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    Quote from Dendroid >>

     I stand by you're using this as a platform to both slag Hearthpwn and promote out.of.cards...doesn't seem productive to me.

     I totally agree,some people here decided to move to outofcards ,instead of that being the end they come back to hearthpwn to stear up waters and make the site look bad.You are not even giving these people (new owners a chance) . Yes there are issues since they  took over a site and need time to get the handle of things, they don't have the manpower cause most old modderators left. Some moderators stayed and some decided to make havoc and deleted , changed previous content's from the site as an act of sabotage. So stop spreading BS and maybe give this a chance.

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    Definetly a bad idee to only craft cards for a deck legendary or not, Best would be to craft cards that are neutral but ultimately it comes down to what you like to play.I mean if you only like to play 1-2 classes craft the cards that are being played , what I mean is don't decide by rarity its best to go for rares/epics if your missing a lot of card from collection then getting legendarys.

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    Im honestly fine if we get an adon for HS deck tracker and use that instead of innkeeper and then , if prev owner dosnt want to work on innkeeper anymore not much you can do about it.

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    Quote from Mgalekgolo >>

    This makes an interesting read, it's a letter Flux posted from himself last night on Out of Cards, explains a lot for those of you wondering exactly what happened etc.

    here's the link to his letter: https://outof.cards/site-news/134-a-letter-from-flux

    but the bit that clearly annoys me and many others is the fact that Flux wanted to buy this site to keep it going but was told it wasn't for sale (full shutdown) and then guess what....last night we all find out it has been sold to this new Magic company or w/e it's called. lol, like me and many others have already said, proper dick move.

     Or they already sold the site  ,and didn't even bother thinking Flux would buy it .

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    Dunno what you been playing for the last few days.But i hardly get to see any Elysiana in play. 2 weeks ago everybody was flaming that Warrior deserves a nerf its OP. Except it loses to mech hunter / new token mech druid variation /murlocs consistently beat it cause of soul of murlocs /mech pala and has 50/50% chance at best against khadgar mage variant/ ressurect priests .Sure Dynomatic is a good card (if it has targets to actually hit) and Omega Devastator is bonkers (if you actualy manage to get to 10 mana). I kept saying that it only feels opresive cause it countered  (Zoo,Rouge,old Druid)  which easly made up about 60% of the decks on ladder [only rouge was 37%] but people downvoted me to oblivion.

    Try this deck you'l have no problem against warrior, 


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    To be fair he could have won if he played aggresivly and not wait for turn 9 for the game to be over. I mean what kinda tempo play is that  crap on turn 8 ... He should have played wyvern for 10/10 stats  ... and if you have mass histeria again Tougth luck you still lose on turn 9 against mass ressurect. Showing a game where hunter COULD have won but didn't because he missplayed or just played badly dosn't mean this deck is good against agro. 

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    To everyone who is asking why the site is closing only Curse/Fandom knows.

    Here is last statement of our site manager FluxFlashor: "Unfortunately I don't have a real answer for why the site is shutting down. It wasn't dead by any means. I had no input on the shut down. I did want to purchase the site though but it was not up for sale."    from an article on net 

    Also this isn't ther first Curse/Fandom big site that shutdown this year "To equally as much confusion and sadness DiabloFans announced its shutdown just last February " and it is not ther last either MinecraftForum (owned by Curse) is shutting down next month

    Thank you FluxFlashor for all the content , and for fighting for the site 


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    Quote from SparkyFlame >>
    Quote from SteamyXD >>
    Quote from Luchtverfrisser >>

    This type of combo is the wrong type of conbo though..

     what type of combo do u mean? otk? or playable? or just not your playstyle combo?

    let me mention that a possible otk in the original form was so draw luck for the priest. i really dont like when an average dude see a potential otk and alarming that too op.

     I couldn’t agree more! Yes the combo is nutty if pulled off on any turn true but everyone have been shitting themselves so much beforehand 

    let it out, let it play and then make adjustments. Everything in theory is easier! Community just killed a new priest deck out of fear.. and for what? The archetype could have spent ages to come to the otk if played around... guess what the disruption tool is called “ Taunt “ or keep killing that mech on the board. And then Amen when it does happen on turn 5 as result of a lucky draw, that’s it take the victory home and next game on 

    there are decks out there that can kill you by turn 5 anyway. So what was the problem here?

    You still got witchwood piper if your looking for a specific draw ,and its not even that big of a restriction since priest now has barly any minions to play at turn 1-2 but he does have a number of spells and auctioneer. If you still can't see the problem ,the deck would be similar to chef naomi just stronger cause of OTK,and frustrating like barnes Ysharj.

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    Yes,you first

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    Edwin is not a problem, it isnt that strong most classes have removal for it, or sillence. And it is only a problem in current meta cause of evil minstrel and  waglepick southsee deckhand , preparation could be a target for nerf.

    It was expected that remaining hero card will be powerfull after rotation. But to say that warrior is a problem class when 1.7 milion games where registered last week as token druid (acording to hsreplay statistics) and bomb warrior in 2 nd place  with only 400k.

    If you add ALL the 2nd to 15th most used decks then you get to the number of 1.7 milion that druid has.

    If you wanted long games and play control warrior it was your choice. Yes you will get mirror matches it was also part of the choice you made, no nerf needed to its hero card

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    He could well have been in the finals ,Viper got so lucky with the first game ,then winning the warlock game he got the knife jugglers procs PERFECT 3 times in a row...(That RNG) .To be fair Bunny also had some luck and some bad plays ,that last game if he would have just kept voodoo dol ,that game lose was entirely his fault but the other 2 loses where just Insane RNG luck on VIPER

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    how do I do that? it automaticly takes me to the eu-us site

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    Quote from DrPoro >>

    In a country where electricity is free.

     Most people here don't pay there own bills, so your argument becomes invalid

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    yeah Immortal Prelate is the best combo i think you can use this for ,but the question is ,how consistant will it be in actually getting of value of Immortal Prelate before opponent finds a sillence

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