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    posted a message on 5 cards you love that don't fit the meta

    Recombobulator comes to mind. Such a fun card should have space in the meta, right?

    Onyxia should get more love too... if only she spawned explosive whelps...

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    posted a message on The best Dreadsteed deck, theorycraft.

    This deck is like:


    But guys, I'm pretty sure he's being sarcastic :P


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    posted a message on This game has no place in e-sports
    Quote from Jota jump

    I do not understand what a game based on chance and opportunism can be in esports.

    Maybe you don't understand the game and are working with an assumption that clearly contradicts the facts, such as pro players being "lucky" all the time. But yeah, it's fine, nobody understands everything. 

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    posted a message on Terrible cards: a clue?

    Yup, Larnok. If you look closely, I actually linked that video on the post u_u hahahaha

    @Rem~, I give up dude, you keep making points against things I never said.

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    posted a message on Terrible cards: a clue?

    Disclaimer: Since I'm quite new to the game, I'm not sufficiently informed to know if this has already been discussed.  

    Listening to the latest TAC I started wondering if there is a good reason for the terrible cards we're seeing being released*. Poisoned Blade clearly has no space in the current meta, and provided that no crazy synergistic card is released, nor will it ever have. This might be a somewhat bold assumption, but let's work with this hypothesis for the sake of the argument
    New rogue weapon

    Why is such card released? You could argue that it has a unique interaction that justifies itself simply by existing, as it increases the pool of possible combinations in the game, yes. But I'd like to think that blizzard actually cares enough about their game to not just fill every upcoming set with sub-par cards that will never have a real function in the game.

    So, how do you fit a weak card in a competitive meta? You make the meta weaker. How? Well, there are some ways, and one of them is restricting cards. You could do it by power level, rarity, ratio of usage in previous month... or by the set they belong to. As a magic player, I'm used to different formats... these restrict the pool of cards available to deckbuilding, sort of in the manner I'm suggesting. Pauper for example only allows you to use common cards. Standard restricts you to the latest released sets. Modern prohibits any card released before the 8th edition, unless it has been reprinted. This means that you can't just bust out your Black Lotus and Ancestral Recall** on your Friday night magic event and crush your opponents who didn't even know those cards existed. But I digress... What I'm trying to say here is that if some sort of format was implemented in HS, we would have the chance to use cards that would normally never fit any deck in our current constructed reality. And it won't be like arena, when you feel bad for picking something you know it's bad compared to all the good things out there... in a restricted constructed environment, bad cards actually become better merely because there might not be anything better!

    Now, by no means does this represent a threat to our current constructed system. I believe that multiple formats could run independently at the same time, in a way people who like things the way they are can keep on doing their thing and people who enjoy restraints will be able to put their skills to the test. The only issue could be ladder, as multiple ones would have to exist in order for players to face only same format opponents.

    Interestingly enough, this would also address a growing problem in HS: new players. As the game grows in card number, it gets harder and harder for new players to feel secure and understand what is going on. A small pool often leads to some amount of frustration, and despite being a really good way to learn about the game, it might be overwhelming to deal with so many new cards being presented game after game by your more experienced opponents.

    For these reasons, I wouldn't be surprised if eventually formats are announced in HS, maybe in conjunction with the acclaimed tournament mode.


    TLDR: Less cards available = bad cards are not as bad. 

    *As a note, I am not saying that we don't need weak cards, like Magma Rager. There is a nice video about this topic.
    ** Very very OP and old magic cards.

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    posted a message on Iron sensei flavor text

    Vanish could have had binary code in its flavor text. I guess we'll never know.

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    posted a message on Kill dat bling. Why?

    First off, I'm one of those players who enjoy playing gold cards. Doesn't matter if I only have one, I'll play the sh*t out of it in a deck that needs two copies. Don't hate on me bro, you got your tastes I've got mine (and I realize the strategic disadvantage, I just really value the bling).

    Now that we got that out of the way, here is my actual "concern". Your opponent got two copies of knife juggler out, one foil, one plain boring. You've  got the means to remove one, and only one. Why the golden one? Is that some kind of attempt-to-tilt strategy? Because it's clearly working, considering I'm posting this. No, but seriously, is that your moral justification? Can't your computer handle all that memory-consuming animation? C'mon bro! Why would you not be a sport and let that animation stick around so we can all enjoy it? Hahaha. 

    Lastly, if you think this is dumb, please vote for this thread on the "most frivolous thread 2015" poll, thanks!

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    posted a message on Nozdormu/Youthful Brewmaster "combo"

    Would you? Because this combo can win literally ANY game... other than ones you'd die from fatigue or the opponent has a big taunter that would kill nozdormu before it can hit face (not many of those anyway). But really, most times those conditions won't be met and you might just be crushed when literally nothing else would have saved your opponent... idk, sounds irritating hahaha.

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    posted a message on So, who's ready for a Flamewaker nerf?

    Wow, so much hate. Not a single argument, only "oh, you had bad luck", "quit QQ'ing", "it's good, not op". It's not like the guy made a strong point, but at any rate have any of you either.

    I agree that it wouldn't be unreasonable to nerf it, and I'll actually present the reason I think that.

    1. Mage already has very strong and versatile class spells, many of them pretty cheap, perfect for comboing with a card like flamewaker. You're just potentializing what already is good by itself.

    2. Yes, it is a knife juggler on steroids. How many juggles you will get from a juggler on average? 2? And I'm being generous, because this guy gets a target on his head as soon as it hits the board, besides, it's somewhat easy killing a 2 health minion. You will most likely not get a knife thrown the turn he comes out, not in the early game. Now when we look at flamewaker, turn 3 flamewaker > coin > random 1 mana spell and you're looking at 4 pings. With 4 pings, what is going to survive on your board? How are you supposed to kill him next turn? Death's bite, fireball, truesilver champion, lucky implosion... non-terrible crackle, lava burst... and lets say that for some unlikely reason you don't have any of this cards in your hand by turn 4. You lost. Unless the mage has crappy hand and draws, you lost. Because you're already against the wall trying to kill that flamewaker and the mage is trowing obstacles in the form of counterspell/mirror entity, mirror images and killing every single minion you are able to play in the process. I know how to play around the secrets, I just can't play around them and put myself in a winning position on turn 4, no way there is enough mana. And it will only snowball out of control. By the time you're about to stabilize, you're in burn range. So yeah, that 4 health pushes this guy over the top, it's just too hard killing it, and if you don't, pings are going to rape every minion you play. 

    3. Mage already has viable decks. Really, mech mage is already unfair when they get the nuts opener. It's a very cheap deck and can just wreck about everything there is provided it has a good opener. But is there a way to stop this deck? Even getting rid of goblin blastmage, it's still going to be solid. You'd have to mess around those neutral mechs, and that's not cool.
    There is freeze mage, a high-end deck, not very popular nowadays, but still strong. 
    There is echo mage, also pretty cool.
    So why another viable potentially unfair deck? Shaman has hardly one playable deck. Paladin has pretty much one serious option. Why not focus on giving those classes the means to show up in ladder?

    The way I see it, it's just a way too strong card for mages, it's not just good, it's oppressive. Either you kill it right away, or you're in bad shape. And it's ok for there to be cards like this, I just can't accept that they're hitting the board by turn 3, when my mana can barely allow me to develop my board.

    Would a nerf kill tempo mage? Yes. Is that a bad thing? I don't see the problem.

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