Mirror Boomsday Puzzle - Test Subject #362

Mirror Boomsday Puzzle - Test Subject #362

The first set of puzzles in the Mirror Puzzle Lab. It’s time to clone! Match minions on the opposing side of the battlefield exactly.

Puzzle #1 - First Steps

  1. Play Wisp.
  2. Play River Crocolisk to the right of Wisp.

Puzzle #2 - Smoldering Shield

  1. Play Wisp to the left of River Crocolisk.
  2. Play Chillwind Yeti to the right of River Crocolisk.
  3. Play Fireball on Sen'jin Shieldmasta.

Puzzle #3 - In a Flash

  1. Attack Wolfrider with Stonetusk Boar.
  2. Play Flash Heal on friendly Chillwind Yeti.
  3. Use your Hero Power, Lesser Heal, on friendly River Crocolisk.

Puzzle #4 - Adorable Sacrifice

  1. Use your Hero Power, 677, on Bloodfen Raptor
  2. Attack Bloodfen Raptor with Murloc Tinyfin
  3. Play Wisp

Puzzle #5 - Pursuit of Knowledge

  1. Play Novice Engineer to the left of Spider Tank
  2. Play Frostbolt on Dire Mole

Puzzle #6 - Brazed Pork

  1. Attack Chillwind Yeti with a Stonetusk Boar
  2. Attack Chillwind Yeti with remaining Stonetusk Boar
  3. Use your Hero Power, 677, on either enemy Stonetusk Boar
  4. Play Fireball on remaining enemy Stonetusk Boar

Puzzle #7 - Shields Up!

  1. Play Stonetusk Boar between Stonetusk Boar and Snowflipper Penguin
  2. Play Defender of Argus between Stonetusk Boar and Stonetusk Boar
  3. Attack enemy Frostwolf Grunt with right-hand Stonetusk Boar

Puzzle #8 - Three Old Yetis

  1. Attack middle Chillwind Yeti with left-hand River Crocolisk
  2. Attack River Crocolisk with remaining River Crocolisk
  3. Play Holy Smite on friendly River Crocolisk
  4. Use your Hero Power, Lesser Heal on rightmost enemy Chillwind Yeti

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