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    This hurts my eyes. And my soul.

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    Are you considering putting Loatheb into this deck? It is generally regarded as the new best card in the game. It allows you to utterly destroy miracle rogues, druids in general, freeze mages and secret paladins (trust me, well-constructed secret paladin works- got to it legend last season. Haven't tried it with Naxx though). 

    Anyway, if I were going to put Loatheb in, I'd take out one of the more expensive minions (maybe the Dark Iron or the Argent?) because Loatheb himself is a curve-topping minion with an INSANE effect who still manages to be vanilla.

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    I love the fact that Murlocs have kind of fallen out of the Meta, so are not something anyone is prepared to play against. It makes playing them so much easier!


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    I sense Rogues being like: Ooze, cold blood, cold blood, faceless manipulator, conceal. That way (if I can count) you have 4 9/2 oozes. And that is how you get VALUE out of Consecration.

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    If Totalbiscuit turned the Alarm-o-Bots back into Facelesses, then this would be the most dust-expensive deck possible in Hearthstone. Consider that for a second.

    Edit: Remember that Old Murk-Eye is actually several rares to craft.

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    Actually, arguing on the internet has been proven to improve debating skills. Science ftw!


    EDIT: Actually, it has come to my attention that it is really him. My apologies FONTATNE and Totalbiscuit (or Completecookie, as you have been known). I failed the fact checking test PRETTY hard.

    By way of apology, I have upvoted your previous comments FONTANE. 

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    You CAN'T have a token deck without 2 Violet Teachers. It's easily the best source of tokens ingame.

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    Anyone considered the rammifications of this deck in naxx? rebirth anyone?

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    Have you considered using a Cult Master to increase the card draw potential of this deck? It's great for trading away your charge minions into giant threats and taunts, while maintaining reasonable potential to deal tons of damage. Also, it gives you something to play on turn 4 (the 4-drop slot on this deck only has Leeroy!)

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