ESGN Fight Night: Season 5

Starting next Monday, ESGN kicks off season 5 of Fight Night. In the past week we've brought you profiles of the ManaGrind team players who will be participating: Realz, DarkWonyx, Chakki and Forsen. They'll be going up against team DogeHouse, so expect some spectacular matches! They'll be competing not only for the prestige associated with this major event, but also for a top prize of over $14,000! You can catch the action live, starting March 24th 4:30 EDT/1:30 PDT/21:30 CET, here.

Be sure to come back to ManaGrind's front page to get coverage on each match. We'll have the VODs, decklists, and analysis right here, so be ready to be both informed and entertained.

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