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    I praise your enthusiasm and sense of exploration, but something like this would cause lots of outrage to the people who did not know, Blizzard would never do something like that in the fragile hearth community

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    posted a message on Hearthstone Specialist - The New Competitive Format for 2019

    I see this as problematic but would like to make it clear why

    1. This will likely be even less like ladder than tournaments already were, so players won't be able to relate
    2. Even if there is more skill, which will take some time to determine, there is going to be the same matchup slightly modified three times in a row, where before you got many different matchups entirely. This will be boring.
    3. Many classes are not flexible enough to be ran alone. At least before fringe decks that couldnt see play on ladder because they weren't general enough had a chance, due to bans and balance with your other decks
    4. Matches will feel more coinflip-ish than they used to feel. A player matching against a class that counters theirs will basically just lose, watching the series will feel boring.

    Sure there will be good series, but that would be the case with any matchup, I dont see enough good for this type of thinking

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    posted a message on Winter Veil is Coming! New Card Back, Bundle Deal, Free Packs Through Quest

    Be careful, 3/5 of the pack-types here are rotating out next spring.

    So for standard players, that is like 12 packs and 1800 dust for $20 dollars. Assuming you buy this instead of $20 of Rasta packs youd get 3 less packs  but 1800 more dust (kind of like a net 1500 value gain, but sorta less cause of how opening needed cards is kinda like saving the crafting cost rather than the disenchanting cost).

    I think it is still kinda worth it, but nothing to feel like you have to buy.

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    posted a message on Rastakhan's Rumble Legendary Cards Worth Your Dust

    I am going to comment specifically to help new players trying to navigate the use of a limited supply of dust and legendaries

    Zul'jin is a craft I'd tend to avoid. He is class specific and the required legends to be used in his decks (Rexxar and Rhok) are going to be leaving standard the next expansion. I wouldn't advice crafting him for players who dont already own those two required legends.

    Oondasta is good, and will continue to be good, but he is used in a bunch of really expensive decks that require a decent bit of the legendaries to be viable. Some of those legends are either rotating out soon or have no general use outside of oondasta decks (Tyrantus)

    If you insist on crafting paladin legendary, I'd go for Tiger and wouldnt recommend Thekal. Every deck with Thekal will use Tiger but not vice-versa. Tiger also shows up in some more budget friendly decks, and could probably be a tech choice in any random budget paladin somewhat successfully.

    Zihi is probably alright but not really non replaceable for players on a budget, I'd say to avoid.

    Jan'alai seems to be both in wealthy decks and heavily dependent on the use of Jaina which is rotating out soon. I wouldnt craft unless you already own Jaina.

    Baku and Zilliax are cards I'd actually recommend because they are neutral and will not be rotating out early next year, Zilliax can go in most decks you make harmlessly and Baku opens up some budget deck building options

    Leeroy can go in most Baku/budget aggro decks in general and turns up in nearly every expansion as viable. It also is a classic card and never will be not playable. Highly recommended craft.

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    posted a message on New Rogue Legendary Reveal - Gral, the Shark

    Most of what you asked is fairly obvious. There will be likely be no credible streamer who misinterprets the card.

    1. It is clear you do not choose the minion from your deck, the card would be both way too powerful and the animation wouldnt be pleasant.
    2. 'Gaining' stats has a fairly straightforward meaning. If it 'eats' a 1/1 minion it'll become a 3/3. If it became a 1/1 theyd say 'copy its stats' rather than gain.
    3. The 'eat' premise removes the card from your deck, otherwise the card would read something like 'Battlecry: Gain the stats of a minion from your deck ... Deathrattle: Add it to your hand'

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    posted a message on Ben Brode Explains Why Even "Simple" Solutions Take Time - Ladder Revamp

    The fact that people are downvoting you is really sad and petty for them.

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    posted a message on Patches the Pirate Loses Charge - Four Card Nerfs Coming in February

    Both swipe and fireball have been not included in decks before though

    Axe almost never. I dont support the nerf Im just saying

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    posted a message on Two Free Kobolds Card Packs - Now Available for Free to Twitch Prime Members

    Lol its kinda funny that people downvoted you. Sorry dude, expressing gratitude gets you hate nowadays. It might be also because Rin isnt that good, but that isnt really what downvotes should be for

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    posted a message on Hearthstone Update for February Contains New Events, Possible Balance Changes

    Evann most of what I said wasnt really directed at you.

    Im a good player, I take the game very seriously.

    Corridor Creeper I think looks better than it is because of patches being played by everyone. When patches goes away Creeper gets a slight nerf automatically.

    The design team is getting better, more cards are being released that are bad, but inspire fun decks.

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    posted a message on Hearthstone Update for February Contains New Events, Possible Balance Changes

    Rarity really has nothing to do with whether a card is balanced in constructed. Just because others can use it doesnt mean its balanced. If I make a 0 mana neutral minion with 'battlecry deal 30 to opponent's hero' it is not balanced just because others can get it for cheap. His nerf suggestions are bad, but your refutations are probably worse. If youre gonna be a jerk, at least be intelligent about it. 

    Duskbreaker: "Paladin's and Warlock's are both basic and don't require a minion in your hand to activate" Considering the only card I have seen used as a two of in Raza are duskbreaker, its at least close to overpowered. Your point here is almost good, but it doesnt change the fact that this card is clearly power creep.

    Carnivorous Cube: "There's always the concede button if you're tired of sucking losing." Your attack is substanceless douchebaggery

    Despicable Dreadlord: Is indeed out of context for the warlock the way theyve set them up

    Grand Archivist: "First, proves my previous statement, second, who runs that again? I haven't seen a single player use that in constructed." This card received a good bit of experimentation in dragon big spell priest decks to decent success, You must be too low of rank to have noticed

    Corridor Creeper: "common, so everyone has it (unless you're that idiot who, for the dumbest reasons, refuses to invest anything into KFT). Balanced." Another weak rarity related point. The 755 is too swingy and uninteractive. Your opponent cant really play around it, and its hard to play intelligently with it either.

    Primordial Glyph: "Portal is rare; Glyph is epic. That's what we, in the game world, call balance. And it is indeed balanced." Once again poor rarity argument. Glyph is too difficult to play around, and will be in every Mage deck as long as its available regardless of what kind of Mage deck is being played, and will be one of the strongest cards. Needs review.

    UI: "with 5-card draw, has the likely potential to mill yourself. Even with an empty hand, when it's most beneficial, it still costs all of their mana." While UI isnt actually as overpowered as people think, it is clearly a very good card, and milling yourself rarely is relevant. Finding druid decks which wont use the card will be hard for the future, regardless of their playstyle

    Obsidian Statue: Big priest is a bottom tier 2 deck so yeah kinda

    Spiteful Summoner: "What is even the point of that? They literally made it for Big Spell decks. Why would you only want to summon Elven Archer when playing against Warrior on ranked?" I agree, the card should not be turned into something not based on your own decks synergy, deck building needs to feel fun

    Cobold Scalebane: "Only buffs dragons? That would make it unplayable. Common, everyone has it. Same scenario as I listed right above. Balanced." It would indeed make it unplayable, but your rarity argument is once again flawed. Cobold is I think balanced for constructed, but in arena its a toxic type card.

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