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    posted a message on Card Nerfs Aug 26th - Including Wild

    YAY! Lets f** kill mage again. I swear to god, people bitch more about Mage than anyone else. Mage can't have a fucking playable deck that people will complain. Secret mage? BAD! Spell Mage? Bad! Aggro Mage? BAD

    HS is a fucking joke I swear.

    Downvote me all you want. 

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    posted a message on With the current cards revealed, why..

    Does it feel like the art work is really bland and boring? There nothing so far that made go "woaah I want that golden". Is this what they meant to respect their art designers? 

    I know there is still a lot to be showned but so far, extremely disappointed about the art. And obviously the cards itselves

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    posted a message on New Legendary Card Revealed - Reno The Relicologist

    Mage getting nice disappointing cards once again. Another skip for me.



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    posted a message on Hearthstone: The Hipocrisy and the Scam!


    With all the controversy surrounding Blizzard/HS right now, which Im 100% againts them, there is something I want to talk about.

    With the card changes, the arts, the flavours and the texts, something wasn't mentioned... FULL DUST REFUND! Yes, you've heard me. How in God's name didn't they gave the players the dust back regardless if it was golden or not? We are talking about purchasing (if you payed for the packs and got those cards), using dust to create normal and golden versions or simply getting them as rewards! And at the end, they changed the visual entirely which completely changes the perspective of the card! 

    Although its not nerfs that directly hits the game itself, it still is manipulation of what you own. Its your collection, the time and/or money you used to have those cards! And they, simply take them away and change them visually without any compensation, ITS A SCAM!

    Imagine you buy  a pack of cards you collect. You get this sweet looking card you always wanted because it looks cool. Now, that same company you bought the pack from, takes your card away and changes the art that you used to like, so some degraded looking art? How would you feel? You would ask for a return of the money right? But they deny it. So you wasted resources for something that was never going to be yours at the first place although it was stated it would be.


    Blizzard/Hearthstone, if you are aiming for more censorship to your game to appeal a small group of angry people at the internet and you want to make it look more friendly to kids... Why not change your store price systems? And create restrictions?

    If you are so worried about "today standards" about sexy pics, violence and gore, why are you not worried about "childrean" (that you are now targeting it for with this changes) using money to buy your packs and deals? 

    You know why? Because you didn't really made this changes because you woke up one day and thought "this is bad!". You made them because you now prefer to follow the people who don't even care or play your game. But when it comes to money, you step back and let it still be as bad as it is. Locking portraits behind 80 dollars deals, insane prices for packs, etc.

    You've a new low. You are on a life support Blizzard, just saying.

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    posted a message on Patch 14.6 Now Live! Card Art Updates, Dalaran Heist & More

    Also, shouldnt they be refunded with full dust? At leas the cards that completly changed arts?

    People use dust to craft them gold for the art. This is a big middle finger if you dont let it desinchant for full dust price.

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    posted a message on Patch 14.6 Now Live! Card Art Updates, Dalaran Heist & More

    I did forget to add this is also to satisfy Chinese market. Okay.

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    posted a message on Patch 14.6 Now Live! Card Art Updates, Dalaran Heist & More

    Care to elaborate? Maybe I did something wrong and I want to know about it

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    posted a message on Patch 14.6 Now Live! Card Art Updates, Dalaran Heist & More

    I think majority didn't played the game for the card arts.

    Obviously when a new card shows up, people will look at the art more often and the abilities. Then after a while the card art gets so monotonous that people wont even look as much or at all (to busy being salt over rng, including myself).

    People are more bothered by the useless change that didn't needed. There was no point to do this besides appealing to some angry internet mobs. And worst, is when the game actually needs balance they take their sweet time to change things. When some cards needs better text, they don't do it. 

    My 2 cents anyways. It obviously wont affect the gameplay but makes it look stupid.

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    posted a message on Patch 14.6 Now Live! Card Art Updates, Dalaran Heist & More

    Haha, I mean no offense to you fellow Americans, but your country is turning into a bigger joke everyday. There was literally no harm on those old card arts for years but now since its 2019 and if you show a little bit of cleavage in a game in the US, you are cursed. Even tho girls (even underaged ones) walk almost semi naked this days.

    Heck, they even changed the card art iteself LMAO! Thats censorship to the max. 

    If thats the case, changed every semi naked male hero then, following the "perfect" logic of Blizzard. Oh wait, they are males so its fine, duh.


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    posted a message on Came back after 2 or 3 months

    How is ladder right now? I did played the first initial days of the new expansion but dropped.

    Is Mage tier 1? Are the same decks being played yet?

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    posted a message on The Dalaran Heist - Adventure Launches May 16

    Sorry but this is just unfair for F2P players. I will explain it why.

    You have the a "Free to download game" who relies on sellings packs to earn money. Sure, thats totally fine and its understandable. People like to collect or try the competitive mode. It gets hard for F2P to build a full reliable deck but you can do it.

    Now, this is the part that gets rediculous! They are actually selling a SINGLE PLAYER EXPERIENCE for money! A single player mode who doesn't benefit anything for the online mode. But this is not the only problem! For you to actually buy the chapters, as a f2p, you will have to use almost 3000 (didn't do the math). Hard earning gold that you will have to either save for the next expansion or to buy a lousy single player mode. You either get stuck and don't get any packs (besides the ones they give) or don't have fun to this single player mode.

    Back then you had the solo adventure but they acted like expansions. So it's understandable why you could purchase it with money and/or gold. Because you would have no loss. But in this case you will have since the features that you get are not usable on online mode. So its really stupid.

    And by the way, im not f2p. Ive bought plenty of expansions. I just find a cash grab move.


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    posted a message on I give up. I tried, I did. But I give up.

    As a centric Mage player I throw the towel this expansion until something shines. I just can't take how Blizzard decided to give Mage the middle finger when it comes to board clears, survival or anything to actually stay relevant on early to mid game. Even late, you rely on RNG to bless the shit out of you. And if you are behind, and you will against  aggro, you just can't get back.

    I've tried my decks. I've tried netdecks. I used those decks and tested them for each matchup I had. Ladder is filled with Rogue, Priest and Druid (same decks) with occasional Warriors (with some different variants). 2 of them being aggro (3 if you want to count demon token Warlock), 1 who is with the ressurect/otk shenanigans, etc. Rogue again being a tier 1 deck (at the moment), Aggro decks there again (no suprise but holy shit its getting bad)...

    Yeah, you will say: "You suck" or "Tech cards" or "change decks" or "change class". Yeah, I don't consider myself amazing but im not bad either. You aren't suppose to tech cards against 4/5 different decks you have troubles with. I changed them to whatever is possible. I might.

    Regardless, I don't want to take the funsies from you guys so I hope you have fun. Last year i barely played. This year started better than last and the second expansion will make this year mroe enjoyable (i hope) but as of now, eh. But there are a lot of fun cards and combos to try. I will keep doing that on casual I suppose. Forget rank 5+ this expansion for me.

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    posted a message on Mage's lack of support in Survivability! Is it bad?
    Quote from SamHobbs494 >>

    Violet Spellsword, Sunreaver Spy, Sunreaver Warmage, Spellbook BinderViolet Warden, Azerite Elemental and Exotic Mountseller 

    All of those neutral minions are very good in mage decks as minions go and they have all mana cost ranges. Survivablity and heals and stalls are diminished for pretty much all classes so it's not just a mage issue and as others have mentioned, Mage isn't a heal class so it doesn't fit for mage to be a burst combo god and a defensive/stall/heal forever class at the same time

     The fact you called those cards "very good" just shows your unknowledge about Mage. Spellword is dependable on your hand and to be actually worth you would have to have 4-5 spells in your hand. You are better of using Twilight Drake. Not to mention, only Tempo Mage will a lot more spells than any type of mage deck. You just think "+ spell damage is an auto include on made decks!" and thats not the case.

    Sunreaver Spy is awful on Mage. You would have to include secrets in your deck (and as of right now, its not worth doing it so) and you would also have to use Sunreaver on turn 5 as a combo. And its a bad turn 5 if thats your play. This is a curve card and its meant for Paladin.

    Warmage is the only I can agree with.

    Binder requires a set up.  You better off using Thalnos or novice enginer if you want a draw card.

    Violet Warden is bad. Unless you get it from Power of Creation.

    Azerite is another slow tempo card and doesn't even have taunt. And the attack stat at turn 5 is laughable.

    No comments on Exotic, kappa.

    And thats where you are wrong. Mage is meant to be used as a heavy spell, control usage. Her powerful tool requires a lot of mana usage but by using it, you will be vulnerable. Thats why Ice Block existed. It let Mage run to late game and try to out value the opponent unless they could counter you. Now? Mage is weak on both early, mid and late game. Late game is arguable since you can do some nice swing tempo plays but that requires you to survive. Without any 1 drop, any early board clear or any good minion prior to turn 5, you are screwed against any deck. 

    Each class right now is capable of stabilize on early game and get healing/armor (besides hunter to some extent). Mage can't.

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    posted a message on Successful Mage Deck?

    Ive made a post about Mage's class and how this expansion they didn't get any surviving tools. I think that is what causing Mage to not perform as well as the other classes.

    Not only that but the lack of support in board control before turn 6. No 1 drops, no 3/4 mana board clears... Nothing.

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    posted a message on [RoS] Khadgar Mage {V2.1}

    What about the Harrison? He is a good 5 drop and gives you draw.

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