The Lich King Boss Guide - The Frozen Throne

The Lich King Boss Guide - The Frozen Throne

The final boss of the Frozen Throne's Icecrown Citadel adventure is The Lich King!




Fight Details

On the Lich King's first turn, he will play a cheat card based on the class you are playing.

  •  Purge the Weak - No cheap minions for Druid. You best be ramping up!
  •  The Hunted - Hunters are damaged for every minion in their deck. Ouch!
  •  The True Lich - Mages only get 1 health? What is this sorcery?
  •  Fallen Champions - Don't let your minions die, Paladins. The Lich King will get them!
  •  Shut up, Priest - Mmpphhhhhh!!! Priests are not allowed to speak.
  •  The Price of Power - Oh sorry Rogues, did you want spells? No spells for you!
  •  Necrotic Plague - Better have some buffs, Shamans. Your whole deck becomes 1/1s.
  •  Soul Reaper - Have duplicates in your deck Warlock? Take some damage!
  •  The True King - Warriors see the Lich King sit at 130 total armor and 30 health.

The fight doesn't have anything really special to it at the start. Keeping control of the board is a requirement at this point. When possible you should deal some damage to to his face, but don't make that a priority.

On turn 7, The Lich King will play Frostmourne. At this point, all minions on his side of the field are killed, 6 Trapped Soul are spawned for him, and he goes immune thanks to his new hero power, Harvest of Souls.

Your goal now is to get rid of the Trapped Souls as soon as possible to break the immunity and get rid of the weapon. It should be noted that Frostmoune also goes immune, preventing charges from being used. After all Trapped Souls are destroyed, The Lich King loses his hero power and gains a new one - Remorseless Winter.

Once he's gone into this next phase, the fight has no new mechanics to it. Simply take him out before you end up dead due to the increasing damage every turn from his hero power.

Watch Out For These Cards

  • Anti-Magic Shell - If he has a bunch of minions in plays, expect the worst, expect this to be dropped.
  • Frostmourne - Since he and his weapon are immune during this phase, you want to get it over with ASAP.
  • Looming Presence - Not much you can do about it but just be warned that he does have it in his deck. If you know you'll just have gotten enough damage for lethal next turn, be prepared to cry when he drops it.


There are two rewards from defeating this fight.

  • Clear the fight once to receive a Frozen Throne card pack.
  • Clear the fight with all nine classes to receive the Prince Arthas hero skin for Paladin.

Boss Deck

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Minion (21) Ability (9) Weapon (1)

Decks to Try

All decks that we have available below have been confirmed by us to work for the fight.

You can also check out Chakki's 9 decks that he used to obtain his Prince Arthas.

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