proffessional bussiness), so not all of my time is dedicated on hearthstone, I also need money for survival reasons :)
  • Whenever is possible, I just play all of type of videogames, so this is just a little free time (at least 1 hour)
  • If I was a kid or teenage, I could dedicate all of my time on this videogame, but Hearthstone has come to my life too later, so there is no possible to go back to the past: The Life cycle :)


Shall you consider a Hearthstone like a E-Sport? For everything? I think so; but for me? I don't have enought time to being an E-Sport candidate

Are you a fool gamer or a pro player? For me you can take anything of that opinion, I just play Hearthstone for fun, not for a competitive attitude

In a point of your hearthstone progress have you reach Legend rank? If that's right, Why aren't you reaching that rank periodically? Yes, I have reached Legend rank on Witchwood's expansion (spring 2018) on wild, but reaching that rank is hardered for streess reasons, so there is not my right side on hearthstone, and I just prefere reaching rank 5 instead of that rank for funny reasons (and bonuses seasson reasons) :)

Have you use any ranked deck? If that's right, why still you are making antimeta deck? My first ranked deck used from tempostorm was on fall 2017, when I was decided to leaving from rank 20 - 15, so this was a hard decision for me when I was stayed on twin sides: Standard - Wild. When I was started on Hearthstone on spring 2015, I just use some of my antimeta decks, but in that time I doesn't plan any of that small free time (ANTIMETA SERIES), so Hearthstone just was a gold-collect and card-collect from 2015 to 2017 no more after Knight of the Frozen Throne was release on that year, and finally on spring 2019 I have to dedice to being a pure wild dedication due to standard meta balance (demand of dusting - crafting cards) ...
My antimeta decks is just for going a different way than Meta way



BattleTag NETCore#11568 Favorite Class Druid Region US


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