Sindragosa Boss Guide - Upper Reaches

Sindragosa Boss Guide - Upper Reaches

The third and final boss of the Upper Reaches is the Frost Wyrm, Sindragosa.



Fight Details

Sindragosa does not like you! 

  • You can only play up to three minions at a time on the field thanks to the 4 irremovable Block of Ice.
  • Her hero powers turn your minions into Block of Ice when she hits 20 and 10 health. Keep that board cleared if possible!
  • Unchained Magic gets played seemingly every time you have a spell present in your hand; she knows! 


Outside of the above cruel actions due to her frosty hatred of you, the fight is fairly simple. She has dragon synergies, the ability to take advantage of your spells, and once you get her below 10 health her hero power, Ice Claw, will start to deal 2 damage to whatever target she wishes.

Just make sure you try and keep your field clear of minions before you take her down to 20 and 10 health so that you can keep your minion slots open as much as possible.

We completed this with a Warrior deck with all basic cards. It may take a couple of attempts, but you can swing into her with your weapons to hit those health checkpoints, drop some taunts, and then follow through on the next turn with more damage from your hero (woo Heroic Strike). Finish the last 10 health off with an Arcanite Reaper and Reckless Rocketeer!


Upon completing this boss, and thus the Upper Reaches wing of this adventure, you will be given one Frozen Throne card pack. Enjoy!

Boss Deck

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Decks to Try

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