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    Very interesting! Big changes coming to hearthstone! Maybe we will finally see a third format such as classic, modern or pauper.


    Frodan says: "Still in shock after hearing what's planned for @PlayHearthstone 2020. The developers remain as passionate as ever. They haven't given up on the game. Not even close.

    If they can execute, this will cement Hearthstone for the next decade. For new, returning, and veteran players."

    My comments: Wow! This might be as big as Hearthstone 2.0 where they basically redesign the entire game! We saw it happen with Heroes of the storm 2.0! Lots of people speculating basic/classic will be hall of famed in favor of a core set. All that dust refund would go towards crafting the new cards for the core set.

    Update: See my post #7 below for more news! We are probably getting a classic format!

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    posted a message on Hearthstone-summit-2020-preparing-upcoming-announcements. Could we see a third format?


    (Guys, look what I found on Reddit! See above link!)All I know from my Sources:

    • 2020 Roadmap contains up to 6 innovations/implementations. But Influenceres were unable to test all of them because some content is still under costruction.

    • All the content will be introduced gradually during 2020.

    • Influencers NDA comprends multiples embargos for each new content release scheduled by Blizzard.

    • Influencers played the entire upcoming expansion during demo session. They playtested a lot (5+ hours) and probably not just the new expansion.

    • Influencers have seen the 2020 Hall of Fame and some of they were very surprised by it.

    • Someone mentioned something about co-operation between Influencers in the near future.

    • Each couple of Influencers recorded a videoclip (similar to HCT Events) that will be shown in some "context" soon. (2v2 Co-Op Announcement maybe?)

    • Something HUGE will be announced very soon, presumably next week.

    • The big changes coming this year include the competitive cooperative and multiplayer formats for battlegrounds.
    • They will also be releasing a tournament mode for the classic format of play which will be ranked in on ladder in seasons. In standard conquest format 4 decks must be selected, 1 is then banned by your opponent.

    My comments: Wow! this is super exciting! There could be up to 6 new features in Hearthstone this year! We should see something new in the weeks and months to come! As for hall of fame, there's speculation a few dozen cards will rotate out to be replaced by a core set. We might see all charge cards, including Leeroy himself get retired and replaced by rush for the core classic/basic set. There's also a possibility a few OP cards from 2019 expansions gets retired a year early, including Zephrys himself! I am also excited to see 2v2 mode and team mode in BG! We have wild and standard and it looks like we are getting a third format, the classic format. This also explains why 2020 HOF will be surprising! Expect many balance changes to classic as well.

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    Blizz isn't unnerfing old cards, just new ones so cards like Dr. Boom hero might be reverted back to 7 mana.

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    posted a message on Let's guess what cards will be nerfed

    Just make embiggen cost 2 mana instead of 0 mana and it will be more fair. 

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    I agree, we need two nerfs to demons and mechs. Do not buff murlocs, there already is too many people going for murlocs and if they highroll, they often end up #1 anyway! I also hope the OP heroes get a nerf as well.

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    posted a message on Why do we have to play the adventure to get the new cards?!

    If you don't have much time and money, just craft whizzbang or play vs. a friend and borrow his deck. Don't worry about high ranks, do an arena or BG run.

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    posted a message on The adventure will contain 4 class hero legendaries, mage one already revealed


    35 cards total, 4 of them are legendaries. We already saw the mage one.

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    Blizz should have programmed Zephrys to always offer secret removal if you already have lethal on board and a secret is the only thing in the way. This has been the case for me, no idea why Zephrys missed lethal for you.

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    Just stick to BG till adventure and 2nd balance patch arrives. The first balance patch didn't do much except shave about 3% off shaman's oppressive winrate. Meta didn't really change except more aggro and less shamans, but they are still OP. Faceless Corruptor is still everywhere as a 4/4 too.

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    posted a message on the nerfs are underwhelming... BUT
    Quote from Ghost7x >>

    it IS the holiday season. I suspect they wanted to start with light changes first to see if it is enough, then revisit it after the holidays with more permanent solutions. I know it sucks but this is more than likely why it happened like this. 

     You may be right. I read this in another forum and it makes sense. I am pasting the below text. Alot of people are disappointed that the nerfs don't go far enough and they may be right. There wasn't enough time for a big balance patch so they just nerfed the most broken deck and will give it a few weeks to see. A second balance patch could occur in January. 

    (this was found on another forum)

    Though, there is still some hope for team 5 to redeem themselves.

    Apparently the game developers in Blizzard already left for the Holidays, so they didn’t get to overview all the cards and promised that after new year more balance changes will occur.
    Some streamers on Twitch mentioned it. I just wish there was an official announcement saying that these minor changes are only to test things up before the holidays and not the only “balance changes” - they don’t seem to be balanced at all.

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