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    I generally don't like this kind of changes, but this one actually makes sense. It's a little thing, and it seems there would be bigger issues to tackle, but I can't say I disagree that it works better for tokens to have no rarity gem, it's a vert valid way to differentiate them from regular cards.

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    Quote from PKFatality >>
    • Rend will be updated in the Kobolds and Catacombs patch to target based on the silver dragon.

     I guess ill use my golden Master Chest so Rend Blackhand can't target it haha

     Watch out, the blizzard CIA will be banning all who exploit this game-breaking glitch!
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    Yeah, having the mac client would be great. I ended up installing inkeeper on a windows computer I don't use and will update my collection over there every few weeks or so, but it's annoying having to download all the 234623575364 updates blizzard releases every 3 seconds all at once every time I do it.

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    No one would complain if it hadn't been ages since the last game mode was introduced. Because it is frustrating that when it does

    1. It isn't tournament mode
    2. It's supposed to have tons of replayability while being PVE 
    3. Having no rewards attached to it, despite being loot-themed 

    But what annoys me the most is that blizzard can do literally ANYTHING, no matter how bad it is, no matter how delayed it is, and there's ALWAYS going to be people to defend them and dismiss legitimate criticism. They're the assholes for being pissed that the hearthstone team seems to have no hierarchy of priorities, you are the saint that will congratulate them for finally releasing the game replay feature on the 10th game anniversary. 

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    I am for including a new tribe in the game, and that card should be one of them. 

    No, not Gnome. Meme tribe. 

    I notice there are people trying to figure if this is remotely playable. Let me save you some time: it isn't. 

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    "One of the Esports guys at Blizzard has logged over 200 Dungeon Runs and still is having fun."

    Yeah, I know this one homeless guy who is ALWAYS drawing spirals with a pen on a notebook, whenever you walk past him he'll be there doing his thing. I'm pretty sure this doesn't mean that anyone else would be too thrilled to engage in the same activity. 

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    All Hearthstone interviews ever in a nutshell: 

    > What about *add very basic game feature*?
    > Oh yeah, we're definitively talking about this internally. Nothing else we can say about this for now.

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    Too early to assume that. They have always released controversial powerhouses in just about every expansion. There will always be oppressive decks that will deny "fun" decks, at least if no new  PVP game mode is introduced, or the ladder is somehow reworked, which doesn't seem to be one of the things we'll be getting this time around.

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    It's great to add new game modes, but if they don't feel rewarding there is little point in playing, especially repeatedly. 

    Cardbacks aren't as interesting of a reward as they used to be 2 years ago. Getting arthas as a paladin skin feels rewarding, a cardback does not.

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    While I agree the question is kinda dumb, I wouldn't go as far as to say that they "hate inconsistentency". There are plenty of examples of inconsistency, including wordings on cards that do the exact same thing, like injured blademaster and injured kvaldir.

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