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    posted a message on Chef Naomi Why so many streamers claim its bad ?

    Technically you can run it in control deck in control vs control matchup but it depends on the meta and I doubt that it'll be heavy control meta especially if hunter will be as good as he is right now.

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    To be honest I think they should at least make one free (and available for everyone) hero for each class so that everyone would be satisfied. But why make more free heroes when you can make more money right? It's interesting that they didn't make a hero for Year of the Dragon (which makes me wonder if there even will be more free heroes in the future). Even though I have Tyrande and I don't really care about the new one, I think it's unfair that the new priest hero is for preorder especially since they realised that they fucked up with Tyrande before. It makes me think that they did it on purpose so more people will buy the preorder. 

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    The whole game needs more love. Not just Wild mode.

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