Survival Boomsday Puzzle Lab - Glow-Tron 2000

Survival Boomsday Puzzle Lab - Glow-Tron 2000

The third set of puzzles in the Survival Puzzle Lab. 

Puzzle #1 - That’s the Spirit

  1. Attach Replicating Menace to Microbot
  2. Attach 2nd Replicating Menace to Microbot
  3. Attack Turret Sentinel with Microbot
  4. Use Spirit Lash

Puzzle #2 - Underhanded Dealings

  1. Attack Turret Sentinel with Rusty Recycler
  2. Play Vicious Scalehide next to Flametongue Totem
  3. Play Rockbiter Weapon on the 2nd Rusty Recycler
  4. Play Earthen Might on 2nd Rusty Recycler
  5. Attack Turret Sentinel with 2nd Rusty Recycler
  6. Play Jinyu Waterspeaker and target your Hero
  7. Play Healing Wave on your Hero

Puzzle #3 - Pesky Priest

  1. Play Earthen Ring Farseer, targeting Corrupted Healbot.
  2. Cast Light of the Naaru on Corrupted Healbot (9 HP)
  3. Cast Elixir of Life on Lightwarden
  4. Play Breakout
  5. Attack Abomination with Auchenai Soulpriest
  6. Use Hero Power on Auchenai Soulpriest (11 HP)
  7. Cast Circle of Healing
  8. Attack Abomination with Tournament Medic
  9. Cast Binding Heal on Tournament Medic (16 HP)
  10. Use Lightwarden to attack Abomination.

Puzzle #4 - Hallazeal? Hallaheal

  1. Play Brrrloc on the first Turret Sentinel
  2. Play Hallazeal the Ascended
  3. Play Reincarnate on the non-frozen Turret Sentinel
  4. Play Ancestral Spirit on the frozen Turret Sentinel
  5. Play Moat Lurker, targeting the frozen Turret Sentinel
  6. Play Unbeakered Lightning

Puzzle #5 - Primal Investment

  1. Play Zilliax
  2. Play Blessing of Might on Zilliax
  3. Cast Forbidden Healing on Primalfin Champion
  4. Attack Bronze Gatekeeper with Mana Addict
  5. Attack Turret Sentinel with Primalfin Champion
  6. Attack Turret Sentinel with Zilliax
  7. Cast Forbidden Healing on your Hero

Puzzle #6 - Healing Hands

  1. Play Wickerflame Burnbristle
  2. Play Moat Lurker on one Turret Sentinel
  3. Play Uther of the Ebon Blade
  4. Attack the damaged Turret Sentinel with your Hero
  5. Cast Lay on Hands on Hero
  6. Attach Steel Rattler to Microbot
  7. Attack Turret Sentinel with Microbot
  8. Cast Lay on Hands on Hero
  9. Cast Holy Light on Hero

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