Mirror Boomsday Puzzle - Dr. Boom

Mirror Boomsday Puzzle - Dr. Boom [THE FINALE!]

The final set of puzzles in the Mirror Puzzle Lab. There’s no one like Dr. Boom! Unless you copy his minions. Exactly.

Puzzle #1 - Cruel Souls

  1. Attack the Abomination with the Loot Hoarder
  2. Play Prince Taldaram, targeting the Abomination
  3. Play Kidnapper, targeting any of the Sea Giants
  4. Attack the Abomination with the Abomination
  5. Attack either of the Sea Giants with the Cruel Dinomancer
  6. Play Soulfire on the remaining Sea Giant

Puzzle #2 - Ride The Wave

  1. Attack anything with Archbishop Benedictus (activating the Freezing Trap)
  2. Play Archmage’s Insight
  3. Play Recycle on either Ultrasaur
  4. Attack the Hoarding Dragon with Polluted Hoarder and Radiant Elemental
  5. Play The Coin
  6. Play Archbishop Benedictus
  7. Attack the Loot Hoarder with the Ice Rager
  8. Play Healing Wave on the Ultrasaur
  9. Attack the Reckless Rocketeer with the Auchenai Soulpriest

Puzzle #3 - Hello Darkness

  1. Play Archmage's Insight
  2. Play Boots of Haste
  3. Use your Hero Power, 677 on the Howlfiend
  4. Play Toxic Arrow on the Dire Mole
  5. Play Betrayal on the Dire Mole
  6. Play Vanish
  7. Play Gloves of Mugging
  8. Play Novice Engineer
  9. Play Naturalize on the Novice Engineer
  10. Play Faceless Manipulator on the The Darkness

Puzzle #4 - The Ray of Roasting

  1. Play Shadow Madness on Glinda Crowskin
  2. Play Prince Taldaram, targeting Aviana
  3. Play Prince Taldaram, targeting Mal'Ganis
  4. Play Prince Taldaram, targeting Mal’Ganis
  5. Play Kun the Forgotten King, selecting the ‘Refresh your Mana Crystals’ option.
  6. Play Ray of Roasting

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