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    posted a message on 1500 XP Quest Trading - Play A Friend! (#7)

    Battletag: Done with Alex
    Region: EU
    Trade Only?: Yes I'll show, you go first
    Long time quest trader, first time I'm doing it here though. Proof of my past 10+ trades:

    Since links are not allowed here I won't be able to post anything except their name (I also removed their battletags, as it's against the rules too).
    They were done on the r/hearthstone Subreddit (Battletag Find-a-Friend: Outland Edition) where I previously traded with Bizarre: #fv45s8t, Dyed: #fsg4lu4, champbro: #fr82zsh, Klenner: #fprfmav, KainMorgen: #foc9anr, Jorgechapu: #fjb1xh2, and Lostdotfish: #fcxro66.
    More people I traded with in the past (via my 80g quest sharing group / channel): MAXY91, Shaza, Sarius, Trylala, Nashu, and Recruit757.

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    posted a message on Version 0.4.40 dont work, wait for Update and not another Thread!
    Quote from Bakayoutube >>

    name of card in the link generate from my french hearthstone are in french (I don't understand why they don't use an Id system in copy / paste functionality to make this work what ever the language use in hearthstone client)

    But they DO use an ID system. This:

    <pre class="codeStyle">AAECAea5AwbMugOJvAPEvAPtvgODxwP41gMMi7oDyboDybwD4LwD1r4D5r4Dx8YDhMcDhscD1MgD1cgD2NMDAA==</pre>

     Is the exact same deck as this:

    <code>### Custom Demon Hunter # Class: Demon Hunter # Format: Standard # Year of the Phoenix # # 2x (1) Consume Magic # 2x (1) Twin Slice # 2x (2) Spectral Sight # 2x (2) Umberwing # 2x (3) Eye Beam # 2x (3) Frozen Shadoweaver # 2x (3) Overconfident Orc # 1x (4) Altruis the Outcast # 1x (4) Maiev Shadowsong # 2x (4) Soul Split # 1x (5) Command the Illidari # 1x (5) Warglaives of Azzinoth # 2x (6) Fel Summoner # 2x (6) Imprisoned Antaen # 2x (7) Flamereaper # 1x (8) Coilfang Warlord # 2x (8) Hulking Overfiend # 1x (9) Pit Commander # AAECAea5AwbMugOJvAPEvAPtvgODxwP41gMMi7oDyboDybwD4LwD1r4D5r4Dx8YDhMcDhscD1MgD1cgD2NMDAA== # # To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone </code>



        Lines starting with # are ignored by the game. And by hearthpwn too.




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    posted a message on achievement popup -> null's profile + Edit My Collection does not warn you have unsaved changes + Innkeeper

    Thanks, done:

    1) Does it happen when you click the achievements trophies at the top right of the website, near your profile?

    No, only happens for newly earned achievements, right as one pops up (bottom right corner)

    2) If you click through to your profile, there's a tab "achievements", does it happen when you go there?

    No. Those also work fine.

    3) There's a drop down button among the main site navigation buttons called "Forums" (In between Decks and Deckbuilder buttons). Under that should be an option to go to "Site Achievements", what happens if you go there?

    Normal behavior.

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    posted a message on achievement popup -> null's profile + Edit My Collection does not warn you have unsaved changes + Innkeeper

    When I click an achievement popup I see null's profile instead of myself. I tried logging out and back in.

    Edit My Collection does not warn "you have unsaved changes". Nor does it bother to autosave periodically. So thusly when I opened 31 packs and meticulously entered the contents of them by hand but then promptly closed Hearthstone and also the tab; all my work was lost! — I searched for new and hovered each card to dismiss it as I entered it into HearthPwn so now it's impossible to find them again. Innkeeper could still do this but you deleted it and I don't have the latest version. It also fails to update itself because of said deletion I assume.

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    posted a message on Holy Wrath Paladin - Tavern Brawl Clockwork Card Dealer

    Copied deck not valid for this format...

    Must be the phased out expansions of course.

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    posted a message on The Lich King Boss Adventure – murloc Mage

    Deadscale Knight is a perfect Obliterate bait! Tanks for my Murloc Tidecallers / Molten Giants etc. LK prioritizes removing 1/1 lifesteal over an 8/8.

    p.s.: Make sure you have enough taunts or to clear the board... I had lethal but forgot about my 1 HP... Time to restart 20 more times.

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    posted a message on [budget] Rexxar vs. The Lich King

    The Hunted I, uh, took 22 damage first turn. Quickly made a spells-only deck instead of this deathwish/suicide deck...

    Edit: Few more tries with this;
    Blizzard turn 6 kills my tempo.
    Obliterate erases my important stuff.
    Takes 20 restarts to get the correct hand, only to lose turn 7.

    I tried fredgeling + fledgeling, hyena + fledgeling, giant + giant + fledgeling, nothing worked.

    Crypt lord + unleash means you survive turn 7... But die on turn 8 anyway.

    Sludge Belcher / Saronite Chain Gang always stops you in time.

    How I won: Alleycat x4 into Hyena into Razormaw x2 (lucky Windfury + anti-magic shell) into Unleash x2 Sacrificed everything to clear saronite chain gangs and somehow dodged the blizzard topdeck.

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    posted a message on [Lich King]

    Deck works, won on the fifth try. Before turn 6, even!

    Usually drawing everyfin one turn too late, right after Blizzard.
    Or you have two everyfins in hand, but no murlocs on board...
    Devolve does not counter frostmourne :( One drops became too powerful... Two devolves later, LK ended up with a board full of 3-2 windfurys and 2-3 deathrattles. Ouch! R.I.P. my face.

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    posted a message on Easy First Try Lich King Exploit

    Did not work, the minion killed my Public Defender and then LK frostmourne'd my KT. Three or four more turns later the same thing happened. KT died, bug fixed, game resumed as normal. I heroically survived into deep fatigue, taking double damage each turn (from his hero power and from having no cards) + Scaled nightmare was my last two cards, both got killed - super unlucky.

    Edit: Worked on the second try! Exact same strategy except this time LK frostmourne'd my Public Defender each turn, killing it with the 1 minion on board. Thanks to KT resummon, I took no damage. Was able to scale my nightmare up to 256 and smack! Thank you.

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    posted a message on Cthun VS Sindragosa

    Good deck, easily gain 30+ armor and strong taunt walls + combos. (After substituting Crazed Worshipper - a card I don't own.)

    I won on second try without ever drawing C'Thun (was buffed to +28/+28 btw)


    Also stood up beautifully to the Lich King! At one point I had 60 armor, then a 30/30 C'Thun who even stayed on board for 5 or 6 turns, decimating his cheaty 130 armor and even erasing a few select targets from existence.

    But eventually I fell to chip damage (0 mana -7 -8 -9 autocast) so had to make a dedicated LK-killer deck.

    Yes I'm doing TFT in 2019 :P

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    posted a message on Warrior Robovenge

    Yes, definitely. I replaced a Half-Time Scavenger with Dr. Boom.

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    posted a message on Hakkar Plague - A Priest Control Deck

    Went 1-3 in Brawliseum with this deck. :( Long, long games. Crafted Hakkar, Spirit of the Dead, and Hysteria for it.

    The one game where I managed to win was epic — Four Obsidian Statues up by turn 9. Perfect answers all around. With three more max level Spellstones in hand, ready to revive them.

    The three losses were mostly down to bad draws. And half my hand remained unplayable all game, plain bad luck. (Had nothing to revive, opponent had nothing targetable by my spells.) The other cards I drew were far too weak to contend. (1 drops, and the like.) One time I was up on minions, board, cards, almost all game, but no heal or taunt meant I expired first to their face damage (spells and chargers).

    I like how 29 cards are priest cards - was easy to complete my "play priest cards" quest.

    Tried it in standard, 0-1 so far. Edit: Won 1, lost 2 more.

    Edit: 2-6 final result

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    posted a message on Cheap Shudderwock

    What an amazing deck! Pulled Shudderwock out of a pack, so I immediately went looking for a budget shudder deck. And quickly found this masterpiece... Had all cards for it.

    First game I won before even drawing the legendary. Next game I added two cards to it: Marin the Fox and a Fire Elemental but quickly realized why it's not included; Shudderwock shot me in the face for 3 damage. Still won eventually.

    For game 3 I put back an additional Murmuring Elemental (instead of a Tar Creeper) and replaced Loot Hoarder × 1 with Novice Engineer to make Shudderwock draw for me (in case it isn't OTK) Edit: Lost horribly to a zoo paladin. Didn't even live long enough to play the 8 battlecries I still needed for quest.

    Game 4 vs Handlock with 3 giants (and no hex in sight, /sigh/): Ended up winning with turn 6&7 Nightblades into turn 8 Lifedrinker × 2 into turn 9 The Coin → Murmuring → Shudderwock. Quest complete, also.

    For Azeroth!

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    posted a message on Budgetstone ~ Onyx Rogue

    Amazing deck! I had all cards for it and even added my Cairne as the funny taco recipe analogy at the end of the guide instructed. (I don't have the other "spices", unfortunately.)

    I acknowledge several people commented it's not good, but it worked for me so I want to add my support and +1 vote.

    Completed my 3 rogue wins quest in a breeze... Rank 20 ofc. Went 3-1 (loss was due to disconnect, turn 1) The three games I consider legit went thusly:

    • Game 1: Got both my onyx spellstones powered up to 3x, played them back to back on turns 9 and 10, and the enemy conceded right away. Board cleared twice, of all his best threats.
    • Then my next opponent accidentally killed my Kobold Illusionists and they pulled a beautiful Cairne + Mech Whelp combo. I had Necrum blade too, so it summoned a bonus Baine from the 1-1 Cairne as it died. Could have been a 7-7, even! 50-50 %
    • A third guy insta-conceded upon seeing coin devilsaur egg on turn 2. Not sure why, it wasn't even a good play as I had no way to kill it off or buff it on turn 3.
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