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    posted a message on What lvl is everyone’s rewards track?

    In the 80s. No BP this time around, I felt like it didnt make much difference in the long run, just faster short term gold gain.

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    posted a message on Nobody accepts my friend requests :(

    i dont ever really accept friend requests, but i dont get them really either. The only times ill send one is if opponent is also playing a cool deck and it was a close/fun game. Sadly, most of my opponents just play decks copied directly from HSReplay. Ive gotten legend (63%+ winrate) the last 3 seasons with a home brew paladin deck, its not that hard to build a unique deck that you can climb with.

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    posted a message on Group therapy! Need to blow off steam? Mega salty? Here is the place! V2

    11-2 in arena with a pretty trash druid deck. Winning on board, rogue opponent plays 2x jackpot on turn 5.


    He gets flame strike, whirlpool, scale of onyxia and drake fire, that he played for 4 mana off the next spell cost 0 minion for a 7/7 taunt and raid boss onyixia while he still has a welp on board.


    This game fucking sucks sometimes.

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    posted a message on how are you guys able to play?
    Quote from RAGEdarky >>

    You can also delete the deck you are picking and assemble it again, it helps.

     Thanks! This solved the problem. I had a really good time getting high rolled for 3 hours afterwards lol.

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    posted a message on how are you guys able to play?

    I keep getting an error when I try and play that says "There was an error starting your game. Please wait a few minutes and try again." I had this last night and today, but it only affects constructed. Tavern Brawl and Arena both work fine, but I would love to play the normal game.

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    posted a message on Nextgen? Reno Mage Sunken City Legend
    Quote from TallStranger >>
    Quote from Jokepwn >>

    What's the purpose of Sir Finley in this deck?

     Yeah, I couldn't figure out a purpose for it either. Wonder if you're better off with either a tech card or some spell generation/ remove.

     if you have a bad hand and need to cycle it.

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    posted a message on Help improving midrange paladin
    Quote from Aventurier >>

    you are missing clears, as you correctly identified. be it equality, city tax, consecration or wild pyromancer combo.

    looks like you want to achieve board presence with your deck so i ll pick city tax and consecration yep (pyro is too controling and clear yourself), and remove knight of anoint and ring of courage (you ll most likely own the board)

     i ended up hitting legend with it, but will have to see how it goes since the nerfs (or played hearthstone in a few days since i got married over the weekend). curse warlock already felt like a challenge pre nerf, so it might be more so now. murlock wasnt too much of a challenge before because once they lose the board they only have gigafin for recovery, but I will assume its much faster now.

    for board clears city tax might be useful again with lots of murloc tokens, but i would usually look for those on school teacher and battle vicar anyways.

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    posted a message on Talk about retuning player system

    It can be challenging returning from a long break. I have played since GvG, but took a break after Ungoro. By the time I came back a year later I was too far behind in cards to play standard and even wild I struggled to compete due to powercreep.

    I ended up making a new account, and because of the apprentice ranks I was able to build up a collection capable of climbing to diamond every season for the rewards. With arena as my only gold investment and saving what I dont use I've been able to purchase the mini sets with gold and open between 80-100 packs per expansion at launch.

    I cant build a good deck for every class, but I can build most of the top decks for my ladder climb.

    Due to the core cards, early part of the rewards track and apprentice ranks it was pretty easy to make one tier 1 or 2 deck to climb in my first season. Grinding to legend is great and all, but the difference in end of season rewards between D5 and Legend are pretty negligible,  I find arena a better use of my time unless I'm really enjoying a deck.

    If you don't mind spending a little money, I found buying the rewards track a big boost my first season to get my gold, arena tickets and the 2 free legendaries. After that first expansion I could manage without spending any additional money.


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    posted a message on There are any decks that OBLITERATE pirate decks?

    Golaka crawler helps a lot in the early game. I've has solid success against them with ping mage. Granted, I'm only at P6 since starting my wild climb yesterday with 4 bonus stars, but the below deck is what I'm using, currently 28-7 overall.

    Wild Ping
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    Minion (22) Ability (7) Playable Hero (1)
    Loading Collection

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    posted a message on Thoughs on Kazakus in Pirate Rogue

    You could make it work, it's just a little slow the turn its played. If you got good 5 cost golems I suppose it would help against DH, but there is always the possibility you get 5 cost doesnt affect the board and your screwed, or its stuck on your hand because you want to play the boat.

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    posted a message on Really guys... [Meta discussion]
    Quote from RendInFriend >>
    Quote from TigOldBiddy >>

    agree never felt this unfair, this is what will push people away from the game, more than lack of development..

     Then you haven’t been playing long enough or paying attention. AoO launch DH was way worse. Ungoro launch quest rogue was worse. Galakrond shaman at launch was worse. KnC launch even Paladin with call to arms was way worse. Hell, recruit warlock from KnC was worse. Jade Druid, sticky fingers evolve shaman, Dr. Boom warrior, grand tournament secret Paladin, GvG mech mage… Hearthstone has always had imbalanced decks and the meta right now is far from the most unfair. OP is just salty though, complaining about curse warlock is ridiculous.

     I agree with this. Right now there are 3 classes that consist of over 50% of ladder (at least in my climb to legend). Build a deck that can beat 2 of the 3 and you'll be fine. I played a midrange paladin that was a mixture of mech/holy and had a 63% winrate. 12-0 against hunter with positive winrate against CW and only 2 losses from even against DH. Ended up 20 games over .500 and it wasnt too much of a struggle.


    Mech paladin and mech mage are both viable and have a ton of value. They arent swarm the board and go face from turn 3 like DH, they usually hit their stride around turns 5-8 then just overwhelm control decks with discovered minions to endlessly run you out of removal.

    OP just seems salty. There is a really small collection of cards in standard, so if you don't have a deck that is really focused on it's strengths then you are going to suffer.

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    posted a message on Midrange Paladin 63% winrate Bronze - Legend
    Quote from Jhelom >>

    Can it function without Varian? If so what would you sub?

     Yes, Varian was actually a late addition. I think the substitution would vary on your meta. If you face lots of DH I would consider more early game minions or city tax. If you face more CW I would look for a bigger threat. Cairne, Mothsership or Alexstrasza could all work pretty well. Deathrattles that summon minions are pretty powerful against CW since they have limited AoE.

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    posted a message on Aggro DH [200 Legend + Guide]
    Quote from pimptabulousness >>

    someone plz help! have looked through google and can not figure out how to get kurtrus, demon-render! also wondering how you can get drek thar if chose the other guy and event is over. wouldnt be a issue if you could just craft them

     i believe everyone got both Vandar and Drek'Thar.


    Kurtus should be craftable without any issues.

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    posted a message on Control Curse Lock vs Quest hunter = Bad Time

    I feel like curse lock is just bad in this meta anyways so it doesnt really matter. 

    It is a really dumb interaction, but I doubt you have any chance vs QH anyways.

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    posted a message on Totally blocked at diamond 5
    Quote from joecreams >>

    Thanks everyone for the advices and ideas. I play HS mainly while on the gym between sets, so I prefer having a goal to keep me entertained while training, otherwise I bore as hell there, that's the only reason to keep grinding for legend, because as you say, just one more pack doesn't worth it.

    I'll try DH, at least it'll be fun trying a new deck I haven't played before.

    I have considered as well to try to climb in standard, never went further than platinum, but I am unable to enjoy that meta...

     DH is probably the best if you only have 3-5 minutes per game, and it really doesnt require much thought to climb efficiently.

    If you're playing wild rogue should be very fast to climb with, though I guess DH can cause it problems with pufferfist


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