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    posted a message on Pirate Warrior, Face Hunter what about your SMORC skills?

    So says user-12934823422039448320933842394029348403294802394234

    Dedicated HS Player since 2014


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    One thing I always check when making a deck is the curve.  If you look at the curve you always want to count the number of cards you have above 4 and below 4.  You should always have a higher amount of low cost cards.  If you are top heavy, then you will end up conceding way too many games just because you drew bad.  Imagine any deck you play against will have cards on the board by turn 4 and in some cases you will have played none.  

    With mage this is somewhat acceptable because it's not a fast deck.  But keep in mind a 1-2 cost card can be as valuable as any 5 cost card in that it can trade early and keep you in the game.  Where a 5 cost card is going to sit in your hand with the other 5 cost cards. 

    I can't tell you how many times I've conceded with a handful of 5-6 cost cards that do nothing.  

    Some cards to consider adding - 

    Faerie Dragon , Dragon Breeder , Transmogrifier , Learn Draconic

    taking out - 

    Power of Creation , Conjurer's Calling

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    Quote from user-100394506 >>

    Shaman is far ahead, even with nerfs. 

     I doubt it.  What version do you think is so good? 

    Let's see your OP list.  And how it survives turn 4 hunter.

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    posted a message on Hunterstone

    What is next after Shaman, Rogue, or hunter? 

    Everybody is playing something.  

    What rank are you?

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    posted a message on Shaman looking strong despite nerfs
    Quote from FortyDust >>

    I returned to Hearthstone at the beginning of the Year of the Dragon because I heard Genn and Baku were out early, along with the natural rotation of all the DKs.

    I came to regret my decision as Boom proved to be an oppressive monster, but I stuck with it when they nerfed Archivist and some Rogue stuff, then announced some first-time-ever card buffs. That was fairly exciting news.

    Then the buffs turned out to be mostly good, but absolutely terrible in two instances, and that problem didn't get fixed for nearly three months despite the fact that it was immediately obvious there was a massive imbalance.

    The meta was actually very good then for like half a second until they put Evolve back into Standard and it became absolutely unplayable.

    That lasted until DoD, but I bought the expansion anyway since Evolve and the other Wild cards were being removed.

    I was thrilled to learn they were being so responsive and nerfing some DoD cards in the second week of the expansion.

    Now I see that these nerfs are going to be about as effective as the Dr. Boom nerf earlier this year (that is to say, not at all).

    So yeah, all in all, I very much regret giving this game another chance.

     Nerf cane out today.  How do you know it's effect already?  Because you played 1 game as priest and lost?

    This is a meme at best.

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    I think were better than we were.  

    If you look at the curve Shaman is not in a good spot. 

    Everything has become a little more expensive or slow. 

    Turn 1Sludge Slurper is weak. 

    No Turn 5 play.  Corrupt Elementalist not until 6.  

    Flesh Shaper is only good against a wide board.  

    Faceless Corruptor is mediocre.  Not going to stop Rogue or Hunter.

    Sure you can do quest or Galakrond shenanigans, but not if you're dead.

    I think there is more time for Control decks to draw out clears.  Combos to push through Dragon Packs, and aggro to stomp face.

    The plan was not to destroy the class.  

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    Quote from EternalHS >>
    Quote from kitox_me >>

    they panic in the last second

    i read they talked to some pros and the changes team5 proposed sucked


    I've heard the exact same thing! My uncle's cousin who works in a pizza place next to Blizzard HQ knows a guy who is an intern and works with a guy whose office is next to Team 5 office so he had overheard them talking about it during lunch break!

     That's what the girl at the nail salon said.  Some guy walked in saying nerfs sucked.  And she was worried because she had just bought her son one for Christmas and she was thinking about returning it.  So it's probably true.  

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    posted a message on I hate!! this expansion

    Everyone playing Shaman like it's about to get nerfed.  hehe. 

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    posted a message on Descent of Dragons Balance Changes Coming - Including Shaman Changes

    Only because you can tech against it.  Try tech against a constant stream of 2/1, 5/4, and 8/8 rush minions that all return again as 1 card.  

    Oh and if that's not enough play two 5/6 Taunt Minons for 5 mana.  

    And if all of this is not enough, have a ton of lackeys and card draw.  

    Wait are we missing anything?  Oh yea one more thing, have a 0 mana turn your 0 mana minion into an 8/8 or something else broken card. 

    And all of this has little to no RNG Potential.  Almost 0.  

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