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    100% sure it was a Spellbender, not Counterspell. The Counterspell would have triggered from the coin.

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    A bit different from what I usually run. No Freezing Trap, or Cobra Shot. No Haunted Creeper either, which is good as I always disliked that card in this deck, especially since the two spiders summoned aren't counted as beasts and can't trigger Kill Command. Eager to try this out!

    BTW, I don't have Mad Scientist. I realize it isn't replaceable but is there any substitute?

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    Quote from Neo777333 jump

    damn f*kin shit, I can't win even one game. I'm 0-12 since wednesday..this brawl sucks donkey balls

     If you're 0-12 then RNG has chosen to screw you over. Either that or you're making wrong trades.


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    Taking out a dragon would mean less things to synergize with though.

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    Here's my entry for this week:

    Nether Drake

    Pretty strong minion if you have a few small minions lying on the board. Perhaps a bit overcosted, but I believe it's okay. Could be used if you think your opponent has an AOE in hand, but is weaker to direct removals.

    Warlock-only because the 'gain their attack and health' mechanism is one that only warlocks have. Also warlocks could use a dragon. 

    "People often say something that destroys your board can't be trusted, but that's 'nether' here nor there."

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    Getting it out of the unstable portal in the dream. ;)

    Sadly it's not used much by Hunters either, sad to see such a great card wasted. I was thinking of a Tundra Rhino + Elven Archer + Arcane Shot with Thaurissan deck with this card, but I don't have the required cards. 

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    Try playing around with him, if you like it and feel that it fits in your decks then keep it, otherwise there really is no point in holding on to it, I mean it's not like Dr.Boom that it has a chance of Blizzard changing it in the future, so the best you're going to get out of is 1600 dust.

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    Here's my entry:

    Will of the Naaru

    I really like Light of the Naaru, it's a cool utility card that priests have and gives additional Lightwardens when needed. I built further on that idea and decided to make use of a minion that priests have almost forgotten now a days, the Lightspawn. So yeah the spell is pretty basic, restore five hp to a friendly character, most likely your hero or a buffed up minion and if it's still damaged, you get a Lightspawn.

    Edit: Here we go! :3

    Edit 2: 11 Likes so far. Thank you everyone who liked! :)

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    Perfectly Balanced

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    Destroyer of Worlds

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    I honestly don't understand the high need of attack and low need of health on this minion. It dies literally to any AoE, or even Knife Juggler.

    A 1/4 with stealth and the same effect would have been better imo.

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    Hard to get those 1/1 minions to survive that long though as many other AOEs are within that range of mana. (Holy Nova, Consecration, Lightning Storm, heck even a whirlwind will do xD).

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    You're getting it all wrong. In theory, for 10 mana, you're not just getting a minion but destroying an enemy minion as well.

    So let's see, basic removal costs 5 mana. (Assassinate)  That means five mana, for removing enemy's minion and then five more for you getting that minion, which means that if the minion you get is anything better than a five cost minion it's a good trade.

    TL;DR: If the minion you take control of is anything better than a 5/5 it will be a good trade.

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    I agree, but the reason why this card is not viable and in general not 'good' is because good cards  give you value even if they are removed with removal. E.g: Dr. Boom gives 2 Boom Bots, Ragnaros deals 8 damage, Alexstraza lets you change a hero's HP.

    The cards I mentioned are just as expensive as Gruul, but they give an effect when played, unlike Gruul which might as well be a waste of mana when cleared using removal.

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    Deathwing is supposed to be played either as a last resort when you're losing and think, "hey maybe this card will turn the game around, or maybe it won't in either case I am losing so whatever."

    Or, you play it once you know you have exhausted all your opponent's resources such as BGHs and removals and don't have any valuable cards in hand that you would mind losing.

    If Deathwing's the first minion you play as you reach turn 10, then you're likely going to lose. Sorry a card requires you to actually think and judge the situation before throwing it in.

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