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     I'm not sure, why blizzard let these cards slip into the arena pool. They were clearly a problem in the past. Warlock feels impossible to beat when they have abyssal on turn 7, The tempo swing is so big. Faceless summoner feels strong, but not as broken as it used to be. 

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    posted a message on Return of Mechazod! - Tavern Brawl #181

    You forgot one thing. Dont face a special person who thinks they need to kill you...

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    posted a message on New Priest Legendary - Lady in White

    Playing this on 6 is very late + you still need to draw it. I think the priest counters will not have a problem with it, but decks who are bad vs priest will suffer even more

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    posted a message on Tharr be Booty! Pirates Day has Begun! Login to Hearthstone and get 100 Gold for Free!

    Me booty is the best booty, Yarr!

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    posted a message on I made some warlock cards! Discarded mechanic made possible?

    Cool cards! Would make discard warlock a bit too good but nice concept and art!

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    posted a message on Nerf on win more cards?

    Hearthstone is all about fun. If you dont have fun, why bother playing? With the new expansion a lot of new cards saw play. As an experienced arena player i'm dissapointed in what this brings to arena. The win more cards. Think about BonemareCobalt Scalebane and Deathspeaker. For the course of the game, arena has known many win more cards, Vicious Fledgling, and blizzard nerfed. I think blizzard should nerf some cards and not wait. These days you need those cards or an extreem tempo deck to get even close to get some good results. I think blizzard should step up once again. Dont change te card, just the rarity or maybe even ban some cards. I would love to hear your thoughts. 

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    posted a message on New Priest Card Revealed: Obsidian Statue

    If you get to turn 9-10 with priest you already win 80% of the time. They dont need more lategame.

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    5 mana would have been more relevant in this metá

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    posted a message on Do you like the current Standard meta?
    Quote from PanTomaszHS >>
    Quote from janhorak2000 >>

    Not at all. First time in 2 years of playing Hearthstone I am conceding with my control decks when I see Rogue Quest on turn 1. Never did that before. Absolutely disgusting design fail.

    Exactly. Jade druid was already tough for control decks and now we have to play against quest rogue who absolutely destroys control style of play. It's even more one-sided than freeze mage vs control warrior match-up used to be.
    Just remove quest rogue and meta would be awesome. I don't like playing aggro decks :/
     If they remove quest rogue, they also should remove quest warrior. Quest warrior is like the new jade druid and burns out every control deck, because of their extreme value. People dont complain about quest warrior a lot, because it's a hard deck and most players are bad, but when you looked at dreamhack austin. Taunt warrior swiped so many games. It was just stupid. 
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    posted a message on Please just remove vicious fledgling from arena
    Quote from Scrawl13 >>
    Quote from Zashiki >>

    Fledgling is fine in arena. People tend to remember extreme scenarios when this card is game-winning if your opponent does not have an answer to it, but don't account for situations when it's simply a below average 3 mana 3/3 that gets easily removed. We had cards like this before that would win the game when unanswered like Micro Machine or Whirling Zap-o-matic, but those weren't problematic cards for arena either. With the large influx of Taunts like Stonehill Defender, Stubborn Gastropod, Tar Creeper etc. in this expansion and the recent spell bonus offering the potential of a win more-card like Fledgling is further limited. Sure, it's a good card, but not OP as some people seem to think. You should complain about Envenom Weapon and Vilespine Slayer instead, or the Mage epics...

     This ^^

    Affected n' hindsight bias are a bitch ain't they?
    Vicious Fledgling is just a strong draft.
     Vicious Fledgling should be removed from arena, because it's a stupid card. You can play around Meteor and stuff, but if you can't remove  Vicious Fledgling you just lose on turn 3. I agree that those other cards are OP aswell and arena might need some nerfing, but  Vicious Fledgling is so hard to deal with unless you are a mage or rogue (they have good removal spells). This card only makes the other classes way worse. 
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