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    posted a message on Dissatisfied with the nerfs...
    Quote from Carlsberg >>

    The Hysteria nerf was not needed. Only way priest can fight for early board. 

     Priest is a dead class anyway because Tickatus dodged a nerf yet again! Warlock will just cut hysteria for hellfire or firebreather.

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    posted a message on Tickatus need a change
    Quote from SwordDancer >>

    Control warlock is a tier 3 deck, so let's kill its win condition to make it fair /s

     Blizz is also buffing 10 cards so I expect them to buff something in warlock when they nerf Tickatus.

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    posted a message on Incoming nerf predictions

    Here's my nerf predictions based on hints and research:

    Tickatus burns 3 cards, down from 5

    Crabrider 3 health down from 4

    Mankrik 3 health down from 4

    Conviction cost increased to 2 mana

    Incanter's Flow cost increased to 3 mana

    We might find out in a few hours what gets nerfed and buffed, really hoping Tickatus is among the 5 nerfs! He's the most complained about card!

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    posted a message on Mage is fun, right?

    Mage desperately needs a nerf in wild. My friend just told me now diamond 1-4 is almost 100% otk flamewaker mage and theres no counters. Even aggro loses to otk mage.

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    posted a message on Please more nerfs

    Tickatus desperately needs a nerf so control can return. Paladin needs at least 3 cards nerfed and wild mage needs flamewaker and sorc nerfed.

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    posted a message on Your opinion about APM mage

    Mage broke wild and needs a nerf in the next balance patch. I haven't played wild in the last few days and my friends are frustrated too, many switched to standard. Been hearing wild is over 50% mage now. Blizz nerfed tiller otk, they should do the same for otk mage.

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    posted a message on Don't lose hope! There's a chance Tickatus gets nerfed in the next balance patch!

    While this balance patch will probably spare Tickatus from a nerf, his time may come in a few weeks. There's so much hate for this card and even I think he should get nerfed and I main warlock! The balance team is currently watching him and are likely to step in if his playrate exceeds 10-15%. People think this will easily be the case after mage and paladin see their power, play and winrate decline. Tickatus is the reason control is dead other than warlock. We believe he will be nerfed so both players discard 5 cards from their deck. Still useful for countering combo, but won't win you fatigue.

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    posted a message on If Mage dies, Control warrior will probably take over
    Quote from Paradov >>

    Control warrior loses to Tickatus

     This. Until Tick gets nerfed hard or rotates out, control is dead.

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    posted a message on Why wasn't pen flinger nerfed?

    Good chance it gets nerfed next balance patch so it cant target face.

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    posted a message on Am I the only one worried about the Rogue reverts?



    Quest rogue broke wild. Control is dead and has largely vanished from wild by now. Legend is mostly quest rogue mirrors. The most popular deck is quest rogue and it beats everything except hyper aggro such as token druid and facehunter. Even regular aggro is sometimes too slow! People are already calling for a renerf and I am optimistic it will happen sometime in April along with several standard cards balance patch.

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