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    posted a message on Twitch Drops Return for the Grandmasters Playoffs!

    Well yeah, there’s like 80,000 people watching... and only 1,500 packs get dropped per hour that’s only 30,000 packs for your 30 hours of watching and one person can get more than 1 so it’s  really low chance 

     Man you failed math  3x1,5=4,5 ...... So 45.000 packs for my 30 hours and there are never 80.000 users constantly watching across the 6 stream sites, + there are a number of users like myself included who open all 6 of the stream sites in hopes of increasing the drop chance rate.Lets say these people are in wrong and the drop chance stays the same its still potentialy 1 viewer that you are counting as 6 lets say thers like 500 of these (could be more) that counts as 3000 viewers inflating the numbers

    Furthermore like you say'd a player isn't limited to 1 drop , 1 person can get 3-4 while so many others 0

    Another thing is that there is no way to actually confirm that they are infact distributing that 1500 packs/hour but lets say it is true since statements from the media and TV are NEVER LIES ,statisticaly if again i watch 16 more hours so another 24.000 packs id be at almost 70.000 missed packs from id say even less 70.000 viewers i should be breaking even and get 1 classic for sure, and this should be true for not only me for all the other people that watched about 46 hours also and got nothing ....

    my guess its going to be another 0 0 0 0

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    posted a message on Twitch Drops Return for the Grandmasters Playoffs!

    Your idee also kills decks like cyclon mage,most combo oriented decks in current format,in wild alot of OTK decks.You can't play cards because of the slow animations,even if you know ahead of time, this turn i'l cyclon till the animations from spell's ex:magic trick pop up or till antonidas gives you that generated fireball you got to wait,so changing the time would also mean reworking animations and maybe a bunch of other mechanics.

    Your frustration and boredness comes from seeing a game where they play  face hunter/control warrior and they "still think" 1 minute till rope ,ending with a climaxing heropower.

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    posted a message on Twitch Drops Return for the Grandmasters Playoffs!

    I watched 16 hours the first time and then another 14 hours the second time drops were active ,

    got a whopping 0 0 0classic packs

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    posted a message on Saviors of Uldum: Blizzard Community Q&A - Mobile Hotfix & More!
    Quote from FortyDust >>

    Because Mages have to wear robes? Or can't love treasure?

    I don't really see anything in Reno's history that would preclude him from being a Mage.

     I agree with you both. Brann has every aspect to be a hunter , and Elise is a night elf only druid capable character in Warcraft vanilla .Now Reno ,yeah he doesn't have that Mage aspect for me either ,but humans could be both Paladins/Mages so there is no reason why he couldn't have ended up in either corner.Honestly Finley looked more of a bookworm to me so I predicted him as the Mage... but no harm done

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    yeah but murloc deck is strong because of the presure and agresivness it puts early on the board.

    https://www.hearthpwn.com/decks/1286522-new-quest-shaman ,theoreticaly this deck can work

    But your losing 1 mulligan and your deck will become much slower then the murloc deck we run now, maybe so slow that its not viable anymore, and i agree that the quest can't shine in a lategame deck cause hagatha is still the better choice there till rotation

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    Even the crystal ball/crab toy that was on the left side of the deck somehow flew right,so the deck staying dosn't seem like a big deal

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    posted a message on 10 New Classic Cards, Vanish & Mind Blast to Hall of Fame

    Thats to much ,prep makes it 3 mana draw 4 and then its OP and they nerf PREP again...

    But yeah making it 6 mana would be okey

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    posted a message on Favourite and least favourite classes?

    I like the combo/otk archtype ,so:

    Priest : raza ,lyra combo priest

    Rouge: kingsbane mill,miracle,malygos combos,quest 

    Mage: casino ,cyclon (standard) ,non quest OTK with 4 sorcerers

    Druid: Mill, Hakar ,OTK Malygos

    Hunter: Spell Hunter was alot of fun, 2 years tryd to make Quest Hunter work

    Paladin: Anyfin Murloc 

    Yes, iknow about :Shirlavalah (standard but not actually that fun dunno why +its only 25 dmg ),Dk paladin OTK(again not as fun as others)

    Rest of the Classes aren't bad either but i played these 3 class less then the others

    Shaman: Loved Shuderwock at first and then hated it,Evolve Shaman, Overload Shaman

    Warrior: Quest warrior ,Pirate Warrior was again a love then Hate, 

    Warlock: Mechatun warlock ,Reno Warlocks , Discard lock back in Kharazan not the quest version



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    I dunno about that,with the other wild bundle in jan i got a leg from goblins and gnomes /a leg from grand tournament / 2 leg from old gods / 1 leg from gadgetzan .

    Yes, i know when patch released they sayd you shoudn't get for packs that you opened but as far as i can tell after patch release there was a hard reset putting all 0 thats why you got a leg from standard decks and even classic in the next 10 if you opened any.

    Anyway in january i conviced a couple of people friends to also give the bundle a chance they all got legendarys in all 4 of the expensions ,exceptions where people who already opened packs of the 4 expension and got a legendary after the patch update.

    We could have been just very lucky,im talking here about only a few people(7) you can decide for yourself.


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    posted a message on 10 New Classic Cards, Vanish & Mind Blast to Hall of Fame

    Your kidding right??? okey so your saying rouge has plenty of card draw . And yes you have to exclude neutrals because they are available to all classes. 

    Lets compare rouge's card draw that he is STRONG in to warrior who is Limited :

    Shiv <  Slam  ( same mana cost but bigger dmg)

    Sprint < Battle Rage (NOT EVEN CLOSE  much rather take 2 mana avg draw 2-3 then a 7 mana draw 4 and do nothing )

    Fan of knives  Yes this is the only Decent card draw Rouge has in his evergreen set 

    Myra will rotate in few months and is only eligible in some rouge decks

    Raiding Party yes it is decent but got nerfed with prep 1 would have been enough...will also soon rotate

    Warrior on the other hand also has:

    Shield Block (3 mana armor self cycle card decent)

    Commanding Shout (Decent card ,saw less play but still better then Shiv )

    Overal Warrior has 4 and Rouges 3 non rotational card draw's available ,did that answear your question




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    posted a message on 10 New Classic Cards, Vanish & Mind Blast to Hall of Fame

    Finally they added Brightwing, Puck was 1 of my favorite Dota 2 Heroes + his ability is decent unlike illidian who should be reworked

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    posted a message on 10 New Classic Cards, Vanish & Mind Blast to Hall of Fame

    Rogue : Strengths: Combo cards, destroying individual minions, card draw, weapons, Deathrattle

    What card draw ??? The 7 mana Sprint that is now unusable since the nerf of Preparation ??

    Priest: Priests balance holy light and shadow magic to defeat their opponents. Limitations: Card draw

    What shadow magic ??? Card draw why is it in Limitation ? Its an UBER weakness ,if we look at HS from begining this class had the worst card draw of all classes.

    Shaman: Weaknesses: Card draw, card generation

    Hagatha says HELLO  or why print Hagatha if this is where shaman should be weak ??? Makes no sense 

    Blizzard you playing the same game as us ??? 

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    posted a message on I'd love to see another round of nerfs

    I'd say the meta is balanced for the moment ,yes there are stronger cards and that's normal. Fact is you can play many decks and will lose to some decks and will win against others That's balance ,unlike the rouge meta we had 1 month ago where 40% of all games was rouge and the rouge deck had as much played games as the 2nd-15th most played decks combined.


    I don't rly get is why did they print E.M.P. Operative 5 mana 3/3 when you have 1 mana gain stats kill a murloc  , 2 mana gain stats kill a pirate and both of these cards are already vanilla stated but with the buff they become power creeps,they then decide to print an anti mech tech card that is horribly stated for its huge mana and it doesn't even include a silence with the kill package just **rubbish** .



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    posted a message on Brawl Block: Gods, Gadgetzan, Gurubashi - Tavern Brawl 210
    Quote from Tirnoch >>

    Well, I voted 1 because I only keep the standard cards hence trying to make a deck with only rasthakan is not really awesome or fun.

     OR you can play with a random deck , if your struggling with only rastakhan cards.

    When you dont complete the deck with 30 cards it will still let you play , but you'll have random cards added to your list,so you can put in 10 good rastakhan cards and then just hit play

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    posted a message on Legendary Tier List & Crafting Guide
    Quote from 0wing >>

    Which deck is more fun during actual play, miracle mage or bomb warrior? As in, which legendary is better craft, Antonidas or Blastmaster Boom?

     This question is hard so lets brake it down and then you can decide for yourself if you haven't already.

    Fun,and has a more of a wow factor : winner is Cyclone Mage , bomb warrior is not even close.

    Is Antonidas necessary for Cyclone Mage:My answear is NOT ,it is more of a win more card in the deck

    IS Blastmaster Boom necessary : YES he gives a HUGE winrate boost when actually Played.

    Which of the 2 legendary is stronger more usefullAntonidas altough not needed in cyclon mage he can be played in multiple decks while Blastmaster Boom is stuck to the Boomb Package , also 1 of the cards is evergreen while the other rotates 

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