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    posted a message on Soo why aren’t the quest rewards 7 cost minions?

    I do think some of the quest (the easier ones) could have a more expensive reward, i dont think priest or rogue need it for example but i havent played much so i could be wrong.

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    posted a message on Are we both the beatdown?

    aggro matchups are really and i have no experience with the mech paladin deck but i played a bit of face hunter, i believe in this matchup the hunter is the one pressed for time he needs to close the game early because the threat of you landing a zilliax in a big mech is higher the more it goes on,  so in your words he would be the beatdown since he want to win before your bigger plays go online. you can also see it this way he cant really defend himself so he needs to beat you first


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    posted a message on 7 Legendary ( from which 2 Golden ) from 11 Packs

    you will get 1 legendary in the first 10 packs of an expansion so i am guessing theres some of it, but yeah lucky for sure

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    posted a message on Doom in the Tomb! New Event, Rewards and the 23 Cards Coming to Standard!

    So can we get both bundles? i think they would like more money so i dont really believe it but could be only one for a som on theme reasonning

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    posted a message on Control warrior is healthy for the game:

    guys that say we need more control decks should understand that CW is the deck that kills other controls decks since it can keep up or even outvalue while being better against aggro decks, strong aggro decks dont make it so theres is only 1 control deck, a control deck that is at the same time the ultmate anti aggro and value generator decks does.

    The Boom nerf seemed fine for me as did the galaxy nerf, you really should not want to keep a 5 or 7 mana card in your hand in most matchups

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    posted a message on Why do they keep the awful fireside gathering style with infinite duplicates?

    oyu mean the old way where there was nothing? the reason they let people use any number of copies is so people dont start playing and trying the new meta right noe too much, also you cant craft or buy extra packs so you dont have every card you could have this way you get less sad when you open a duplicate

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    posted a message on New Druid Card - Garden Gnome

    druid has more aoe buffs and this is always in your control since people cant proc the secret turn 3

    Quote from YouTopBro >>

    Why does this creature have 2/3 status and Hyena Alpha is 3/3? WHY? what is the balance?


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    posted a message on ARENA BROKEN

    Hey i cant win so its broken. fix it now!

    I can see it being hard for people that never played with some of the cards since theres some older ones, but theres no way  you getting 0 and 1 wins runs is just lack of sinergy and pure rng.

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    posted a message on Turn limit too small.
    Quote from jazzfan27 >>
    Quote from Shadowrisen >>

    I bet you a preorder and 100 more packs that never happens in a pro-level event.

    Worlds clearly shows how the warrior matchup can be trounced, and it never involves 3 Archivists.

     Why would how I buy cards have anything to do with anything?  (I'm a f2p player btw)

     i am pretty sure he meant he would bet a preorder and 100 more packs that it wont happen in pro events, nothing to do with how you get your cards

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    posted a message on Best time to Shudderwok to replay Elysia?

    well its hard to say if you are thinking only about fatigue then its when you have no cards left, it also depends on what cards you still have in the deck, the number of cards in your hand and also all other shudderwock battlecries and board situation.  

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