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    posted a message on Who will go to Hall of Fame?
    Quote from Supuhfuzz >>

    I nominate Leeroy. It's interesting that Blizz has become staunchly anti-Charge yet this neutral Fireball remains a staple in aggro decks.

     He should have been rotated long ago. He used to cost 4, but is still OP at 5!

    Quote from Murl0c_Slayer >>


     Leeroy Jenkins and Malygos are on the edge i think.

     Both need to go!

    Quote from adityajibhkate >>

    Only divine spirit will be hofed. Rest is absolutely fine. 

     I think 3-5 cards will be rotated out, divine spirit a real possibility since its a problem.

    Quote from hillandder >>

    Leeroy, charge should never exists in a game you can't act in opponent turn.

     Agree, Blizz should just phase out charge from standard.

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    posted a message on sTANDARD Meta after Nerfs?

    Combo priest dropped to tier 2, but is still a problem because of 1 mana cleric and 2 mana divine spirit.

    Control warrior also dropped to tier 2, but most warriors are aggro, faster games and higher winrate.

    Highlander mage is tier 3 since they had two of their cards nerfed

    Big priest dropped to tier 2 in wild and is seeing far less play now, thank god!

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    posted a message on Your nerf predictions??

    Let me add my late predictions. I believe 8 cards will get nerfed since during the nerf leak, they said they would be nerfing up to 10 cards, but not more than 10 so it's looking like a big balance patch. I expect mage, warrior and priest to all get hit. Each of those classes will see two of their cards nerfed. I also expect Prismatic lens in Paladin to get hit as well. Barnes likewise is likely to finally get nerfed for wild big priest. Most of the nerfed cards will still see play except for extra arms.

    1. Northshire Cleric bumped to 2 mana.(leaked nerf)

    2. Extra Arms reverted back to 3 mana.(leaked nerf)

    3. Conjurer's Calling bumped to 4 mana.(leaked nerf)

    4. Luna's Pocket Galaxy nerfed to 6 or 7 mana.

    5. Brawl nerfed to 6 mana.

    6. Omega Devastator nerfed to 5 mana.

    7. Prismatic Lens nerfed to 5 mana.

    8. Barnes nerfed to 5 or 6 mana.

    I think warrior's Boom will dodge the nerf since he's rotating out in several months and he's not as broken as mage's galaxy. The hit to brawl and Omega will do their job in weakening warrior anyway. I will be surprised if more than two legendary cards get hit. Divine spirit might also dodge the nerf, but if not, I expect it to be bumped to 3 or 4 mana to slow the combo down. Mountain giant will also dodge the nerf since CC is getting hit to 4 mana anyway.

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    posted a message on There Will be Nerfs
    Quote from Haussenfuss >>

    My two cents -

    It seems likely that the devs will target "old" decks with high play-rates which don't use very many new cards. Judging by the HSReplays numbers, Control Warrior together with the various flavours of Galaxy/Conjurer Mage have combined play-rates of about 22%, and win-rates pretty uniformly above 53%. I'm guessing that the most likely candidates for nerfs will be Mad Genius, Galaxy and CC.

    It's also worth considering which decks would emerge as front-runners, after those decks are nerfed. Murloc Paladin is already the top deck on HSReplays, and the decks which are most likely to be nerfed are among its worst match-ups. I suspect Prismatic Lens will get hit.(post truncated)


     Blizz might nerf brawl to 6 mana instead of Boom if they decide to nerf galaxy and Barnes, I don't think it's too likely more than 2 legendaries get hit due to all the dust refund. I can see a nerf to 4-6 cards total, including Barnes himself.

    Quote from Wingdude22 >>

    I just hope they nerf Northshire Cleric, since this card not only has premium stats, it also enables Priests of drawing like crazy, wich they aren’t supposed to do Classidentity wise. 

    With more arms it’s more problematic than ever and with a small nerf on the Cleric, Divine Spirit wouldn’t be much of a problem.

     Divine spirit is more likely to get hit, but maybe both will get their mana cost bumped.

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    posted a message on Another Barnes-Nerf discussion... (Yeah! Seriously!)


    Check out the above link, there's still hope Barnes finally gets nerfed to 5 or even 6 mana. There will be a huge backlash if Blizz doesn't nerf Barnes in the upcoming balance patch.

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    posted a message on Balancing Dr. Boom (or, How I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb)

    Blizz will probably just nerf a classic card like brawl to 6 mana and let Boom rotate out in several months.

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    posted a message on New Warlock Legendary Card - Dark Pharaoh Tekahn
    Quote from JustaMurloc >>

    Maybe 3rd expansion material

    right now your better off not running it

     It is seeing play in some zoolocks right now, but not a must craft. You can sub for Leeroy, zilliax or sea giant.

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    posted a message on The expansion will be out later today. Don't craft/dust anything for a week! Lots of OP cards incoming, see long guide/post!

    Let me give you advice by telling you to stay calm and cool and wait a week. There is no rush, let others experiment from cards they open from packs and we will find out what's actually OP. If you must craft right away, only craft commons or rares. I took a look at lightforge arena and will be commenting on OP cards:

    Neutral cards:

    1. Zephrys the Great (score 234) will probably be the most crafted card, might be the only safe day 1 craft. We still have to wait and see how good the AI is. I still expect it to be autoinclude in any wild Reno decks and this may force me to try a version without Prince Keleseth we may see highlander even in standard as well.

    2. Octosari [/card] (score 197) is the Dr. 8 of this expansion, absolutely broken in aggro/tempo/faster midrange decks and will be in most such decks except wild odd decks. It's too slow to be run in control and combo decks since you often have a big hand and can burn key cards. We might see double [card]spellbreaker run in most decks and BGH could make a comeback in control decks too.

    3. Siamat [/card] (score 175) is the Dr. 7 of this expansion. Might even be strong enough to be run in wild alongside [card]Dr. Boom in slower decks, especially Reno decks. Probably a safe day 1 craft, but doesn't hurt to wait.

    4. Colossus of the Moon (score 168) is one of the most broken single 10 cost minion ever. This will make big priest in wild even more OP and make any big or control decks in standard stronger vs. the mirror. Very difficult to remove, will often end games on it's own in 2 or 3 turns.

    5. Wrapped Golem (score 153) is a very strong 7 drop, could be the Bonemareof the set and a nerf candidate to 8 mana. Be sure to save a silence or BGH for this guy.

    6. Vulpera Scoundrel (score 132) a strong card for discovering a board clear or removal. Looks like a great fit in control and highlander decks, including Reno decks in wild.

    7. Neferset Ritualist (score 130)  will be great in midrange decks, especially priests and make cards like Injured Blademaster insane.

    8. History Buff (score 129) is another insane card that can be run in almost any deck that runs minions, especially zoo decks. It's vanilla with a considerable upside and might get nerfed to a 3/3.

    9. Quicksand Elemental (score 128) puts Shrinkmeisterto shame and will be run in every aggro/tempo deck so they can make value trades. Should get nerfed to 3 mana.

    10. Candletaker (score 123) is a solid card for aggro decks.

    11. Bug Collector (score 114) another good card in aggro and zoo decks.

    12. Temple Berserker (score 112) still another good aggro card.

    A few other neutral cards may see play in the right deck, but don't look OP to me with the exception of Beaming Sidekick, an insane 1 drop.

    Druids get Oasis Surger (score 205) which may replace Swipe(136) in token decks. It's way better and can trade 4 for 1 in the mirror.

    Hunters get Desert Spear (score 177) which will be an autoinclude till it rotates out. Be sure to tech in an ooze! They also have Hunter's Pack (score 132) for hand refill. Scarlet Webweaver (score 109) rounds it up and lets you cheat out big beasts.

    Mages have Arcane Flakmage (score 180) which is so good with secrets. They also have Reno the Relicologist (score 168) which should fit great in wild Renomages.

    Paladins got three new great cards, they are Pharaoh's Blessing (157) and Subdue [/card] (148) and[card] Ancestrial guardian (139)

    Priests got an insane 9 mana board clear Plague of Death (166) but it's still worse than Psychic Scream (202) they also have Holy Ripple (135) and Penance(125)

    Rogues will love to run Sahket Sapper (142) and Bazaar Mugger (128) and Pharaoh Cat (127) 

    Shamans got an interesting card Plague of Murlocs (173) but I honestly don't see this being run because it's useless vs. aggro and you can just rush big priest by playing aggro or murloc shaman anyway and win with Bloodlust. Sandstorm Elemental (149) is another great card as well as EVIL Totem (127) and Splitting Axe (125)

    Zoolocks could be the strongest deck in the expansion due to Plague of Flames (230) that lets them clear your board and rebuild theirs. Diseased Vulture (201) will win zoolocks games on it's own if it lives. They got a good removal in the form of Impbalming [/card] (168) but I don't see control warlock being viable and you can't run this in highlander. For all the hype over [card]Riftcleaver (137) it's still worse than Siphon Soul (157) and neither card sees play anyway. Sinister Deal [/card]and [card]Evil recruiter will break the game and cause EVIL Recruiter to be nerfed to 4 mana.

    Warriors got a weapon that's even better than Fiery War Axe (143) in the form of Livewire Lance (205) better save your oozes! Restless Mummy (165) could replace Omega Devastator which is bad vs. aggro anyway. Frightened Flunky (161) is an insane card in every warrior deck, period! It beats Stonehill Defender (124) by a mile!

    This is all guys! Read my long guide carefully and feel free to comment!

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    posted a message on New Neutral Legendary - Octosari
    Quote from Echtvad >>

    Will you ever need to draw 8 cards? The answer is no.

     Divine favor was run to draw as many as 8 cards vs. control, this is unconditional 8 if not silenced.

    Quote from b1ak1ce >>

    I like the flavor, hate everything else about it.

    Too slow for aggro, overdraws in midrange and control.

     That card is meta defining and will be run in every aggro deck as a late game refill. It's way better than divine favor!

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    posted a message on Will There Be More Highlander Support?

    Still no neutral highlander legendary, but there's still 2 left to be revealed. Maybe we see it tonight, if not then in the final dump tomorrow? Someone on Reddit did say there would be one, hope so or those 4 class highlander cards will be completely useless.

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