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    posted a message on [POST NERFS]: LEGEND Budget Demon Hunter

    Happy to report I got to Diamond 10 with this with an 88% winrate (7-1). Was stuck around mid-Plat for a long while on launch day and this helped me pass that bump. Will see how it fares higher into Diamond, thanks. 

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    posted a message on Year of the Dragon Expansions Guessing Thread

    Last one looks like Caverns of Time.

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    posted a message on Get Into The Rumble Zone With These Rastakhan Deck Lists
    Quote from beppe946 >>

    I really like Holy Wrath OTK but I think that if it sticks to the meta, then Hakkar, the Soulflayer will relegate it to tier 4. Prince Liam seems a nice counter, but what do you think?

     Or like just run Silence.

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    posted a message on 65 packs opened - 2 legendaries

    30 packs. 5 legendaries including the free Loa.

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    posted a message on Can there be a change in Card Artwork? 

    Your argument is quite weak. You're saying that in the future, Blizzard might change their policy, and for that reason, you should be allowed to break rules? That's literally not how the world works my friend. With your argument, I could just not post any art on the cards at all, and then say that in the future Blizzard might change their policy to remove art from cards altogether. Not very sensible is it?

    Personally speaking, I dislike cards with real-life art. Even if the effect is good, the art is often something that conveys the lore of the card, and while that is obviously something that should come 2nd to the actual effect, it does have value in my eyes. Also simply adding realistic art doesn't make your work 'different' or 'innovative' by any means. 

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    posted a message on I Have all Brm cards and All Loe cards but I can't find a good wild deck to play
    Quote from Shadowrisen >>
    Quote from Rapidosamurai >>
    Quote from DragPriest >>

    Yes I would rather a deck which is good on the ladder

    I have Pretty much all dragon legendaries if that helps

     Renolock is better for ladder then ANY dragon deck out there if im right. Probably i am xD

    Edit: if you will play renolock just concede when you see mill rogue..

     NOOOO! Incorrect.  Assuming you mean Kingsbane mill rogue, do not concede.  Renolock should not lose that match unless a couple of specific cards get milled.

    Ok, let me look up the list.  I'm sorry but I don't actually know the process of making a deck in this site.  Don't use exactly the list I link; I'll list the changes after.

    Reno Warlock List

    Take out Demonwrath, Shadow Bolt, and Giggling Inventor

    Put in Skulking Geist, Gluttonous Ooze (or acidic if you don't have), and . . .

    well, I've been sitting here for a few mins and I can't remember what I put in for Shadow Bolt.  There was something I put in recently for Shadow Bolt and I can't remember.  So either leave the Bolt or toss in an Ysera for fun.  I'll post whatever the last card is when I get home.

    I'm sitting at #131 legend right now with exactly this deck.  If you're willing to fight it out with Jade Druid, you can take back the Demonwrath and leave that out, but I wouldn't recommend it.

    On the subject of Kingsbane . . .

    You only lose to Kingsbane in one of 3 cases:

    1.  He gets a 8 power weapon early and is able to just burn you down too quick.

    2.  You lose Gnomeferatu or Ooze to a mill.

    3.  You are impatient and play ooze or Gnomeferatu early.

    Just stay alive and ideally get ooze, brann, and feratu in hand.  Hold Reno and healbot as long as possible.

    Let him draw out, kill the weapon, mill the weapon, profit.

    You need Brann to make sure you hit the right weapon, since often there will be one Kingsbane with all the buffs and one without.


    I don't know any decks that heavily feature dragons that are working very well right now, but at least you get to use Emperor, Reno, and Brann in this one.

     Thanks for the tips man. Been struggling with that match up, but this will help.

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    posted a message on 1500 XP Quest Trading - Play A Friend! (#7)

    Battletag: Agithore#2723

    Region: EU

    Trade Only?: Yes, you go first

    Did it with the guy below. Thanks.

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    posted a message on 1500 XP Quest Trading - Play A Friend! (#7)

    Battletag: Donezo
    Region: EU
    Trade Only?: Yes, you go first

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    posted a message on New Neutral Minion - Gurubashi Offering
    Quote from Kovachut >>

    I think this might be kinda good. Imagine how you play this against aggro decks and you are going first.

    You play this, then can't deal with it and you gain 8 armour. In the late game you can clear a board and play it. If they don't have a rush minion, charger or a weapon, you gain some health back. I think this has some potential.

     I think you've got a point. It can be a good play at the start and after board clears. If nothing else, it will eat up some spell or some damage anyway, which basically is like gaining Health.

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    posted a message on New Priest Minion - Auchenai Phantasm
    Quote from tictactucroc >>

    I am that guy who crafted 2 golden Embrace the Shadow and still hasn't dusted them... 

    I guess redundancy is good for a deck. 

     That spell has amazing art and golden animation. I'd keep it for that alone.

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    posted a message on New Neutral Minion - Ornery Tortoise

    Seems like a strong fit in non-Control Hunter decks.  Is one extra extra Health worth it though?

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    posted a message on Even v. Odd. Which is more powerful?
    Quote from Rainbowhunter >>

    Even Shaman is an absolutely bonkers deck. It might not be the powerhouse of Standard but in Wild this deck is pretty much unstoppable.

     I play Odd Rogue in Wild and have to say I absolutely hate going against Even Shaman. Their Eel pretty much eats up any 1 or 2 drop I have on the board, and the two attack weapon is often wasted on having to kill totems every turn.

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    posted a message on Fanmade Card - Harth Stonebrew (Innkeeper)

    Made this for the Custom Hearthstone sub-reddit. Thought I'd post it here too. Feel free to critique balance and/or design.

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    posted a message on Even Pirate Rogue (Theorycraft)

    Whoa! What a cool deck. I expect this to become a part of the new meta.

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