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    Thanks dps_kane!

    This is the first time anyone has ever commented on one of my decks.  I definitely think I need to tweak this deck, I switched back to it post the nerfs (I was playing cube) and it hasn't been doing well, not sure if it's bad matchups, the deck itself, or me :-).

    Ratcatcher looks fun to me, definitely on my list to try.  I do have godfrey and want to use him, as there are many games where I would love another board clear.

    I am thinking of trying a different Reno deck with more consistent demons, meaning no more Guldan pulling back imps from imp gang boss for one thing :-).  Thinking of something like https://twitter.com/keithnumbershs/status/1001630399141990400

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    Umm...Gazlowe not in the deck :-).  What would you pull out to put him in?

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    Agreed, even though it is a huge ooze target I want to try this as well.  I have been playing wild demon highlander and it's the most fun deck I have ever played (mind you I am a demon lock fan from the beginning).  The voidcaller effect is huge when it works, it is really unfortunate it's beginning of turn, but I still want to try it.

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    But where is Reno :-)...just messing with you.

    I like this deck.  I have never played secret hunter before, but got putricide out of a pack and found this deck.  It's fun so far, I just got my first ever 5 secrets in play.  I am also a big fan of DR decks and love n'zoth.  While this might be considered a strange pairing (secrets and N'zoth) I think it's fun - thanks!

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    Not to argue, but I initially thought Dreadsteed was bad, however after trying a Dreadsteed deck it's a lot of fun, I still play it.

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