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    What i really dislike about this system is you get random legendaries and epics, just give us Dust so we can have more fun and craft what we want, that is purely a downgrade to the current system and it should be addressed to Blizzard.

     I disagree, a card pack should be about random cards.  You want dust then disenchant cards and get dust.  Don't complain about randomness.  HS should be random.  

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    Remember most games are not F2P.  If you're complaining that Hearthstone wouldn't be as fun if you had to pay money, then there is no shame in finding out some things cost money. 

    If Hearthstone was a kids game then they probably wouldn't care too much about pouring money into it.  It's not.  Most people playing it have money.  Most of you complaining about having to pay or being a casual player have money, just too stingy, spend it on coffee or fast food.  

    We're talking about 50$ once every 4 months.  If you can't afford that then you should be playing with less cards.  Plain and simple. 

    It's not Pay to win, it's pay to have fun.   


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    I do.  I won't be watching.  

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    Quote from Majora >>
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    Quote from Majora >>

    From a purely conversational standpoint (I can't believe I've actually got to say that)... so far a lot of the cards, dual-class especially, seem rather mediocre. Along with that the class legendaries are super dull and also weak. Don't get me wrong, the set as an overall looks pretty interesting, but the cards themselves... I don't know... meh?

    I do hope the rest of the set raises the bar a little.

     Agreed, all the cards i see are mediocre AF, nothing so far is interesting, the only card that peaks my interest is the shaman/druid innervate for wild ofc, standard is unplayable as it stands.  If the other half of the cards are still as boring as these ones, we'll have another stale shitty meta until december

     A lot of these cards crazy so far what are you talking about


    Star Student Stelina: MUST be Outcasted. Just a less than average 4/3 if not. 

    Mozaki, Master Duelist: Good, but boring.

    Turalyon: I mean... come on. Paladin being Paladin again I see.

    Infiltrator Lilian: Absolutely NOT worthy of legendary. This is a rare effect at best. Also boring.

    Archwitch Willow: Good, but boring.

    Rattlegore: Waaaay too slow. Easily prone to silence and transform. Played for funsies only.

    Doctor Krastinov: Fine card, but my god that's bland.

    Ras Frostwhisper: Good, but boring.

    The rest of the class legendaries are either really good, interesting, or both. But as of now, the neutral legendaries are 100 times more interesting than the rest. I would've gone on about the dual-class cards too, but I lost interest halfway through.

     This is a common condition known as Pre Expansion "Everything Sucks".  It stems from not having any idea of card interaction and no prior knowledge of power level prior to release.  Some notable symptoms are the use of words like boring, bland, and funsies.  Some other signs to look out for are CAPS and stretched words like "waaaay".  Waiting for all the cards to be released and seeing them in play is the best way to avoid being that guy.   

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    posted a message on is Battlegrounds killed ranked mode

    I can't imagine ever choosing BG over Ranked.  BG is like Solitaire.  

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    Quote from M0res >>

    I agree that it’s boring as hell though. Playing against the same cards / combos / synergies again and again and again and again and again...

    rogue? Pharaoh first card! Turn two? Coin and combo lakeys... 

    DH? Here’s your battle mage turn one. Turn two? Get a battlefiend!

    Warlock - oh let’s play the quest card first shall we? Turn two, let’s hero power to see what happens.

    oh Druid - fantastic! End turn end turn end turn, 2 extra mana (yeah!) turn 8?Let’s now play all my cards and draw another 5 at turn 9 in case I get a free dragon from ysera! 

    Paladin? Reduce cost of Librams at turn one... turn two let’s buff with my reduced librams.. turn 8? Restore 8 health and divine shield tank!

    you get my point I guess... at the end of the day highlander decks are the only ones that are not predictable and I’d like them to stay 

     This guy gets it.  Something needs to change more often than "oh, DH is broken af let's nerf".   

    That is literally what they said they were planning to do.  Then, crickets...

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    I have to say that cards are getting boring as time passes.  Hearthstone claimed they would be more involved with mechanics and sending out frequent card buffs and nerfs to keep the game from getting stale.  

    Game is getting pretty stale.  I hate priest decks, they completely destroy any creativity.  Same goes for DH, Rogue, Druid, Mage, Warlock, 

    It's always the same decks.  exact same deck after deck, game after game.  It doesn't matter what you play it's either win at the draw or water your deck down to try and survive an aggro rush.  And this is lame.  

    How is it that HS keeps sending out these trash cards that are either too generous, or too fast?

    Highlander decks need to go.  No use playing against a deck that can always win/survive with 1 card.  

    Druid decks are complete trash.    

    So I guess since no deck is completely busted we won't hear from the Dev until next set.  ZZzzzZZ....

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    I just went 14-5 with a HL Hunter Deck.  Surprisingly Beastmaster Leoroxx was a star.  I'll post the deck code and results when I get a chance.  

    5-0 against DH.  2-2 vs Priest.  3-2 vs Rogue.  

    Before I started playing it I was stuck at rank 10D.  I tried all sorts of variations of decks.  Kept losing to DH and Priest for the same reasons you said.  Priest is just stupid to play against.  

    Then there's Druid.  They expect that it will take a while to figure out a deck like that, but there it is.  

    I think NoHands Warrior is strong.  I just didn't feel like playing it.  

    Priest and Galak Rogue are just stupid level value decks.  It has been like this for a long time. 

    Hopefully Shaman will get better.  Paladin and Mage too.  They are just a half step behind everyone else.  

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    I will consume packs very soon.  


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    posted a message on Ranked Mode Overhaul Matchmaking - Frequently Asked Questions
    Quote from Mansfield92 >>

    I feel like I have to react to this. From my perspective I can no longer have fun on ladder. For past months I almost didn't play ladder, I was just focusing on BG. But when I tried this stupid new ladder system, I only face people with Legend cardbacks, full golden decks, golden heroes. I didn't play that much last year, yet I face emoting tryhards now. Can someone explain? I mean I play Hearthstone since 2014 and I have so far 2 golden heroes and King Anduin. I have same bad experience in Standard and Wild. I don't think keeping the winrate of everyone to 50% is a good move. I mean this system makes sense on like bronze / silver, but then it should be just the rank and not some stupid MMR. 

    Seems like new players are more important that players playing for 5+ years... Thanks Blizzard

     If you've been playing for 5+ years and can't win a game, I don't think that's Blizzard's fault.  Sounds like you only like playing when you're winning.  Here's a thought, maybe the cards you're using or the decks you're playing aren't good, or there could be one other reason.  

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